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 darkace's abilities

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Kekkei Genkai : Kinetic energy, hidden power???

PostSubject: darkace's abilities   April 23rd 2010, 11:52 pm

my kekkei genkai:

kinetic energy: is the power i control that allows me to kinetic charge any object or living being by physical contact, anything i touch or someone else touches will be kinetic charged and explode at my own will or explode instantly. as well as having a kinetic aura around me or even when i use a barrage of the attacks it still explodes anything or anyone hit by physical contact.

kinetic buster: a energy blast made of kinetic energy that i blast that will kinetic charged anything hit and will explode upon impact.

kinetic pistols: small like ball shots made of kinetic energy that i shoot extremely fast. i can also control the trajectory of every shot that will kinetic charge and explode anything it hits upon impact.

kinetic force: i will kinetically charge the air around me using it in my kinetic energy and then blast it sending a kinetic air force leaving a trail of explosions at my will as well as kinetic charge and explode anything hit upon impact.

kinetic wave: i blast a energy wavestream like blast that takes up a wide range that will automatically kinetic charge and explode anything in its path.

kinetic fists of fury: a series of kinetic fists that i blast that will punch and explode anything hit in its path upon impact.

kinetic barrier: i create a barrier made of kinetic energy around me that automatically reflects back any projectile or wave kinetic charged at the opponent exploding upon impact as well as kinetic charge anyone that comes into contact with the barrier and exploding them in the process, i can even release the barrier causing an big explosion outside the barrier range around me hitting anyone within a wide radius.

kinetic shockwave: i will have a kinetic aura around me and charge up alot more kinetic energy and then release a big shockwave hitting anyone as well as cause an explosion upon impact in a wide radius while turning my body into kinetic energy in the process disappearing in the air with out a trace and then reappearing far from my opponent turning myself back to normal.

kinetic spheres: i will throw a large ball like spheres of kinetic energy that i can control the trajectory of every ball that will kinetic charge and explode anything it hits upon impact.

kinetic shadow clone: i will create a shodow clone made of kinetic energy that will take my place and explode anyone that hits it upon its impact as well as use it at my aid.

kinetic pulse: i will shoot a ring like blast made of kinetic energy that negates any counter projectiles coming and kinetic charge the opponent and everything around in a small radius upon impact and then explodes the opponent and everything around him.

kinetic drill: i will spin at rapid rate turning into a drill with kinetic energy all around and break any barrier/shield or any obstacle that is in the way by kinetic charging it and exploding it at impact and smashing anyone as well as exploding them hit by me in the process.

kinetic cyclone: i will spin at a extremely fast rate kinetically charging all the air around me as it begins to spins around pulling anyone in that is caught in the cyclones polarity and automatically kinetic charging them and causing alot of explosions to them in the process i can also negate projectiles coming at me.

kinetic tether: i will create a tether made of kinetic energy that will allow me to grab anyone kinetic charge in the process trying to get at a far distance from me, pulling them close and then lift and slam them to the ground causing an explosion at impact.

kinetic piledrive: i will create a kinetic clone that will reappear at a far distance between me and the opponent as we both get ready to use kinetic wave at the same time blastin the opponent from both sides causing an explosion the moment both the kinetic waves hit the opponent and collide with each other. the position of me and the kinetic clone between the opponent varies how the blast collides.

kinetic discs: i will throw discs made of kinetic energy that will cut anything or anyone i hit as well as explode them after hitting.

kinetic strike: i will instantly rush towards the opponent at an extreme speed using my kinetic energy hitting them with series of punches and kickes causing small explosions at every hit in a seven hit combo ending the last blow with a spin kick causing a big explosion after the impact.

kinetic rolling blades: i will take out my k-energy blades and slash both of them downwards creating rolling blades made of kinetic energy that will cut through anyone or anything causing an explosion after hitting.

kinetic cards: i will use my deck of unlimited dark energy cards and throw dark energy cards kinetic charge at my opponent controlling the trajectory of every card thrown as they explode upon impact or when they reach a very close range of the opponent.

kinetic delta edge: same as kinetic strike only this time i will use my k-energy blades to cut the foe with series of slashes causing explosions at every hit in a eleven hit combo ending the last three slashes me droping down on the foe downward slashing him then forward slashing one time and the third cross slashing the foe causing a big explosion after the impact.

kinetic flush: i will throw five kinetic dark energy cards at one time while controlling the trajectory of all five them making sure they reach a closer range or hit the opponent stimultaneously causing a very big explosion upon impact.

kinetic rejuvenation: i will use my kinetic energy to kinetic recharge all my wounds and internal and severe injuries allowing me heal and regenerate myself.

kinetic spirit: i can use my spirit to attack the opponent even if my body is at certain condition to the point where i cant move or im unconscious i can use my kinetic energy to create a spirit of myself made of kinetic energy to enter the body of my opponent and kinetic charge them from the inside causing them to explode from the inside out.

kinetic fury: a really big version of kinetic wave, i will blast a very big wavestream blast up to a bigger and wider radius annillating anything in its path in the blast with big explosions upon impact.

kinetic crush: i will begin to charge up alot kinetic energy at the palm of one of my hands and then raise my palm in the the air still charging up alot kinetic energy, once im done charging up then i will slam my palm at anyone or anything i hit causing and enormous explosion at a 2 wide radius upon impact.
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darkace's abilities
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