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 Tsumi's Jutsu

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PostSubject: Tsumi's Jutsu   January 1st 2010, 9:14 pm

Kekkei Gankai:

Raikogan: Occular jutsu that allows the user more indepth access/power over lightning, especially in the area of the body/nervous system. It also allows for the control of lightning chakra, and current, and grants that the user can see any amount of electric current no matter the size. Allows user to also see through objects and surroundings, like x-ray vision.

Nerve Fist: A style of fighting based off of hitting my opponents nervous system, much like the gentle fist but hitting the nerves instead of the chakra points. I'm very fast when using this style, at a blur movement, so blocking will be very hard.

Nerve Manipulation:gives me the ability to create more nerves to increase speed, make me stronger, boost my reflexes and to speed up my healing factor. When this is active, nerves are visible along my entire body, as long bumps.

Nerve Healing: I use the Raikogan to manipulate my nervous system to speed up my healing factor 25x.

Dispel Jutsu: using the Raikogan i can inactivate some of my opponents lightning chakra based jutsu.

Paralysis jutsu:I hit nerves that paralyze my opponents. If I hit a nerve in the arms of legs, then that arm or leg will be paralyzed. if I hit at the spine I can paralyze the entire body.

Lightning Style Jutsu


Chidori Needles: Shoots needles made of lightning.

Chidori Stream: Used to burst lightning in all directions from the user.

Lightning Bolts: Causes Lightning bolts to fall from the sky.

Electrical Edge: Causes my weapons to have an Lightning chakra edge so that they, with the lightning, will vibrate enough to be able to pierce and cut through most objects.

Static Shield: I make the air around me charged with negative ions. When any taijutsu or physical attck is about to connect with me, the ions create a barrier making the attack the same charge as the ion that is around me, therefore creating a natural force against the attack. This works because 2 ions of the same charge naturally repeal eachother with great force. This barrier deflects all minor attacks (shuriken,kunai, small un-chakra-charged taijutsu attacks,etc.) and most major attacks depending on the speed and skill of the attack. The barrier cannot be controled or minipulated by another person, it is under complete control of my Raikogan.

Ion Field: I fill the air with negatively charged ions that I control with my Raikogan. The ions I can use to control objects in almost any way physically. (lift rock,etc)
I can stop attacks that are lanched at me that are physical attacks. I can create barriers in the field which most objects cannot pass though. The ion field cannot be controled or minipulated by anyone else but me, it is undercomplete control of my Raikogan.

Earth Style Jutsu

Earth Columns: Creates columns of earth out of the ground, which can be used for offense or defense.

Earth Walls: Same as earth columns, but flatter and wider.

Earth Bullets: Shoots rocks that range from the size of pebbles to the size of backpacks which move at high rate of speed towards their targets, like a bullet. (Note: the smaller the size, the faster the speed)

Earth Dragon: Creates a dragon shape out of earth, which blasts at opponent, trying to knock them back, or hurt them in some way.

Earth Quills: Creates short or long quills of earth that are able to pierce even through some metals.

Earth Assimilation: Allows me to travel through the ground at high speeds.

Earth Swallow: Makes whatever is touching the earth in a select area suddenly sink straight into the earth, as though gravity just pulled them in. The heavier the object/person, the harder to resist.

Earth Shock-wave: makes a ripple of energy travel through the earth, making it shake an move, so that it is harder to stand on, and also may disrupt jutsu.

Other Jutsu

Metal Jutsu: By combining lightning and earth chakra, I have the ability to control metal with both the chakra from the combination and magnetic fields. Using this, I can specifically control all the weapons that I can summon, changing their shape or composition. Also allows me to create metal out of the ground that I can use too.

Summoning Jutsu:: Yochihari: I can summon (giant) porcupines known as Yochihari which are of all sizes and shapes, some as small as a hedgehog (and often mistaken for them) while others are larger than cars. They can shoot their quills out at will, the larger ones able to reach of 10ft in size for quills easily. They have earth chakra and jutsu which they use to dig underground at very fast rates as well as "earth-bend" using it to control the earth under them. They also have sense of smell comparable to that of ninja dogs, so they can be used for tracking and sensing. Porcupines can also curl into a ball, and by sequencing their quills together, create a very hard armor, which will protect them from most attacks.

Medical Ninjutsu:
Palm Healing
Chakra Scalpel
Metal Clensing: Uses metal manipulation to either get rid of unwanted metals in the body, or uses the metals already in the body to help heal it or clense it.

Mushroom Arts: With the power to spread spores that comes from Yung, my soul weapon, I have the ability to use mushroom style jutsu.

Mushroom Art: Can grow, and control special poisonous mushrooms. They are bluish in color, and are quite powerful, more strudy than normal wood. Originate from the spores that Yung produces.

Mushroom Forest: Makes 20 ft mushrooms grow up in a close formation creating a forest like atmosphere.

Mushroom Spore Spread: millions of tiny, almost microscopic spores are released from each mushroom, covering a large area totally with them, they spout new mushrooms where they land. If inhaled, they will grow mushrooms inside of the person, and can also be very toxic to the respertory system.

Mushroom Spore Spikes: Each mushroom releases bigger spores which are very sharp, and can easily slice through steel. They are bigger than the other spores that reporduce, but these can also reporduce new mushrooms. They are almost indestructable, as they are resistant to the elements.

Mushroom Spore Explosion: Makes any of the spores released that I chose combust, making a large explosion depending on the area the spores covered.

Mushroom Eater: Makes a large man-eating mushroom that can easily swallow a man whole. It also consumes chakra at a very fast rate, so most jutsu dont work against it. The eater can have up to 10 heads, which can separate themselves and become new eaters.

Mushroom Acid: Mushrooms can spew acid from themselves which can easily burn through steel, and can be released from any part of the mushrooms.

Mushroom Armor: By making spores on the surface of the skin, the spore spikes, it creates an armor like that is very hard and strong. The armor retains the powers of the Spore Spikes above.
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Tsumi's Jutsu
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