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 Tsumi and Yung

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PostSubject: Tsumi and Yung   February 16th 2010, 12:33 pm

Name: Yung.

His human form is of a younger fighter guy who wears a green bandanna and has tattoos on his shoulders and arms. He is always very kind and helpful, but always acts cool, and seems to never break down in a tense moment, either in battle or elsewhere. He is also very agile, being a fighter, and thus is able to evade attacks and such when in human form.

Weapon Form:

In weapon form, he turns into a green sword-whip, with a vine like design, which can act as a normal sword, or can extend out as a long sharp whip. As a soul weapon is indestructible in weapon form, he can cut through many even hard substances in this form. Also has abilities listed here.

Spore Spread: When in weapon form, it can spread special spores from any part of it at a rapid pace. These special spores are used for a special Mushroom jutsu which I am able to use in conjunction with the spores. ((Jutsu/Spores/Mushrooms listed in jutsu list))

((More to be added when I learn more....))
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Tsumi and Yung
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