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 What is a pact

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PostSubject: What is a pact   March 1st 2010, 11:27 am

A "PAct" is formed when A person agrees to share his or her soul with a beast. The beast can be as simple as an ant or a complex as a Dragon. The limits to what your "pact-beast" can be are all but infinite.

Forming a Pact has to be done in certain areas of vescrutia since only certain beast will allow this Bond to be formed. (PLease contact me prior to obtaining a pact beast.)

----------------------How It works-------------

When someone wants to form a pact. He or she needs only to speak with the beast she is trying to form this pact with. The beast may go quietly or with a fight(totally up to how you rp it). Once the beast agrees to be your pact animal a "verbal/spiritual bond" is formed. This bond ties both beast and the shinobi for life. If the beast dies you die and if you die as the same shall become of your pact beast.

There is also a draw back to forming this pact besides the shared life line. The user mos also lose his or her most valuable asset. This does not mean your mom or your favorite swords. you most lose something that makes you..who you are. you could lose something tangible like your vision,or your hearing. Or you could lose something like your want to eat or you want to love things. There is no getting around this draw back and it is permanent.

Last but not lease the plus of forming a pact. The user is gifted with the powers of his or her pact beast and grow in power exponentially over time. THe user will slowly gained all of his or her pactbeast powers and increase his powers as his or her mastery increases.
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What is a pact
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