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 Sadira's Bag of Tricks

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Sadira Dakini
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Phantom Level Member

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PostSubject: Sadira's Bag of Tricks   May 11th 2009, 1:13 pm

The standard ninja weapons.

shuriken and kunai


But a few unusual items.

Pandora's gift boxes

Mysterious boxes of my own creation. Using my dimensional abilities, I was able to put individual dimensions within these boxes. What comes out can only be determined by the number under the lid that's only seen when open so you have a second or so to get outta the way. They come in three different flavors. Bomb, surprise (!), or warp. Warps are the only boxes with no random chance.
Bomb numbers:
1: A standard flash bomb which lights up the battlefield with a blinding light.
2: An explosive bomb which does minor damage but leaves the opponent stunned.
3: A smoke bomb that has a chance of poisoning anyone who inhales its toxins.
4: An explosive bomb which does standard damage and leaves the opponent stunned.
5: Signifies an empty box...
6: Contains a big bang. Good for times when I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. Big bang takes out anything within an 80 km (about 50 mi) or so radius. Any opponent, along with me, that isn't able to defend themselves will take major damage and be stunned for a while depending on their own strength. If an opponent is able to defend, they will take a little over normal damage with no stun.

Surprise (!) numbers:
1: A random cream pie delight. My favorite ! box (strawberry cream cheese pie=my ambrosia).
2: A flash bomb bright enough to blind, but not very big and doesn't last for very long.
3: Letters shoot from the box at the opponent for an effective distraction.
4: A flock of pigeons fly from the box, aimed at the opponent.
5: An empty package but the box itself makes a good distraction too so all's well. ^^
6: A life-size 'jack-in-the-box' clown springs out and grabs the opponent depending on their closeness.

CD Shuriken

Like shuriken but made from those cds you get in the mail, but never want. Very effective when ya wanna avoid metal detectors.

Gift wrap

Chakra charged gift wrap which I commonly use for rope or anything else of the sort.

Lost mail
Packages that couldn't be sent out or returned to sender. Before passing them off to someone, I put a little of my chakra in it to create a random chance (in other words, the beginning stage of a ! box). Most of the time, tar/syrup and feathers will shoot out at whatever it's aimed at. Sometimes, the original contents. Even rarer is the chance that both come out.

Wine coolers

Acts as a talent enhancer. When I drink it, I become more agile and gain a better defense. When using my kekkei genkai, Hangetsu no Goudou, my power also increases.

And my one real weapon.

It has no name, . While I'm more of a hand to hand fighter, if I feel the need, I use this spear. Any elemental jutsu I use can somehow be translated through this spear. The spear acts as a tuning fork and brings out the greatest potential of any of my attacks. It of course can also be used like a normal spear.

Age Warp Card aka A Fake ID
Not really a weapon so to speak, but a special card of my own creation like most of my weapons. It's a blank ID card, a chakra scanner where the picture would generally go. After touching the card, it recognizes my energy and with a certain phrase will change my age. I cannot go older than what my true age is without consequences, but I cannot go younger than 5. So far, I've only mastered changing into the two ages I'm most used to.
PG-13: Changes me to my 13 yr old self. I'm weaker, but my chakra output is greater and I'm more agile.
NC-17: Changes me to my 17 yr old self. I'm stronger and faster than the younger me, but I require more chakra for special attacks and need to constantly restore it.

Hohoemi no Bakudan (Smile Bomb)
A capsule developed in my weapon shack. It resembles a pearl or a white gumball. When eaten, I gain the ability to create bombs on a whim. The size of the bomb depends on the output of chakra I put into it. It gets the name Smile Bomb from my strongest release of energy.

Great Box Defensive
My warp boxes used for both defense and offense. Called defensive due to the fact that while it can send back whatever it catches, it's technically defending me. What happens is I when a long range attack (like a beam or missile or something like that) comes towards me, my defense boxes will bloom around me to catch it and then the same attack will be shot out by the smaller attack boxes which compress the attack and combine it with my own chakra, making it much more dangerous.

My mask
Another non-weapon but I use it constantly during battle. My standard red mask was modified by Aeon to act as a gas mask and a charger. While I have the mask on, it'll purify the air canceling out poison gas and other things of the sort. For attacks like my Sadi Bomb, the mask takes in my chakra and stores it so when I unleash the attack, it's the energy I put out plus what the mask has stored up which creates an even bigger boom.
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Sadira's Bag of Tricks
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