Tymonland, The Veritas (Dusk)
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 Hebi's Soul Weapon "Deamon Whip" Amuria

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PostSubject: Hebi's Soul Weapon "Deamon Whip" Amuria   March 7th 2010, 5:33 pm

Name: Amuria

In her human form Amuria takes the from of a mature looking teenage girl dressed in light slef torn clothing. While having the physical appearance of a teenager she has the mentality of a little girl seeing Hebi as a toy to play with and spending most of her time sitting on his shoulder or back this mentality still remains after her time training with Khrona added the little insanity she now has. Amuria does however have her moments when she will take thing seriously and even fight with Hebi weather it is in her weapon from or side by side in her human form. Outside her weapon from Amuria can create multiple whips of soul energy or release soul energy in the from of large waves, balls, or surges. Also Amuria is also able to communicate with the snakes around Hebi so she ends up always included in all of the conversations.

Weapon Form:
After training with Khrona Amuria's weapon from has taken on a new form to match the small amount of insanity placed within her. Amuria now takes the form of a segmented blade with each segment having a large spike on it and then the final one at the end of the blade having four spikes with three on one side. Although a blade Amuria is still a whip so the segments are connected by a stretchable thread that can be stretched out turning the blade into a whip at will by Hebi or Amuria. In this form Amuria is still able to release large waves of soul energy and completely cover the whip blade in soul energy to make it stronger. Also Hebi is able to completely cover the whip blade in poison so if cut by any part to the whip blade to opponent can become badly poisoned.
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Hebi's Soul Weapon "Deamon Whip" Amuria
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