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 Kito's Jutsu

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PostSubject: Kito's Jutsu   January 1st 2010, 7:31 pm


Raikogan: Occular jutsu that allows the user more indepth access/power over lightning, especially in the area of the body/nervous system. It also allows for the control of lightning chakra, and current, and grants that the user can see any amount of electric current no matter the size. Allows user to also see through objects and surroundings, like x-ray vision.

Senkaku Raikogan: Raikogan which can do all of the normal powers of the origanal raikogan, also allows the user to see in a perfect 360 degrees around, as well as at a greater range of sight as well grants a 50% power boost to lightning based jutsu, grants a 50% cut in chakra consumption to all lightning based jutsu, including the following, and can also use three of the six highest forms of lightning or Raikous.

Nerve Fist: A style of fighting based off of hitting my opponents nervous system, much like the gentle fist but hitting the nerves instead of the chakra points. I'm very fast when using this style, at a blur movement, so blocking will be very hard.

Nerve Manipulation:gives me the ability to create more nerves to increase speed, make me stronger, boost my reflexes and to speed up my healing factor. When this is active, nerves are visible along my entire body, as long bumps.

Nerve Healing: I use the Raikogan to manipulate my nervous system to speed up my healing factor 25x.

Dispel Jutsu: using the Raikogan i can inactivate some of my opponents lightning chakra based jutsu.

Paralysis jutsu:I hit nerves that paralyze my opponents. If I hit a nerve in the arms of legs, then that arm or leg will be paralyzed. if I hit at the spine I can paralyze the entire body.


Akairaikou: It is the strongest of all electric current, 10x stronger. It can even travel though the lowest items of conductivity like rubber as though it were metal. It also can overpower anyother lightning. If subsituted for normal blue lightning in a jutsu, it would increase the jutsu 10 fold in strength.

Gosairaikou: This Raikou is of a yellow hue and exhibits the enmmense power of sound by giving off constant huge 'thunderclaps' which are sonic booms powerful enough to blast through strong metal, and even create large craters. The sound waves can be directed using the lightning to do so.

Aoiraikou: It is the most destructive of all electric current, able to spead though things and break them down on a molecular level. Can turn almost anything to dust, or nothing at all on contact.

Lightning Jutsu:


Chidori Nagashi: Lightning covers the users body, protecting them, while also as an attack to opponents whom get too close.

Static Shield: I make the air around me charged with negative ions. When any taijutsu or physical attck is about to connect with me, the ions create a barrier making the attack the same charge as the ion that is around me, therefore creating a natural force against the attack. This works because 2 ions of the same charge naturally repeal eachother with great force. This barrier deflects all minor attacks (shuriken,kunai, small un-chakra-charged taijutsu attacks,etc.) and most major attacks depending on the speed and skill of the attack. The barrier cannot be controled or minipulated by another person, it is under complete control of my Raikogan.

Ion Field: I fill the air with negatively charged ions that I control with my Raikogan. The ions I can use to control objects in almost any way physically. (lift rock,etc)
I can stop attacks that are lanched at me that are physical attacks. I can create barriers in the field which most objects cannot pass though. The ion field cannot be controled or minipulated by anyone else but me, it is undercomplete control of my Raikogan.

Lightning Bolts: Can call lightning from the sky.

Lightning Clone

Lightning Bomb: Can make lightning combust creating explosions.

Water Jutsu:

Water Gyser Jutsu: water explodes upward from my enemies feet.

Giant Water Quill Jutsu: forms and thorws giant water needles at opponent.

Water Clone Jutsu

Water Style: Giant Water Vortex Jutsu

Water Style: Water Dragon jutsu

Water Style: Water Prison Jutsu

Hidden Mist Jutsu

Water Style:Water Wall Jutsu: wall of water shoots strait up 30 feet

Water Style: Water Arena Jutsu: circular wall of water surrounding area of water

Water Style: Multiple water geyser jutsu: I can call multiple water geysers out of the ground.

Water Style: Water Bullet: Shoots from mouth or water source a large concentrated ball of water.

Water Style: Water Burst Jutsu: Causes water to suddenly explode, and send giant waves/blasts of water in every direction. Explosion is strong enough to break through metal.

Water Style: Water Serpents: Can create snakes out of water in any amount or size wanted. smaller ones used for tying up opponents.

Water Style: Exploding Water Shock Wave: Expel a huge amount of water out of my mouth or scroll and create huge waves on which I ride upon, and take out opponents with the waves/mass of water.

Water Style: Water Shuriken: Creates any amount of shuriken out of water that are usually already shot towards the opponent.

Water Style: Water Impalement: Makes long and extremely dense water spires blast out of the water to try and impale the opponent with extreme force.

Water Style: 1000 Water Needles Jutsu: Creates needles out of the water that try and impale the opponent.

Water Style: Tidal Wave Jutsu: Creates huge waves of water that try and over come the opponent.

Water Style: Net of Naiads: Creates water clones that look like naiads (water nymphs) which then produce extremely dense water strings, which forms into a net, and tries to capture opponent. The net will withstand just about anything until the clones are destroyed.

Water Style: Hydro Gun: Used usually when there is no water around. Blasts water in a dense stream powerful enough to punch through solid metal, usually the water being pulled from water vapor in the air to make it appear that the water is suddenly appearing out of thin air.

Water Possession Jutsu:These is a jutsu specifically created by myself. It allows the person total unity with water. When this jutsu is activated, the person, and a water source usually, become one, so that if the person is say, sliced in half, they can reform, being their body is made of water. They can also use that water source as a means of making them self huge in size, or hiding themselves. In doing so, whatever water is "possessed" is under their direct control, and therefore cannot be manipulated by anyone else.

Hydration Technique: The above jutsu allows that my body be made of water, and that I can reform myself out of water, as long as there is water to do so. If there isn't water, my body returns to normal, and I can be affected as normal.

Other Jutsu

Fusion Technique: I take water and fuse it with lightning. The water comes completely under my control at this point. The electric current running though it cannot be taken out, stopped, or manipulated in any way because it is under direct control of my Raikogan. The water takes on both liquid and electric characteristics and will electrocute and burn anyone it touches, but it also acts like water in that it flows and shapes the same. The water that has been fused cannot be frozen, manipulated/controlled with chakra from other people/animals, and to some extent cannot be evaporated. The water will not harm me because it is linked to my Raikogan, thus I can control the lightning fused with that water to the point that it would fall back if I touched it. I can also use any jutsu above that is a water jutsu with this activated within the water I'm using.

Storm Nimbus Creation/Manipulation: I can create a Nimbus which is basically just like the fusion technique, but lightning is fused with water in the form of a cloud. A Nimbus has a few differences from a normal cloud. A Nimbus is completely solid, so it creates a great defense. A nimbus is also very wispy cloud, grayish in color, although still slightly puffy. They are also brimming with lightning, so they I can easily use them to create lightning jutsu, and composed of water, so I can use water jutsu through them too. They are very tough, most weapons and jutsu wont damage them, they are resistant to heat, water, wind, and earth elements. Nimbuses

Nimbus Clones: Clones Made from a nimbus cloud, they are not like normal clones that puff away as soon as hit. Nimbus clones are closer to actual clones and take some damage before dispersing. They are only 1/2 the strength of the original used, instead of the 1/10 of the original user, so they are still quite strong. They also retain my lightning quick speed. They also can blend into a cloud, becoming the same substance as the cloud therefore, becoming momentarily invulnerable.

Storm Element (Lightning and Water): This combination yields long projectile beams which take on a water like lightning current. The beams are made entirely of lightning yet have a flowing and fluid like motion that also makes them like water. This lightning is much more destructive and also because of the elemental transformation, does not attract to normal things that normal lightning attracts to, like metal. Regardless of what shape the Ranton takes, it is extremely destructive, and particularly explosive.

Medical Ninjutsu: Can use some basic medical ninjutsu, and some other techniques:

Palm Healing
Chakra Scalpel
Nerve Healing Advancement: Speeds up the persons healing factor by controlling their nervous system.
Water Healing Jutsu: Uses water to cure burns and uses the persons water in their body to help heal the person faster. Also can be used to eliminate poisons, by having water surround and seclude the poison.

Summoning Jutsu:: Yochihari: I can summon (giant) porcupines known as Yochihari which are of all sizes and shapes, some as small as a hedgehog (and often mistaken for them) while others are larger than cars. They can shoot their quills out at will, the larger ones able to reach of 10ft in size for quills easily. They have earth chakra and jutsu which they use to dig underground at very fast rates as well as "earth-bend" using it to control the earth under them. They also have sense of smell comparable to that of ninja dogs, so they can be used for tracking and sensing. Porcupines can also curl into a ball, and by sequencing their quills together, create a very hard armor, which will protect them from most attacks.

Summoning Jutsu: Kurage: With becoming Jounin, I have acquired my own special summoning of Jellyfish (Kurage). These come in two different sizes, normal, and microscopic.

Normal Kurage: These jellys are about the size of a person. Each one has a special talent of lighting, and cannot be harmed by most lightning and water based jutsu. Each of their tenticals carries small stingers which cause electric shock and paralyzation when induced. This paralyzation comes from both poison that is released into the victum and also threw the electric shock, and thus is dually fast and effective. These jellies are also able to survive outside of water as long as I have chakra, and also their power doubles while in water. These jellys, whether by physical contact or contact by water source, also spread the tiny microscopic Kurage.

Tiny Kurage: These are tiny microscpoic jellys inwhich are released into or onto whatever the normal Kurage touches (usually water). They are released by the thousands, and are always being released. Once on or in a victum, they release a toxic green poison which transforms and replaces the persons cells, or whever makes them up with itself so that eventually, they will become the poison and die, or just have limbs or whatever fall off. This Poison is fast acting and fast spreading, and as I am connected with the jellys, I'm immune to it. Tiny Kurage can survive even out of water as long as I have chakra.

Kurage Swarm: Where person is surrounded by Kurage, either underwater, or elsewhere.

Kurage Jelly: Each and all of the Kurage can produce a special jelly from their bodies, which I can also control. This special jelly has the power to absorb and break down almost any substance into itself, even energy. The amount depends on the amount of jelly.

Fused Water Possession: This is the two above jutsus Water Possession and Water Fusion Jutsu. Together, my body, and the water that I possess is Fused with water, so that myself and my attacks from this are much more powerful and deadly.
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Kito's Jutsu
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