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 Rokku's Weapons

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Rokku Genkotsu
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PostSubject: Rokku's Weapons   July 21st 2010, 9:37 pm

I posses a katana that I have had since my time in my old village. I use it as a medium to concentrate many of my earth and fire attacks when needed. The sword his also completely fire proof so no part of it can be burned.

Finally my last and newest weapon is my upgraded gun named the Blazer XLR. Unlike normal guns the Blazer XLR has two circular row in the barrel to hold twice the normal amount of bullets. This gun is able to shoot normal bullets, fire bullets, earth bullets, chakra bullets, magma bullets, and finally explosive dynamite bullets. Even though the Blazer XLR has only one trigger when pulled it will shoot two sets of bullets from the two openings at the end of the gun. Also the blade at the bottom of the gun not only can it be heated with my fire chakra it can unhook and be used as a whip connected to the gun by a strong chain.

I have stopped using just simply sticks of dynamite and now have moved up to carrying multiple types of explosives which all have different affects when they explode. These explosives can range from small grenades to large long range bombs and for many of these explosives with the help of my fire and overall chakra control I am able to delay or speed up the time it take for the explosives to go off ranging from seconds to hours if needed. These some examples of these explosives are:

Normal Grenades
Normal Dynamite
Fire Bombs
Lava Bombs
Sound Charges
Lighting Charges
Water Bombs
Ice Bombs
Vacuum Bombs
Light Bombs
Poison Gas Bombs
Smokescreen Bombs
Chakra Bombs
Dummy Bombs
Clone Bombs
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Rokku's Weapons
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