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 Alaude's Moves

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PostSubject: Alaude's Moves   March 28th 2010, 4:24 pm

Shin'en (Abyss): This is a unique form of alchemy that my parents spent years creating and though the experiments they conducted on my body I have become its only user. This alchemy allows me to use my chakra to create weapons, armor, and other things from any patch of darkness located in a 5 ft. perimeter of my body. While I can use almost any patch of darkness around me I cannot uses the shadows of other ninja since I must mix my chakra with the dark area (other ninjas’ chakra are infused with their shadow making them unable to be used) and I am unable to manipulate the dark patched out of place.

My Transmutation Circle (the circle is tattooed on the inside of the palms of my hands on other spots on my body)

Darkness Element: Consuming Smoke- I will take a deep breath before releasing a large cloud of black mist form my mouth which is vast enough to normally cover a whole battle area. I will normally ether have the mist cover around my opponent for stealth attacks, myself for evasion, or, the area for a mixture of bother. The darkness created by the mist also it a good conductor for my alchemy.

Darkness Element: Trident Claw- I will create a set of gauntlet like claws from pure dark chakra which will expand around my hands and arms before solidifying into dense steel. These claws are able to cut though some types of steel an can change shape and size to better fit the battle I am in.

Darkness Element: Dark Blast- This is simply a release of my dark chakra which take the form of a large beam which while very simply has a good amount of force behind it.

Darkness Element: Hedgehog- This is an ability that comes in 2 different forms depending on which is need during battle. With the first form I will create a large spiked covered ball which I can cause to grow or shrink before sending toward my opponent though the air or by having roll on the ground causing it to gain more speed as it moved towards my opponent. With the second form I will have a black armor plating with black spike to cover my back so I can roll into a ball to attack but more importantly defend myself.

Darkness Element: Dark Spike- I will create multiple spike solidified from dark chakra which can ether erupt from the gorund around my opponent or appear around my to be launched at my opponent or be held as weapons for close range fighting.

Darkness Element: Black Aura- With this move I will cover my body or weapons my alchemy based dark chakra and will then begin to attack my opponent. When coming in contact with this aura the person or area it attacks miss become implanted with small amounts of my chakra which mean they will can be affect by my alchemy to some extent after being touched 5 times.

Darkness Element: Saint Anger- I will create two large gauntlets that will hover around me being controlled via my mind which allows the to react with out any movement from me making their abilities hard to fallow. Not only do these gauntlets have have a large amount of power but they are also able to release a large amount energy beams from the fists.

Darkness Element: Revers Black Rain- I will touch the ground creating a large amount of blades made of dark chakra which will shoot upward though the ground toward my opponent in very large wave with enough power to move high in the air making them hard to dodge. Also after they have shot high into the air I can control them to rain downward with just the same amount of speed and power.

Darkness Element: Black Abyss Spear- After a good amount of hand signs I will hold out my hand and a large spear will form in my hand which I will then throw at my opponent with a large amount of power. Once close enough the spear will explode in a large mass of dark chakra which will try to engulf my opponent, however after a moment the dark energy will then implode into a small sphere trying to completely crust my opponent.

Darkness Element: Armor of Darkness- I will create a set of hand signs which will cause a quick explosion of darkness which will completely engulf my body. When the explosion dies down I will be completely covered in an armor made of dark chakra that has tendrils sticking out from the back. The armor not only can release strong blast of dark energy the tendrils and other parts of the armor can change shape turning into multiple weapons made of dark chakra.

Darkness Element: Flying Darkness- While in my Armor of Darkness I will create one hand sign and in the back of my armor the temdrils will shoot up into the air and begin to bend and mold together. After a moment the tendrils take form of a large black bird like creature that will be connected to my back. This bird can fly around the area, release ultra sonic screechs, release waves of sharp feathers, and finally release beams of dark energy from its mouth.

Darkness Element: Plague of Absolute Darkness- I will sign and touch my chest causing it to become black with darkness energy and from it would then appear a large black mouth. I would then create another set of hand signs and then places my hands around the deformed mouth of dark chakra causing it to begin to glow even more with dark chakra as its cheeks would begin to swell up. With one last hand sign the mouth on my chest will explode release a large cloud of black smoke that would rocket toward my opponent like a rocket. Although as the black cloud moves closer toward my opponent the silhouettes of multiple objects could be seen moving though the cloud. Finally after a moment a wave of wolves, dragons, birds, rats, and many other creatures all made out of dark energy would emerge from the black cloud and would race toward my opponent trying to bite, shred, and annihilate them until there was nothing but a pile of darkness.

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PostSubject: Re: Alaude's Moves   March 28th 2010, 5:23 pm

O my more alchemy huh.
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Alaude's Moves
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