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 New and Improved Sword Magic.

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PostSubject: New and Improved Sword Magic.   February 20th 2010, 8:06 am

Sting, the inheritor of the Sword Magic, obtained such magical sword abilities from a small ghost girl named Meo, which seemed to be Maruze, the creator of Sword Magic's daughter. As such, since he knew he was dying, he asked his dead daughter to pass on the prowess of Sword Magic to another, worthy sword user... And Sting was the first she found. Sting's sword magic is very different from Maruze's, but still effective all the same.

Song of Swords: Resonates quite loudly that allows him to create and manifest random swords anywhere out of matter or even nothingness at all, allowing them to attack however he wishes.

Sword of Chance: A powerful sword that has 2 dice in the middle of it. It has powerful abilities to either nullify or increase the power of attacks. This can go for either Sting's own attacks or an enemy attack. It is used through a dice roll. If the first number is higher than the second number, then the attack will be nullified, but if the second number is larger than the first one, then it will be increased by double. If the numbers are the same, Sting may choose. Powerful, but random sword, indeed.

Moon Slash: A giant rune will appear under the foe, and if it is allowed to seal, then the foe will lose all power and abilities as well as be unable to escape the rune, HOWEVER this only happens if the foe is completely sealed in it. If the rune is incomplete, nothing will happen, however it extends infinitely upward and downward, meaning the only escape is the sides. Eventually, the run will be shattered into millions of pieces, taking the foe inside of it with them and shattering them as well, and since the foe has no abilities or powers once it is sealed, they cannot come back.

Micro Sword: Creates tiny, but very powerful and sharp swords that range from atom, cell or molecule sized, and will fly at the foe and try to go into their pores, slice up their body from the inside and outside and ultimately, kill them.
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New and Improved Sword Magic.
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