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 The Jutsu and Magic That I Have.

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Linomaru Hugo


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PostSubject: The Jutsu and Magic That I Have.   April 3rd 2010, 1:14 pm

Jutsu I know

Lighting Style

Spark:A small but powerful lighting bolt that when hit with it can send 100 volths into your body

Zip:I can move as fast as light when coming from the sky to the earth

Lighting Blade:The same as Kakashi lighting blade from the naruto anime

Lighting Whip:The same as the frie whip from my last jutsu list when it hits a limb it is immobilized

Shock Wave:A wave of thunder coms out of my body if hit you might become immobilized

Thunder:A Bolt of lighting comes out of the sky and trys to strike my opponet

Haven Blade:A white lighting attack that is smilar to sasuke chidori

Chidori Thunderclap:One Thousand Birds clap like little lighting bolts coming out of my hands

Water Style
Water Shark Bomb:A shark made of water comes toward you and blows up went it hits something solid

Hurricane Vortex Jutsu:A vortex of water that traps my opponet and melts thir flesh with hot water

Tsunami:A water verson of the sand tusnami

Water Dragon:A dragon of pure water

Shadow Shift:This jutsu allows me to swtich places with my opponets which means that you are in my old place anmd Im where you where standing

Protection-A enrgy Shield comes around me and protects me from poisons,blasts,etc.but only until its broken

Lv.1-I can only stop jutsu and spells from being used for 0ne page and I can only heal small cuts but it leaves a scar that can be open very easily

Lv.2(not unlocked yet until Chuunin)-I can make myself faster and stronger and jutsu and spells can't be used for 3 pages and I can turn you into any small animal like(rats and bugs)

Lv.3(not unlocked yet can be unlock until I reach Jouin)-I can make you slower and me faster,stronger and jutsu or spells can't be used for 5 pges (it get's there )and I can turn you into an element

The weakness to my Kekki Genkkai
I can't use it on the same person twice in a single battle or the same day,I can use it more than 3x in 24hrs and I can only hold it for so long(7 hours/7 pages)and if I use it more than 3x a posion will spread thew my body and it will slowly killme unless I get to the Hospital and get the antidote

Magic I've Learned

Protect: A barrier that weakens the power of physical attacks severely.

Shell: A barrier that weakens the power of non-physical attacks severely

Magic Up: Increases magical attacks to double their original power.

Fire: A level 1 spell. A small burst of fire.

Blizzard: A level 1 spell. Small shards of ice will stab at the foe and try to freeze them.

Thunder: A level 1 spell. A bolt of lightning shoots at the foe.

Cure: A level 1 spell. Heals health by a small amount and some wounds.

Silence: Uses sealing magic to seal and steal the voice, causing Silence on foe.

Poison: Magic that will poison whomever is hit by it.

Dispel: Removes all status enhancements and ailments of the foe hit by this.

Esuna: Removes all Status Ailments from the body.

Water: A level 1 spell. Releases a large torrent of water that will engulf and crush the foe slightly for a little while.

Aero: A level 1 spell. Small gust of wind that will shoot out sharpened blades of wind at the foe.

Sleep: Releases short range magic that will put all who touch it to sleep.

Slow: Slows down the flow of space and time around the foe to make everything they do Slow.

Vanish: The user vanishes, becoming invisible and intangible, making all physical attacks useless.

Oil: Spews magical oil that will make fire attacks do 3 times their original damage and power to whatever is coated in this Oil.

Drain: Sucks out the health of the foe via magical contact and restores the user's.

Dark: A level 1 spell. A small explosion of darkness and shadows.

Gravity: Dark Magic uses the powerful pull of gravity by creating ultra high-density space.
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The Jutsu and Magic That I Have.
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