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 Lombardi's Arsenal

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Valerio Lombardi


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PostSubject: Lombardi's Arsenal   December 24th 2009, 1:07 pm

Bladed Boots: self explainatory *unbreakable blades* nothing more

Silver Skin: coat that when attacks hit it, it blocks me...takes a lot of power to pierce but when pierced the coat regenerates so fast that nothing can get through.

Sunlight Heart: a spear that when i choose i can use my chakra and and use it to boost the sword forward like a spaceship effect.

Motor Gears: small (about 4x4 inches) extremely fast and invisible to the naked eye and they don't make a sound, bladed but weak

Hermes Drive: Allows for teleportation and can detect all enemies and allies in an area as far as i can see at the moment.

Satellite 30: allows me to make real clones of me *90 max*

Fatal Attraction: its a battle axe that controls gravity.

Acid Seals: Special seals that when placed act as acid barriers over that spot other strange abilities will be revealed when i use them.

Black Cat: An unbreakable handgun...has some special powers also has a sniper rifle attachment which allows me to shoot from very long distances

My armor is made of vibranium dipped in special anti-vibranium so no matter what it can't be destroyed..I can use it to fly and create sound waves

This is my new blade nicknamed Angel, it is imbued with the power cosmic so it it unbreakable and un-useable to anyone but myself, I can also use the power cosmic as a conduit to run my other abilities through the blade such as fire, water, gum gumness, etc. Although it is conductive to all of my power, it is not conductive to anyone else's power such as if Kama tried to run his lightining through it, the lightining would just clash with the blade.

pay no attention, to the awesome guy but focus on the scythe, after absorbing husk and taking his abilities I now wield this scythe, infused with the powers of light and darkness

also my bankai named Bob Awesome has an awesome healing factor and is always with me in its bankai state unless I post other wise....when in bankai it is very similar to Sesshomaru's Tenseiga.

The Sky Flames.

Being the leader of the mafia, and the one who brought them to Vescrutia, I have multiple S class rings. My favorite being the Lombardi Ring, which holds the Sky Flame, amoung other things.

Box Weapons:
Purification Guns:

My First Gun: The ultimate purification gun which purifies all darkness based jutsu, attacks, etc. [if something has darkness in it in the least, I can purify it and turn it into nothing....it also does stops other things like any outside power trying to take you over it stops the power and also stops outside influences from entering the fight. (Also, if I shoot you in the head, you're most likely dead)

Box Animal:
Dragon Ape:

A DragonApe with the ability to control the sky flame. More info on it later.
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Lombardi's Arsenal
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