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 The Techs of Rose

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PostSubject: The Techs of Rose   April 30th 2009, 5:53 pm

Dark Rose Techiniques

Rose Drill
Vines come out my body and wrap around my arm. they begin spinning in a drill like fashion,
being able to pierce steel like foam.

Gatling Rose
I wrap my hand in vines and comense to shooting the thorns out like a machine gun, only far more powerful.

Surprize this move has 3 surprises

Rose aura
1: The natural aroma from my body spreads on the field, it cannot be seen. Rose buds form from this deadly aroma at my will. can be done anytime in battle. Rose buds can be destoryed, but they will explode and they are still made from steel, until they bloom that is.

R.D(rose drop)
2: I can dettach the vines from my body, used for dodging or evading at any range. the seperated vines can still move according to my will for 5 minutes, before they die, all thorns on they blast of in every direction.

3:Thorns secretly insert the ground from anywhere on my person and spout out at rediculous speeds where ever I choose.

I ravage the ground with rose vines, then they shoot up at the desired location. Once they reach the air, if nothing got stabbed instead, they harden and then rain down on the field.

Rose's wind

Can converge to wind and vice versa at will. this air that is her can poison whoever inhales it. after converging back to normal, she can grow anybody part back from the thorns in her body, and the enviroment.

Uses the rose aura in the atmosphere to create after images. this can be done without having to state it, so be aware and be careful.

Rose bust
A Rose bud on the ground explodes. Flames along with the thorns blast off in every direction as a result of this. They also explode once drained or dead.

Rose vines sprout from the back, the vines move on their own and protect me if they since the aura round her imidiate body being disturbed. I can also control these, but only half the amount of what ever amount of vines are out.

Rose form
Calls roses form and vines covered in thorns sprout from the pores on the skin. I then say a weapon and those now loose vines go and form the weapon, the weapon then goes to my hand. the weapon and reform and bend apart at will.

Kiss of depair
A bloody kiss. can be done directly or blown. if it connects, it will sting like hell and burn as well. the kiss will darken until it is black and then it forms a rose mark on your body were the kiss touched. it will burn for the remainer of the battle. Only way out is to remove the area(about 2 inches long and wide.)

Rose vines come from any part of my body and stick into the ground. once in the ground, they drain nutrients from the enviroment, healing my wounds. Moving is minimal like this.

Rose vase
Any rose bud previously placed on the field opens up and engulfs Rose. this can either be used as a shield, or can be used to quickly go under ground. The rose still holds thorns all over it. The petals can mbed into the ground, causing more rose buds.

Full effect(rose bud)
if a rose bud on the field happend to bloom, a clone of Rose with sprout from it. They act of free will, but we all talk telepahicly, leaving no surprises. this is a life like clone that has 20% of the power I have, and since its not the average clone, it doesnt go out in a puff of smoke, it fights to the bloody death like real people do.

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PostSubject: Re: The Techs of Rose   April 30th 2009, 5:54 pm

After training with Kazz, Rose learned how to control dark matter. Not as well as Kazz himself, hell it even has some limits, but she can incoporate it into her fire as well as use it similar to Kazz, something he himself couldn't do.

Fire manipulation- The ability to control and manipulate fire at will. by mixing flames with her own, depending on the fire, she can override it with her chakra, gaining control over it as well as increasing its over all heat.

Heat Manipulation- The ability to control heat of any kind at will. She can use the heat to any temperature she desires due to her training with dark matter, which ranges from anything of 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 degrees (fucking cold) to anywhere above on a cosmic scale.

Black sea- A move well liked by Rose. By forcing her black flames into the air or dark matter, and sometimes at will depending on the battle, black liquid falls from the sky as rain. The rain covers more area than the battlefield and in a matter of two to three post the entire field will be but an ocean of this black liquid. Rose's roses and vines can me mutated and altered in this sea at a whim.

Leviathan{Vine}- By merging vines together nside of the black sea, a massive vine beast is created. this beast gains more and more features of a leviathan with every time it goes back into the sea.

Nazdrovie- Rose absorbs high amounts of energy in the area, this includes some attacks, and releases the energy built up in a burst of light and heat, as well as her chakra. The burst of light and heat is enough to knock out whatever touches it, also injecting it with her chakra and intense heat.

Boiling blood- This move is used two ways. Rose can use her blood to burn others to hundreds of degrees hotter than thrid degree burns. Also, with extremely hot blood, any unwanted substance (example=poison, someone else's chakra) entering her body or blood would be burned up and evaporated, leaving Rose's body by the pores.

Mark of the Rose- After Rose's blood touches you, it burns into the skin staying permenatly, forming a black rose tatoo on the victim that constantly burns as long as it is there. A quick way to rid of it would be to cut off the tatooed skin.

Lustful eyes- Her eyes become pitch black and it would seem as if she is crying black blood. This is when Rose's mind goes black, allowing her to have so much bloodlust that she won't hesitate to kill anyone who is in range, whether they are stronger than her or not. Not really a jutsu, but it is a really bad sign, so plan your actions accordingly if this happens, for she I repeat not hesitate.

Rose accelerator- By releasing short or long bursts of heat from her feet or any other part of her body, a highly condensed beam of heat will bolt out at temperatures that would even destroy mercury{the planet}. This is mainly used as a quick means of transportation.

Heatwave- Releasing a burst of heat from her body at a varying temperature, a deadly heatwave passes by the field. Inhaling this heat can evaporate all the blood in your body, and it can also regardlessly burn your skin on contact.

Homing flare- Creating a ball of fire in her hand, as long as Rose made physical contact with the foe during the match, she can have the fire ball home in on their chakra signature.

Prototype Void fire- By condensing the flames thousands of times over, Rose can make fire that appears to be solid. It in reality is not, and will need much more work to become perfect.

(Updates later...)

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PostSubject: Re: The Techs of Rose   April 30th 2009, 5:55 pm

Dark void- By having the black sea out, Rose can have arms of darkness pull the victim into the sea, were the dark energy mixed with her chakra will drain the foe of their chakra{brawls} and the emense pressure of the sea can kill them{grand battles/anywhere else}. The Black sea is extremely dense, this can crush someone's body even if there only 6 feet under it. Unknown is the only known person so far who survived after sinking to the depths of this sea....

Mirage- Rose simply converges into the atmosphere. She can converge and make the area extremely cold where she appears, extremely thick/hard to breathe, or hot due to her heat manipulation. She can converge back to normal as well, also being able to have for example an arm converge on the other side of the battle field. when she does this, it takes more time.

Dark matter manipulation- Even though her control with dark matter pales in comparison to Kazz, she has more abilities that can be done with this. She, as you know, can manipulate her heat to any desired temperature this way, as well as use moves concerning dark matter in a since dark energy or more importantly, her black sea.

Weapon creation- Using either her fire or dark matter, or her dark energy, Rose can use her chakra to bend with the energy, molding it into a weapon of her desire. the bigger the weapon the more chakra will be used to mold it.

Null and Void- This can only be done under certain conditions. Rose focuses dark matter into her hand, allowing her to rip open rifts into different dimensions. The dimensions are everlasting inside, so what goes in has a good chance of not coming out.
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PostSubject: Re: The Techs of Rose   April 30th 2009, 5:56 pm

______________Jutsu's of Reikyuu______________________________________

This is a coffin obtained by making a pact with it. Its powers are solely for Rose's use and its power of distorted energy is one of a kind. It was first founded in the netherworld, its orgin is Unknown. A clue to this maybe that since it was in Rose's backyard, the graveyard, for hundreds of years, it may have been used by an old relative. The full extent of its powers are unknown.

____________The Distorted Dimension's Rules that are always in effect__________________

No time- Inside of the coffin, time does not flow what so ever, meaning any attacks dealling with time are dissipated here. Also the timing of moves is also decreased in this world. No matter how you try to work around it, time will never flow here.

Unstable space- The space inside the coffin is never stable. Using any moves dealing with space will more than likely be dumbed down drastically since they can't use there moves to the fullest extent. Moves involving rifts inbetween dimensions as well as rips or other dimensions are negated here, since the space is unstable, the space around the rift/rip with be unstable, most likely causing it to implode on itself, thus closing back up.

Control- Rose more or less has the most control while inside of this coffin. She could bend things to her will at the right cost of chakra due to the pact she made with the coffin.



Distortion Energy- Whatever distortion energy touches gets distorted along with its time energy, warping it to a large degree. Since the time energy of the victim is being altered, they CAN NOT alter their own time, for it is now distorted, and that distorted energy is what Rozalyn controls. Substances and chakra hit by distortion energy will simply distort and begin to break down into its base energy partices and elements. The more you are hit, the more distorted you become, the more distorted you become, the quicker your body breaks down from reality, causing the substance/object to, well, be gone/ridded of/erased. Yes. Erased, you get erased.

Arms- arms created out of dark matter and the distorted energy, which in turn would make am unstable dark energy that can't be tampered with, come out and can attack at will. Any amount of these things can come out.

Rose's Black Arm- this arm has the same property of energy as the arms inside of the coffin, only it has high speed regeneration. After using the coffin for too long, other parts of her body will experience the same type of energy, becoming black as well. Once Rose's entire body she can't be reverted back, but she has complete control over the dark energy and dark matter in the area. More than likely Rose would never use this coffin that long, for she refuses to deminish her looks for power.

Energy thief- By using her black arm to hit or attack an opponent, she can give herself an understanding of that persons energy, allowing her to temporarily use it. She can also snatch small portions of energy from the opponent in general, but the solen energy does not go to her own body to replenish her.

Pulsating distortment- By have the arms inside the coffin grab hold of her, their energy surges into Rose's body, giving her temporary cosmic energy. Shes incredibly rusty with it and doesn't do this alot, but the power change is enough to be seen and felt. First discovered fighting the Fusion state Rion.

Rein Space- When Reikyuu is not present, Rozalyn can simply open rifts leading to hr dimension, and have the arms come out instead. This can be used for more than just the arms.

(Updates Later...)

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PostSubject: Re: The Techs of Rose   May 10th 2009, 12:56 am

---------Transformation States-------

By passing dark matter through her blood with her new found plasma Kekkei genkai, She forces herself into another state, merging the power of dark matter with her body. Her control over it is greater in this form, and Reikyuu morphs with her body, allowing her access in and out of the distortion dimension at will.

{Visual Aid} {Don't mind the candle}
Infernal Yami

- Dark energy usage/ Darkness manipulation
-Shadow energy usage/ Shadow manipulation
- Gravity manipulation
-Dark Matter manipulation and creation
- Drastically enhanced power.
-Still has flame control.
-Chronokenisis {Needs work, never been used}
-Access to cosmic energy
-Ability to break the forth wall
-Able to open rifts leading to the distortion dimension. Ability to open rifts and create them.
-Analytical Eye is activated.
-Horns store chakra for later usage, meaning a slightly larger chakra capacity.
- Massive strength keeps her from being paralyzed.

By mixing her plasma abilities with her control over fire, Rose can force herself into a fiery form. Her coffin, Reikyuu, is molded into a Cross that rests on her back. Her clothes change too, into a red laced outfit. Her Claw of Flames automatically activates once she enters this form, and now a blade of void fire extends from each of the gauntlets. Her hair can extend and retract, holding various uses. Her natural dark aura concentrates itself down into 4 eyes of chakra that can see all things spiritual and living.

{Visual Aid}
Infernal Enma

-Void fire {Note- fire that can be made solid, only now she has it perfected}
-Hair can turn to fire and back.
-Access to cosmic energy.
-Speed is drastically increased.
-All fire manipulation and creation{Meaning can create the molecules needed for fire, so Rose can have fire exist in space even.}
- Blood can turn into solid blades that can burn through most surfaces.
-Guantlet blades can instantaneous change in temperature, to any temperature.
-Chronokenisis {Needs work, never used before}
- Enhanced endurance.
-The four eyes are her Analytical Eyes. The move about within a 5 meter radius of her body to look around the field. What they see, Rose can also see.
-Intense body energy keeps from being poisoned.

__Terms for reference_____
-Analytical Eye{s}- By looking at something, the eye analyze it, then she can anticipate what is coming, and her body readily adjusts itself for it. She can understand what she sees, meaning she can see how strong it is. Can see for miles clearly, and can't be fooled. The are made from Rose's natural aura, meaning they can't be physically or energy wise touched.

-Cross- The coffin Reikyuu is turned into a Cross. as a cross, it can't be opened of course, but can act as a Boomerang. The 4 pieces that make the cross are extremely sharp, but thanks to Infernal Enma Rose's increased endurance, she has a great resistance to the blade. The 4 pieces can extend to great lengths.

Updates Coming soon
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PostSubject: Re: The Techs of Rose   May 10th 2009, 6:05 pm

Supporting Abilities {Abilities always in effect.}

Rose's Aura- She gives off a natural dark like aura from her body. It can't really be seen, except if you can see aura of course. It is what Rose can converge into to make herself intangible {yeah, she always had it, barely used it}. This aura can also create rose buds through out the field. Its like a spiritual pressure for her, being strong enough to protect her from attacks as well as various other things.

Chakra fueling- By using either dark matter or her own chakra, she can have that act as substitute for oxygen in her flames.

Analytical Eye-By looking at something, the eye analyze it, then she can anticipate what is coming, and her body readily adjusts itself for it. She can understand what she sees, meaning she can see how strong it is. Can see for miles clearly, and can't be fooled. The are made from Rose's natural aura, meaning they can't be physically or energy wise touched.

Boiling Blood- Her blood is constantly boiling at temperatures that surpass the sun. This means any unwanted substances in her blood get burned and ridded of. Anything it burns will recieve the Mark of the Rose.

Vines- Rose vines, thorns, and buds can come from her body. If they come from her body, they can only extend to six kilometers, their reach is unlimited from the ground.

Synthesis- In sunlight, or extreme heat, Rose's body begins to slowly heal. Shes shes a fire user{how fortunate ^-^} this is naturally used alot, and with enough heat and chakra, limbs even have a chance of being restored.

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PostSubject: Re: The Techs of Rose   May 24th 2009, 9:45 pm

Summon- Fiery Pixie

They may not be that big, maybe about up to a foot big, but they are highly compacted beings of flames, being as hot as the sun. They do standard things, from firing fire balls to shielding an attack for Rozalin on occasion. When they are destroyed, they create a massive explosion, atomic sized.
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PostSubject: Re: The Techs of Rose   May 24th 2009, 10:52 pm

After her fight with Kazz, Rozalin used her Bankai form. Mainly her tempest form can be accessed through plasma consumption, but Bankai is just an easier way out.

{Visual Aid} Bankai/ Tempest State

In this form Rozalin can use the Tenrai flame to its fullest extent. She can convert heat, to fire, to lava, and vice versa at will. Her Massive Rapier is Scorn, and despite its size Rozalin can swing it around effortlessly, hacking through almost anything. She moves so fast in this state that she appears to lag, but in actuality does not. Her strength increase drastically and her skin becomes tougher, able to resist many attacks, most physical. The talons on her back act as sails, increasing her overall speed.

Her control over plasma in this state increases one hundred fold. Her control over plasma becomes so good that she can control water despite being a fire user. Plasma in the area can be controled, including the plasma in her body, and maybe other people as well...This includes Ether and control of ether to an extent.

Tenrai Flame

The fire that only Rozalin can control due to it being her kekkei genkai fire. This fire is mixed with energies of several kenesis along with Rozalin's deadly chakra, giving it the ability to control what it touches to some extent. It uses the chakra in it to burn, it can't be extinguished by normal means. It still has Rozalin's other flame abilities, so it can still change to any temperature. She can control the Tenrai flame with her mind perfectly.

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PostSubject: Re: The Techs of Rose   June 4th 2009, 8:53 pm

____________Kekkei Genkai_______________

Okay, I have done much around here, but have never actually posted my Kekkei Genkai, so this will be done now.

Onyx Roses- Despite the name Onyx "Roses", This Kekkei Genkai is over all plants. Roses just sound prettier~. This ability allows Rozalyn to create vines and plants on a whim with her Tenrai flame and chakra. These created plants and vines turn black, and can bend at Rozalyn's will. These plants run off both Plasma and Tenrai, so they have the same abilities as the Tenrai flame and most properties of plasma despite being plants.
- They can liquify and turn back into a solid plant at ease. Due to the Tenrai flame and plasma traits, the liquified Onyx Roses CANNOT be frozem, but can be converted to a gas/mst by Rozalyn, since they are her plants.
-They can range from absolute zero, to heat that surpasses the sun and still maintain its curent plant form/shape.
-They are very durable and are heat resistant all together. Seemingly as tough as steel, and can shify its weight by releaving some plasma nutrients to another plant, back into the earth, or even back to Rozalyn.
-Every Onyx plant has red thorns all over it, similar to the stem of a rose. With tenrai inside the plants, the thorns can be launched off similar to that of a rocket, being extremely quick and very deadly.
-When the plants wilt/die/get destroyed, they explode, releasing tenrai and plasma as well as thorns. The fragmens from the plants sprout rose buds on where they land, meaning even if they were to land on your weapon, guess what? A rose bud will grow, and use its energy for nutrients. They grow on almost anything, taking energy from it as a life source.

After her encounter with Bloom Han., Rozalyn was able to unlock the part of her Kekkei Genkai that only Bloom currently knew, and that is Plasma manipulation. Rozalyn can control the plasma in the atmosphere, allowing her to create ice and water almost immediately and on a whim. This also includes the plasma from lightning and space particles and what not, but she only has complete control over this ability in her Tempest/Bankai form.


Tenrai is Rozalyn's chakra, a form of it she finally used in her fight against Kazz. This silver chakra allows Rozalyn to control what it touches, being an object or a substance. Living things are harder to control, but far from impossible. Kekkei Genkai energies like "Azure flame" or "Absolution" can not be controled, for they are someones Kekkei Genkai. This isn't all the chakra can do, it can also convert what it touches to a liquid state, gaseous state, or solid. Rozalyn mainly uses this chakra in her flames to have better control over then that way. Like both Rozalyn's blood and flames, the Tenrai chakra can burn and freeze at any given temperature, making it almost unpredictable. There are a few things Rozalyn still needs to discover about it though, since she hasn't used it in years until now.

__________Tenrai Matter__________
Her tenrai chakra became fused with her dark matter after the mission to the Temple of the Oasis with Akarui. Tenrai matter differs greatly from them both, yet takes on some proprties of the two, making its own ability as well as some recycled ones. Tenrai Matter can be manifested by Rozalyn's dark aura, and can form in the atmosphere, so it directly doesn't have to come from her, since she simply forces the chakra of her dark aura on the atmosphere, letting Tenrai Matter form where she chooses. Tenrai matter can shift into any being all the way down to the atoms of the substance or object and due to Tenrai chakra abilities, what ever is formed can be controlled by Rozalyn.
This Matter can be anything from The lowest possible temperature, to the heat of the big bang that started life. This is an extremely dense substance, and although it is liquid, it can not under any circumstances evaporate, unless it is exiting into the confinds of Rozalyn or her aura. What ever the matter gets near is weakened severely, and becomes weaker the closer the Tenrai Matter gets because it can can attract or repell plasma and Ether. While it is an extremely thick liquid substance, it can reject apart whatever is hit by it, or as dark matter does, hold together whatever it touches. This goes for substances as beams, waves, etc and solids as weapons, solid energy and maybe even people. Black holes can easily manifest within the Matter due to its property from Dark Matter, and with its Tenrai property Rozalyn can control it with her mind, keeping her hands free.

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PostSubject: Re: The Techs of Rose   June 15th 2009, 11:50 pm

Rozalyn's Tattoo

It is a cursed Rose mark that resides on those who possess the Tenrai chakra, and royal blood. It is proof of Rozalyn's heritage, and anyone who gazes upon the mark shall be turned to stone instantly and be frozen mind body and soul. It is located on the top of Rozalyn's chest, which is usually covered. When the Tenrai flame is being used, this mark glows red, but the effects afterward are unknown.

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PostSubject: Re: The Techs of Rose   June 21st 2009, 11:47 pm

I still need to add my Broken Heart abilities to my jutsu list, but until I do, this link will be proof that I do in fact have the abilities, and that it just needs to be typed.

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PostSubject: Re: The Techs of Rose   June 21st 2009, 11:53 pm

Through my ability of plasma, make the atmosphere ultra cold, ice forms, molecules freeze, the heart is made from rozalyn's aura, only it is solidified by the ultra cold plasma, and it is in the shape of a heart. it spreads as the heart gets pressured, and once the heart shatters, so does all the created ice. Make some sense?
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PostSubject: Re: The Techs of Rose   

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The Techs of Rose
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