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 Rokku's Abilities

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Rokku Genkotsu
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Kekkei Genkai : Seismic Eye

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PostSubject: Rokku's Abilities   July 20th 2010, 12:08 am

Kekkei Genkai:
Seismic Eye: This allows my evey to see and feel things around me use the vidrations in the earth. This can be done with my eyes if they are open or closed. Also with the help of my dynamite I am able to see light vabrations in the air if the explode in the air. This will make it easier to see thing hidden in the earth and those who hide in the shadows on the ground or in a tree. (So in other words think about how Toph from avater can see.)

Earth Moves:
Armor of Earth: This move will cover my body in rock for protection. I can also mold different weapons of rock from the armor.

Earth Clone: With this move by using my earth control I will make clones of earth. The clone can appear in front of me or I can cause them to rise from the ground near my opponent.

Earth Lion Punch: I will coat my arm with my earth chakra creating a mini lion head around it. I will then charge toward my opponent and strike them with a powerful punch.

Earth Punch: With this move by using my earth control I will punch the ground sending my chakra threw the ground and coming from any solid angle as a rock fist that will punch my opponent.

Earth Shuriken: With this move by using my earth control I can make giant shuriken of rock come out of the ground which will be thrown at my opponent.

Rising Earth: I can cause pillars of earth to rise from the ground. I can use this to launch me of my opponent in to the air. I can also form the rock in to blades to hit my opponent.

Earth Wall Land Flip: After striking the ground with my hands, a large wall of earth will rise in front of as defense wall.

Earth Dragon Missile: I will do the necessary hand seals and create a dragon of earth. This dragon will then spew mud projectiles from its mouth toward my opponent.

Moving Land River: I will do the necessary hand seals and transform the ground under my enemy’s into a river of mud.

Rock Claws: This move will create large claws of earth around both my arms. They will double the power of my punches, slashing. and crushing power.

Earthquake: I will touch the ground with my hand or stomp it with my foot and cause the earth around the area to begin to crack. This can cuse my opponent to lose their footing and also become trapped/crushed by the shifting and cracking earth.

Earth Lance: I will create a large spear made of earth in side my hand. This spear can change in size and can also produce spikes from different areas on it.

Stone Barrage: I will create a hand sign and a large amount of sharp rock shards would rise from the ground and then will move toward my opponent at blinding speeds.

Rock Giant: I will create a set of hand signs and then touch the ground. From the ground a large giant made of rock would then form and will attack my opponent. The giant can release large guts of dirt winds and also fire large boulders from its mouth.

Fire Moves:
Fire Element: Fire Dragon Flame Blast- Sends a stream of fire towards my opponent, in the shape of a large dragon, from my mouth.

Fire Element, Grand Fireball Technique- a technique where I build up chakra in my chest and blows a large ball of fire from my mouth.

Fire Element, Phoenix Fire Technique- a technique where I blow multiple fireballs from my mouth. It can also be combined with throwing weapons, which creates weapons engulfed in flames.

Fire Element: Searing Ash Cloud: I breathe out a large amount hot burning ash that can cove a large area or can be blown in one single direction. This ash burns my opponent, destroy my opponent’s visibility, and also make it hard for my opponent to breath.

Blazing Slash: I will charge my blades with fire and unleashe a powerful slash/wave of flames from my blade.

Mist Waltz Technique: I breathe out a very large wave of combustible mist that I can combine with any of my fire jutsu to double its power.

Running Fire: I stab my sword into the ground and I will then swipe my sword through the ground and then send a
wave of fire and ground at my opponent.

Inferno Beam: I will release a large blast of pure fire chakra that will rocket toward my opponent that will explode on contact with and physical object creating a large fiery explosion.

Fire Twister: I will create a large tornado of fire that will suck in and burn all that get to close to is.

Fire Wall- I will make a few hand signs and then clap my hands together summoning a large wall of fire to protect others and myself.

Fire Phoenix- This moves creates a giant bird of fire that will attack my opponent. This bird has the ability to fly to extreme heights incase the opponent can fly or jump grate heights.

Fire Ball- I create a large ball of fire that can be thrown or used with a punch.

Fire Orb- Traps my foe in a shell of fire with flames burning inside; when the foe attempts to break out, it causes a massive backfire (works with very weak attack mainly punches, kicks, or weapons).

Flame Skull: After making a few hand seals I will place my hands on the ground and will summon a group of burning skulls armed with flaming swords that will attack my opponent. Also when they are destroyed they release large clouds of hot ash that when breathed in will cause your lungs to burn making it hard to breath.

Fire Wave: I stab my sword into the ground and I will then swipe my sword through the ground and then send a wave of fire and earth at my opponent.

Flame Whip: I create a whip of fire, when I spin it in the air it sends a wave of flames.

Fire Dragon's Sword Edge: I will ignite my entire body on fire to charge at my opponent making my body a living fire bullet.

Magma Attacks:
Magma Burst: This move will release a large blast of lave from my hands toward my opponet.

Magma Clone: This will create a clone made of magma, being made of magma they are not able to be touched without being burned. Also when destroyed the will burst back into magma covering my opponent if they are close enough.

Magma Giant: I will create a large monster made of magma that will attack my oppponent on my command. The giant attack useing its raw power and is blazing body.

Magma Flow: This will cause a large volume of magma to flow from my hand or the ground toward my opponent.

Magma Gyser: The will cause magma to erupt from under the ground. The magma can be made to come up from under my opponent.

Magma Quake: Like my earthquake this will cause the ground around the area to crack although magma would then begin to seep from the cracks making it harder to regain their footing.

Magma Armor: Like my earth armor I will cover my body in magma for protection. I can also mold different weapons of hardened magma from the armor.

Magma Rock Hailstorm: I will stomp the ground causing multiple blazing magma rocks to erupt from the ground. They would then fly hight into the air and would then rain down toward my opponent.

Magma Dragon: This will create a large dragon made of magma that will rocket toward my opponent. The dragon will be a good 20 feet long deepending on how much chakra I have.

Magma Claw: Just like my earth claws I will create large claws of magma around both my arms. Although unlike the earth claws the magma claws will burn what ever they touch.

Magma Fist: My hand will become cover in magma and then I will then punch toward my opponent and I will release a large fist of magma. As the fist moves closer to my opponent the fist of magma will grow in size.

Flare Mode
This is a unique transformation which was first unlocked with my training with Domo and was the furthered improved though my time strongly training. This transformation turns me into a silicon/magma-based lifeform which cause my body to become completely covered in fire to the point where my body is simply a living volcano. While in this form my over fire and lava abilities greatly rise allowing me to create and release fire in multiple forms, absorb heat, manipulate fire, fly via releasing streams of fire from my hands/feet. While in this form being a silicon/magma-based lifeform damage I receive is greatly reduced due to the fact if I loos a limb or a large chunk of my magma like body I can absorb a large amount of earth to replace it. Although this consumes a large amount of energy and water attack can also slow down or completely stop this ability.
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Rokku's Abilities
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