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 Takai's Soul Partner

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Takai Kugutsu


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PostSubject: Takai's Soul Partner   December 21st 2009, 9:21 pm

Soul Partner: Furiko

Furiko is a very up lifting person always making sure the Takai shows more feelings without using a hand puppet. She is very kind and can be very determined when she puts he mind on something. Although she has these good qualities she can be very thick headed not stopping with something she has started until it is done. Outside of her weapon form she can turn her body into strong crystal which she uses in hand to hand combat. Also the crystal covering her hands can sharpen to become deadly claws.

Weapon Form:

Endless Wire:
In her weapon from Furiko's crystal is connected to the holder by metal wire that is coated in soul energy/chakra. The length the wire depends on how much soul energy/chakra I put into it so it can be very long or really short.

Dowsing Ability:
In her weapon form Furiko is able to pin-point the location of someone near by. Although the longer she is around someone it become easier to pin-point where that person is. However strong barriers or someone with a large amount of soul energy can block the dowsing ability or make it harder to find someone.

Soul Resonance
When achieving Soul Resonance Furiko transforms into a large gauntlet that covers Takai's left arm and a part of the left side of his chest. From the gauntlet will release multiple whips made of soul energy with sharp metal daggers at the end. Each whip can be controlled by both Furiko and Takai making the wires attack hard to fallow. Soul Resonance doubles Furiko's dowsing ability and each whip can locate a individual person.
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Takai's Soul Partner
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