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 Khrona's Grim Pact; Solitude Undone...

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PostSubject: Khrona's Grim Pact; Solitude Undone...   July 6th 2010, 7:49 pm

Khrona's Pact.

By far, the worst thing that can ever be done to Khrona. He has lost all ability to keep his thoughts to himself. Even if he was within a crowd of people, his mind was the only place where no one could get him... Where no one could ever go. But with this Pact Price, he is now forced to say what is on his mind to anyone that is near him any time he thinks of something, no matter what it may be or who it may be. Nothing about him is a secret anymore.

... But on a brighter note, his "Pact Beast," if you will, is named Tabris. Tabris, himself, has no existence. This is because his existence is the very essence of Khrona combined with the very essence of Hell. Since those two things already exist, Tabris has no existence. Thus, he is one of those things that can be "Seen, but not heard" (and by that I mean, he can be seen, but by no means does he give off presence or a source of power. Ever. He is untraceable.) He was born of the dead pieces of Khrona's thoughts, reality and imagination, and once they died, they were sent to Hell thus making those parts of Khrona become lost, Khrona having no more direct control over them for eternity. They appeared in fragments, and thus Tabris is technically just made out of fragments of Khrona, as shown below (and he has just as much power as Khrona, though has his own will and direct control of himself).

Though, Tabris can take the form of anything anyone chooses by altering their perception, then using his power (straight from Khrona) to alter his own reality and make it true, thus making him whatever anyone wants to see him as, since he has all of the power of Khrona's psychic/mental/reality abilities. He can also absorb fragments of other things, thus becoming them, as well, since he is technically incomplete. If he is near someone who isn't Khrona too long, he will begin to break them down and absorb them with his presence. And his eyes fuck shit up, it seems, in numerous ways... He can be perceived as numerous things at once, heralding each of the powers as what he has been perceived as simultaneously, as well, though he can choose whether to be perceived as what others want, as what Khrona wants, or as what he wants. The standard form Khrona and Tabris enjoy for him to take is the form that looks exactly like Khrona, however with red eyes and gray hair and in a school boy outfit.

Tabris' TRUE form, however, is that of a monstrosity. It is an octopus, being several thousands of times bigger than his original form. Let's just say that every detail of him can be seen clearly from space in this form. His upper torso is made of skulls, and above that are fragments that resemble bubbles formed to make an upper torso. This is his true form.

Now, onto what else Tabris can do. Tabris' main power is called The 8 Arms (and can be used no matter the form he has assumed.) The 8 Arms are basically just a mixture of forces of the metaphysical and/or psychological kind, as listed below. Also, the 8 Arms can form their own essences into that of actual sentient beings (like, for example, Sloth would become some fat guy. Not to say that's what I'm making him, but... Ya know. you get the point.)

1st Arm - Sloth: One of the secondary arms (which would be one of the tentacles on Tabris' true form's body.) Sloth is the giver and the taker of sloth. Anything that it may touch or that may feel the presence of the Sloth Arm will feel everything about them become slow and makes it lose power... Greatly. Exponentially and continously, even. It doesn't matter what it may be, it will become slothful. (Given the fact that this defies the natural law, the possibilities of this are endless.) Sloth Arm may also take away sloth, making everything that was slow extremely fast, with literally no lag at all. Though cannot give you power, sadly. (Sentient Form) It gains another ability in the Sentient Form, and that is to spew out waves of force that steal power from what it touches and causes them to age.

Sloth's Sentient Form:

2nd Arm - Motivation: Another of the secondary arms (a tentacle,) Motivation is directly across from Sloth. This is because it is in total opposition to Sloth. Instead of making everything slow and unworking, it gives anything the motivation to become better. Thus, Motivation grants everything incremental, exponential and continuous power. Another effect of Motivation is that it can allow those who are hit with it to adapt to their surroundings. For example, someone is hit with an uncureable poison... Motivation (defying the natural law, as you must know) will give the body the power to adapt to the poison, absorb it, excrete it, or nullify it without any repercussions. Also, Motivation can take away the motivation of others... And you know how that goes. (Sentient Form) Motivation in Sentient Form has the ability to increase and decrease its size and proportions to any given size. It can do this for anything it wishes. It also can shoot energy beams from itself that double in power the more they are used. Motivation can also take on the powers of what it absorbs as well.

Motivation's Sentient Form:

3rd Arm - Balance: One of the two primary arms (would be one of the hands on the True Form Tabris.) Balance is one of the most powerful of the 8 Arms, only being matched by its counterpart, Chaos. Balance literally can match anything and everything that it must, finding what completes something, completing it with its natural Balance, and either doing one of the two things; 1.) Making this completed form object go forth with no weaknesses at all, or 2.) Having the balance of this thing cause it to cancel itself out, for if anything is perfectly balanced, it cannot exist. Another power of Balance is to perfectly be able to fuse anything and everything it can. It is the glorious arm of Balance. (Sentient Form) Balance takes the form of a large, green glowing goddess. She can launch an infinite amount of arrows that are neutral to everything. Once they hit something, they become its opposite and balance it out, causing it to be destroyed.

Balance in Sentient Form:

4th Arm - Momentum: One of the secondary arms behind Sloth. Momentum is a type of mixture between Sloth and Motivation... Though works in the sense of force rather than physical and energy means, like Sloth and Motivation do. Momentum can literally control the momentum of anything. It controls how fast something goes, how hard something hits, etc. etc. That is its only power, but it is quite useful, though very simple. Momentum even defies time (obviously.) Another ability of Momentum is the process of the mind. It controls how fast or how slow you think, perceive, etc. etc. Thus, a simple command such as to walk could take an hour because of Momentum making the thought not move through the body fast enough. That is the 4th arm, Momentum. (Sentient Form) Momentum in Sentient form fights using things that rotate in the form of pure energy (such as drills, spirals, spheres, discs, etc.) thus making their power increase the longer they rotate. She also can open her chest and suck in everything in a void of pure endless nothingness within herself, which only increases in suction the longer it is open (though, it starts off usually with the suction equal to the gravity of a star, only increasing more after that.)

Momentum in Sentient Form:

5th Arm - Presence: One of the secondary arms behind Motivation. Presence is rather simple and straight forward, allowing the presence of whatever it wants to be seen. Allowing presences to be taken away and become smaller, or even to cast a presence further than it is supposed to be (for example, the presence of a lady bug would extend for miles and miles, and everyone would be able to feel it.) Presence can also move and remove presences of other things, rather than make them bigger or smaller. This means that if Presence were to move the presence of someone (that it touches or is within its aura), it would cause them to instantaneously be in another spot (similar to warping, but without the use of the energy.) And the removal of a presence... It just taking away their existence. Plain and simple. Presence can also decrease the amount of presences nearby, or increase them (like making perfect copies of a tree or something, as many times as it wants... And then decreasing them back down to 1.) So, Presence can be helpful or detrimental depending on how it is used. (Sentient Form) Presence is the form of an Octahedron that is purely blue, but slightly translucent. It takes on numerous different shapes; anything it can think of for maximum offensive or defensive power. It releases a powerful force from itself at all times, and can sense the presence of anything and everything within 10,000 miles of it. It can shoot high powered, high concentrated energy beams and can increase the power by any given amount. In the technical sense, it's a shapeshifter with the ability to shoot out powerful blasts.

Presence Sentient Form:

6th Arm - Chaos: (I did this for you, Zeik. XD 6 = Chaos!) But yeah, one of the primary arms and most powerful, only matched by Balance. Chaos can literally destroy and break down anything and everything it pleases through the natural chaos flowing through everything that exists. Once Chaos causes it to be destroyed, it doesn't come back. Chaos disrupts everything, causing things that are in harmony to break apart and/or be destroyed. The Chaos arm has only pure and utter destruction of everything and anything it can come in contact with. There is nothing more to be said about it. (Sentient Form) Chaos has the most powerful Sentient form, for she can generate fire that burns EVERYTHING with the power of Chaos. It burns the metaphysical, it burns other energies (even fire itself... Yeah, it burns other fire) and it burns... Shit. Everything. The only thing Chaos' Chaosfire cannot burn is Balance, for they cancel each other out.

Chaos' Sentient Form:

7th Arm - Flaw: One of the last primary arms behind Momentum. Flaw is similar to Chaos, though a little less destructive. Chaos destroys everything, though Flaw can be used for destruction or beneficial purposes. This is because Flaw can find the flaws of anything and turn them against anything.. For example, a weakness. (The weakness of fire would be Water or Suffocation. Though Flaw cannot summon the elements, it can surely smother a fire just by using this power against it, causing the fire to die before it can burn anything.) Though, in the beneficial terms, Flaw can be used to gain immunities to your own flaws. (Taking the same example from before, Flaw can make it so that Fire can burn even underwater and cause it not to be suffocated by anything. Thus, it will burn continuously.) Therefore, Flaw is an assisting sort of arm, though very powerful, indeed. (Sentient Form) Flaw is odd, for the Sentient form is a giant voodoo doll with a spike going through it. It releases a force from itself and copies whatever is within this force. Any flawed being (which is, basically, everything) that it has copied will be erased once the spike goes all the way through Flaw (Which is about 10 posts). If Flaw is attacked, whatever is done to it will be done to whatever it has copied. Also, with every turn, Flaw nullifies one of your abilities and prohibits you from using them.

Flaw Sentient Form:

8th Arm - Will: The last arm, which sits directly behind Presence. Will is another powerful arm that is similar to Motivation and Momentum. It is the literal Will of Everything, you could say. In terms of Will, everything has its own will. A fire has the will to burn... Water has the will to flow... etc. etc. Well, Will is something that takes the will of anything it wishes away. The will of Fire to burn... The will of water to flow... The will of the mind to think... The body to function... Etc. Will can also give will to what has no will, such as inanimate objects. They will become sentient. So, that sums up Will pretty well, since there isn't much to say about that. Will is the most metaphysical because it does not go by the laws of nature or any law whatsoever. So. There you have it, folks. (Sentient Form) A little girl with overly large sleeves and emotionless eyes. Her sleeves can be claws, chainsaws or normal blades that disintegrate anything and everything they touch by stripping them of their 'Natural Will.' The hat on her head consumes everything, as well, and can grow to any proportions. Looking into her eyes will steal your will, or she'll shoot out will-stealing beams from them. Finally, she can make the will of anything in her body anything she wants (Such as, if she wills her body to jump to exceptional heights... it will happen.)

Will Sentient Form:
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Khrona's Grim Pact; Solitude Undone...
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