Tymonland, The Veritas (Dusk)
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 Reia's partner Aeros, The Essence of Wind

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Reia Ruan


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PostSubject: Reia's partner Aeros, The Essence of Wind   April 30th 2009, 6:16 pm

Before I do History and attacks, just wanna post Aeros's pic....

History of Aeros and Reia: (Might not be smart to post this before my own porfile, but oh well XD)

One fine day at the Shrine, Reia was working her arse off with her preistest duties.
She was ticked off because these activites bored her to tears.
Even her ever-so-helpfull pokemon didn't cheer her up.
She did not want to be a preistest, nor did she want to heal or help people.
She wanted to fight.
The wind blew around her, all headed north.
Come...come to me, my darling girl....
Reia heard the word that were whisperd on the wind.
Glad to be free of her suties, Reia followed the wind north.
She followed the wind for hours on end, and she soon grew doubtfull of why she had followed it.
She soon found herself in a large grassy plain.
The wind around her made it's way to the great wind formation in the centre of the field.
The wind shfted and morphed untill it was an image of her desceased Granmother.
Dear Child, you have come....
Reia nodded, bewildered at what was happening.
I know you do not wish to follow in the footsteps of your parents.
Your heart aches with the passion for battle, does it not?

Reia nodded.
"That is true..."
Then I shall teach you. Follow the wind hear whenever you can, my dear grandaughter.
I shall teach you the fighting techniques of the Ruan.
I shall teach you the will of the wind.
But first...
I shall give you something.

Reia blinked as a large amount of wind gathered infront of her.
It swished and morphed untill it was flesh and blood.
Standing infront of her was an albino boy dressed in black from head to toe.
Reia stared at him, doumfounded.
This is Aeros. He is neither human nor thing, nor element.
He is all.
He is not a controller of wind, but wind itself.
He is not completley wind, for he is human, too.
And yet he is not completely human,
for he is also a weapon.
Your weapon.
He is yours.

Her grandmother explained.
Reia asked.
In an instant, Aeros had tunred into a well-made staff.
It was made from onyx and silver.
Reia grabbed it before it fell.
"..It's beautifull.."
She murmured.
"Why thank you..."
A voice replyed, coming from the staff.
Reia looked alarmed untill she realised it was only Aeros.
Getting down on one knee, Reia bowed.
"Thank you, Grandma. I shall retourn tommorrow".
And with that, Reia rook Aeros and left.
Her grandmother dissolved into wind, that hovered around Reia, leading her home.

(I'll post attacks and Soul Renissance and such later)
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Reia's partner Aeros, The Essence of Wind
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