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 Jin First justu's list

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PostSubject: Jin First justu's list    January 17th 2010, 11:46 pm

Fire Release: Flame Thrower
The user focuses a great deal of fire chakra into their chest and proceeds to exhale a great deal of fire from their mouth. These flames have the capability of melting through high grade steel which makes it a not so good combination idea when using weapons. Through intense concentration, which in turn leaves them open to attack if there is more than one opponent, they can direct the flames towards their opponent.

Fire Style: RasenDragon: Five-Headed Divine Beast
Koji's ultimate technique, involving splitting the funnel of a stage three RasenDragon into five separate 'heads'. Each funnel is split by creating four Fire Clones. This technique can only be achieved while activating a large amount of Kyuubi chakra. Each head operates independently and will crash down on an opponent, or multiple opponents to deal damage.

Fire Style: Fire Bird Technique
Fire Bird Technique is a copied jutsu. It was copied from the; Fire Style: Fire Lion Technique. Both of them has only been used by the Traveling Flower Clan. Like the name describes, it creates a burning bird, which blows up when it hits the target.

Fire Release: Rasengan
An original jutsu by Luke, expanding on the original concept for the Rasengan by the Fourth Hokage's and Naruto's ideals: mixing ones chakra element with the Rasengan. However, this was proven to be the most difficult thing to do. Kakashi and Naruto even told him that, adding someones chakra element with the Rasengan, takes an incredible amount of skill or rather natural talent or sense. Luke mixed his fire element, maintaining its original stability and increasing its power, far beyond that of his Odama Rasengan. Another example of the power of the jutsu is shown when it was tested against Naruto's Wind Release: Rasengan. The fact that it was only 50 percent completed and still able to easily overpower Naruto, who had years more experience with it, and damage his hand demonstrates just how far the Rasengan has been pushed when combined with fire element chakra. To create it, Luke needs only his own two hands. Hayai Sarutobi created this after he created the Rasen-Chidori. He needs only one clone to use this jutsu.you can burn your own hand by doing this jutsu due to heat. Aosh hatchi,the first time he used this jutsu he burnt his hand black and was unable to use it.

Fire style:Pheonix summoning-Black pheonix
This jutsu was found in a scroll along with two other pheonix summoning jutsu'. This jutsu makes a purple and black flaming pheonix rise from the ground and is controlled by using your chakra.
If you do not control it, it will just charge at your opponent, slicing him/her in half with either one of it's wings. Whether hits or misses it, will dissapear by hitting something. You can only control this pheonix for a maximum of 10 minutes.

Fire style-pheonix shot
This jutsu shoots out 1-10 minature phoenix(s) at the opponent. This jutsu requires a lot of chakra control it is used to move phoenix(s) side to side. It also is used to go farther, and up and down. You can also wrap chakra strings around the phoenix(s) to control it with a little more ease. Once your opponent is hit he will suffer a third degree burn for more than two weeks. If used against a Bijuu (tailed beast) it will just leave a little scratch, but if it hits a person in sage mode it won't do a thing.

Lightning Wire Spider Trap
In order to utilized this technique a user must be at least familiar with a lightning release technique that behaves like a actual electricity. If such a technique is known, the user must then utilize ten kunai, or shuriken, attached to a single lengthy piece of wire to entangle their target with the wire while holding onto a single kunai that is attached to end of the wire. After the intended victim is entangled enough the user of the technique pulls on the kunai in some way or another, usually by throwing it. The wires will contract upon the target immobilizing them. Before they can figure out a way to free themselves it is suggested that the user completes the technique by running electrical behaving chakra into the wires electrocuting the enemy. Since the lightning release used to to electrocute an enemy varies by user it may very well kill an opponent if a powerful enough move is used. The inventor of the technique Shirokaze uses Youshun Discharge to perform the technique.

Lightning Style: Phantom Cloud
Phantom Cloud is an A-Rank jutsu, developed by Odayaka. The user's hand is engulfed in light chakra, which allows it to temporarily merge into an object. Then, the user dispels the chakra from their head, burning and warping the object. The technique does not work on humans well, because of their chakra. It also can burn up the user's hand if done improperly. By continuing to be merged with the object, the user can form a combination of chakra and the essence of the item around their hand, spinning incredibly fast. This reacts with the lightning to spectacular effect. This advanced usage can be considered S-Rank, though it is technically unranked.

Sacred Armor
Similar to the Lightning Release Armor used by a Raikage of the past and the Chidori Armor developed by Sasuke Uchiha, this technique uses chakra no both stimulate the nerves of the practitioner as well as shield them from harm. Kazeyo developed this technique to increase his defensive abilities that are otherwise lacking as well as increase his reaction time incredibly. While the Raikage's version of the technique also increases his destructive abilities, Kazeyo's is reserved entirely to defensive, increased reaction ability, and speed. Combined with his technique Vacuum Step he is able to move at speeds which his eyes cannot follow completely and is forced to combine his Air Pressure Sensory abilities to avoid collision while traveling complex paths. At the extreme cost of his own stamina, and by damaging himself quite greatly, Kazeyo can use this technique on his entire body. Doing this can nearly kill the user, and it should only be used to completely remove foreign chakra from the entire body, which costs Kazeyo (a shinobi with a large chakra pool) nearly half of his chakra.

Ten Tailed Lightning Fang
Ryun's only original "trump card" jutsu. He is only capable of using it because he is the Jinchuriki of the Ten Tailed Fox and Tora can use it because he is the Ten Tails' Psuedo Jinchuriki. He charges a Chidori-like energy around his arm, it forms the head of the 10 Tailed Fox then he crashes his attack into the opponent. It's strongest form can level a mountain.

Void Style: Space Teleport Jutsu
This technique is a sub-jutsu of Tengoku (Heaven), the kekkei genkai possesed by the Namikaze clan. This allows the user to teleport from one place to another without using jutsu formulas unlike Flying Thunder God Technique (Hiraishin no Jutsu) and goes with twice the speed. It can be used to travel any distance as long as the user knows where he or she is going. Madara Uchiha has somehow learned this technique without Tengoku. This may be because one of Namikaze's parents may have been an Uchiha and originated the technique, but this is an incorrect speculation. Houji can perform this jutsu due to his Kagan.

Earth Style: Hole Trap Technique
This technique creates a big or small hole in the ground for use of a trap. The size is decided by how strong you make this jutsu. This technique is standard jutsu for all Academy Students at Hougakure Academy.

Earth Style: Underground Hiding Technique
This technique keeps you hidden under the ground you're standing at when you uses this jutsu

Elemental Shoot
is a type of move who can use all 5 of the elements. It does have a limitation to it though, as you can only use two of the elements listed. Although, it does count using one element when using an alloy or amalgam. Executing the right hand seals, Seinin can hold a ball of basic element energy and can shoot it out.

Earth Release: Earth Crack Technique
This jutsu is only used by Sanshōuo, of the Lightning ANBU Track & Capture Squad. This jutsu creates a crack in the ground in front of Sanshōuo, which he can lead to anywhere he wants. He can also choose how large it's gonna be. The crack in the ground can trap people, or just make them stumble.

Earth Style: Dig Wave
The jutsu sends shockwaves through the ground towards an opponent. Upon reaching the target a pillar of rock shoots out of the ground at it.

Water Release: Freeze Flash
This a rare water style technique and any water style user is capable of learning it, though its very difficult to learn, strictly taking 2 year to fully master it. It's been said, however, that one who knows about anatomy and the human fluid system, such as medical ninja, can master this even quicker. This jutsu allows the user to manipulate the blood and fluid inside a person's body. They must focus their water style chakra and slowing or completely freeze the opponent from their inner cadaver. The instant freeze will kill the victim within minutes.

Aqua Bullet Jutsu
This jutsu allows the user to shoot a bullet of water at high speeds to hit their opponent. Depending on the skill of the user there can be several variations to the technique. Some users of the technique can shoot the water bullets in quick succession though the effectiveness of landing a fatal blow is reduced due to there only being so much power behind each bullet. Zugumaru uses a variation which he adds the lightning element to it.

Water Style: Deadly Mist Fog Jutsu
This technique sends out a great toxic mist. The mist kills everyone who breaths in it. This jutsu is the signature technique of the Matahoshi clan. This jutsu was actually made to kill the Akatuki clan members.

Water Release: Liquid Bullet Technique
After forming the needed handseals, Sekidou will spit a thick liquid from his mouth in a jet like form. It is a heavy watery substance that hurts when blasted at high pressures. He has also shown to fire it in bullets or blasts by taking a deep breath and spitting. Trying to waft through the liquid is hard and murky.
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Jin First justu's list
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