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 Val's Jutsu (Never Had One of These)

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PostSubject: Val's Jutsu (Never Had One of These)   July 15th 2010, 5:05 pm

((Lightning Chakra Affinity))

Eternal's Cataclysim: val does a number of handsigns and she places her hands on the ground. this causes Lightning infused with kharlon chakra to erupt from the ground in a giant cataclysmic explosion, erasing anything caught in it's path from reality.

Chidori: nuff said

Abyssmal Fist: Val's hand glows with dark black energies. The fist sucks in and destroys matter in which it touches. Not to mention, it's concussive force is not to be trifiled with. (Can be used with kicks as well)

Spacial Rend: Val's probably strongest projectile. Val charges an intense amount of energy in her mouth, and releases it in a cataclysmic blast of epic proportions. Think Final Flash, but dark.(Tell me if I have to edit the name lol)

Piranic Fate: Val creates mini vals.

Devouring Skies: Val makes the sky into a giant black abyss. It lead directly into val's insides, where one is to be devoured and eaten completely. It can be used to make flying away from val a bad idea. the skies can also suck in whatever it can with a great vaccum force.

Abyssmal Fate(After Devouring Skies): Val's head appears out of the sky, about the size of the sky itself slightly smaller though. From there, val can suck into her being anything, or even fire blast of chkara among other things from the sky while still fighting normally. (Chakra Cost: massive)

Black Holes: Not really black holes. Rather, they are holes of black and dark twisting energy that sucks whatevers in it's way inside of val's abyssmal hunger. (The bigger the attack, the more chakra required.)

Devouring Pulse: Val creates a small orb. She then hurls it at the opponent, as the orbs acts as val's abyssmal hunger. It eats whatever is in it's way and grow in size.

Clones of Discord: val creates clones that when touched, explode in a black hole like explosion, sucking whatever get in the way into val's abyssmal hunger. There they are to be handled. The vaccum of which the clones make are not as powerful as a blackhole, but are still no to be trifiled with.

Gluttons Reprieve: Val makes multiple handsign and is forced to stand still. She then digs her hands into her stomach. This causes her stomach to twist and turn as it bears teeth and such. This cause her entire stomach to then becomes a living black hole that lead to her stomach, sucking everything that is the area inside and collapsing, crushing, removing, and destroying it completely. (used for big attacks.)

(More Later)

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Val's Jutsu (Never Had One of These)
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