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 Khrona's Abilities...

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The Phantom
Shinseigami, the Cosmic Overgod :: God of Gods, Balance and Reality
Shinseigami, the Cosmic Overgod :: God of Gods, Balance and Reality

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PostSubject: Khrona's Abilities...   May 14th 2009, 5:50 am

The most well-known power of the Khrona family. Though its power can only be passed down through genetics, it is not a Kekkei Genkai and just their general power, however the Khrona family has made derivative Jutsu that uses the power of Anatomia. Now, what is Anatomia? Anatomia would be total and utter control over all aspects of the physical body as well as the enhancement and decrement of any other bodily aspect. The usefulness and control differs, for example, Khrona is able to control all aspects at all times, while Chroma is not that advanced and therefore can only utilize it on some parts of her body at one time. The bodily aspects involve anything physical, from the cells and molecules to the DNA. For most people, the control would be slight and would probably physically harm them in some way, but with Khrona, the Anatomia allows him to do most anything to his body as much as she needs to without feeling any pain at all or any other negative repercussions. If Khrona is to physically touch someone, he has potential to make them succumb to his Anatomia and be his to control as long as he is touching them, given the right circumstances.

Alteration: The basic foundation of the Anatomia KG, Khrona is able to alter his own physical structure or the physical structure of whatever he touches or psychically touches to his will. Alterations may be as simple as morphing to actually changing genetic, cellular, molecular and/or atomic structure of anything.

Absorption: The basic foundation of Anatomia KG, Khrona is able to absorb anything with cells, molecules, etc into himself permanently or temporarily, giving him the ability to use the powers and abilities of what has been absorbed. However, Khrona can only absorb one thing at a time, though it can be anything, and once absorbed, can instantly adapt to it.

Adaptation: The basic foundation of Anatomia KG, Khrona is able to adapt his body to literally anything that touches him, he has merged with or that he has absorbed. This allows him full and utter immunity to the effects of what he adapts to, and if it rapidly changes, he may rapidly adapt to it, as well. His adaptation powers work hand in hand with the Absorption and Merging to allow him to literally take in anything he wishes into himself and utilize it to his own will.

Merging: The basic foundation of Anatomia KG, Khrona is able to merge his own body to literally anything he touches in any fashion he wishes, using what he has merged with as more limbs or attachments or enhancements to his body, or to bind things together or something of that sort. It basically allows him to partially fuse his body with something and control it to his will as if it were part of his body without having to physically change the structure of it or himself too much.

Fragmentation: The basic foundation of Anatomia KG, Khrona is able to separate cells, DNA, molecules, atoms or anything else of that sort from anything he wishes. This is used to allow him to remove things from his body that he does not wish to be there, such as something he Merges with and doesn't want anymore. Also, he can use this to physically or psychically separate the cells, DNA, etc. of other things, thus allowing him to break them down and destroy them to his own will. Alternatively, Khrona is able to create new Khronas by breaking off tiny parts of himself and mixing them with other things, allowing those DNA cells to adapt to whatever they touch and give the new Khronas that ability.

Degeneration: An enhanced version of the Fragmentation combined with Khrona's own mental prowess, which allows whatever it hits to have its cells, molecules and/or DNA to devolve at an exponentially rapid rate controlled by Khrona. This can result in a number of things, from loss of power to reverting to primordial soup to being broken down completely into nothingness, or even the erasing of a Kekkei Genkai.

Ashes to Ashes... Dust to Dust: A 2 part jutsu that can be done individually or combined. It is a stronger derivative of the Degeneration.
Ashes to Ashes - Via a large, surging wave of power, Khrona returns anything he touches to its simplest form, that being a single celled organism. Merely a neutral organism of no control by anyone and of no power. Once it is reverted, it loses its control from whom was controlling it. He can also send any attack back to its original owner, however without any elemental attribute or control, meaning it will be purely a force or energy.
Dust to Dust - Using great power, Khrona will destroy any cells he has previously touched with any of his jutsu or what he has touched physically, thus causing it to be turned into nothingness.

Death Cell: A combination of his Adaptation, Absorption, Alteration and Merging Anatomia skills, as well as some psychic power, thus allowing Khrona to creates and implant a single, deadly cell randomly within someone. This cell is untraceable because with Khrona's psychic power, it can hide itself and adapt to anything that may be able to locate it, thus keeping itself hidden. Then it kills off and/or consumes other cells at an exponential rate, replacing an entire cellular structure with only Death Cells in only minutes, IF that (The minimum is about 20 seconds, the max is 10 minutes). These cells will grow and grow, eating away at energy, chakra, and everything that may come its way that isn't a force as well as stop the reproduction and flow of all other cells, organisms and chakra inside of the body of the foe. If the Death Cells are somehow located and dispatched, all other Death Cells are taken with it and the reproduction of lost cells and chakra does not start back up until the end of the battle, thus making it deadly if it is within the body too long.

Deo Neo Alpha (D.N.A.): Using a psychic wave, Khrona may utilize his Adaptation, Alteration and Merging to infect the foe's cells and DNA and change it into Khrona's if they are within the mental radius. As such, Khrona would be able to alter whatever infected cells and DNA at will, inducing the second ability, which is to exponentially infect the other cells. After this, the optional effect of the third ability, to change the cells into miniature perfect Khrona's (I.E. Black Blood, Psychic power, wings, etc.) of an endless variety, however to use their Soul Energy or Wavelength, they steal some from the real Khrona. Anywho. Yeah. Mini Khrona. Inside of you. Yay.

Extinction: A very powerful ability and powered up version of the Cell Deletion of Khrona where he utilizes the pure power of Anatomia to release a powerful, massive explosion of pure force that will split DNA and erase cells as well as separate the molecules and atoms of whomever is within it, thus erasing their very existence on the spot. It is compatible with Khrona's wavelength and psychic power, and those can be used as mediums for said attack, if he wishes.

Ultimate Life Form: Khrona uses the highest form of Alteration, Adaptation and Absorption to create a single life form made out of the DNA of EVERYTHING Khrona has physically touched (or that has physically touched Khrona) via the power to psychically recall those things. This makes it totally invulnerable to any of the DNA/Chakra/KG that has touched it beforehand (except Khrona's.) Thus, this life form will grow and multiply, defending against anything that anyone it has a piece of in it. It is the greatest shield and has hidden potential...

Ultimate Mitosis: An advanced version of Alteration, Khrona is able to regenerate his cells, molecules and such at an extremely fast, exponential manner, allowing him to heal any wounds he may have almost instantly. Alternatively, Khrona may multiply himself exactly, exponentially and infinitely at an incredible rate as if his entire body were just a cell.

Hyper Adaptability: While concentrating very hard, Khrona is able to cause his cells, DNA and the like to adapt to and destroy foreign substances in his body, even things that rapidly change for the cells will adapt 500 times within 1 second's time every second that goes by until Khrona runs out of power or until the threat within his body is completely gone.

Dead Zone: Using some of his psychic powers combined with Anatomia, Khrona is able to generate a large field around himself which causes the cells, DNA and molecules within a living being to literally stop moving and stop all of their functions, jamming any signals that are given to make them start functioning again. This zone also stops the flow of chakra, soul wavelength and the use of jutsu or anything soul wavelength related.

Neurodegeneration: An advanced form of Degeneration combined with Khrona's own psychic power. He releases an aura from himself and anything within this aura that has brain cells will have neurons and brain activity begin to die off at an exceptional rate. Khrona can also make it so that they cannot be connected back, if the foe does have the ability to connect them back.

Cell Deletion: An advanced form of Degeneration combined with Khrona's own psychic power where Khrona releases an aura that will kill off cells at a rapid rate that are within this aura or that touch Khrona at all. The cells by die off by shriveling up, exploding, falling apart or anything of the like.

Khrona Disease: Releasing a psychic force throughout the area, Khrona generates an aura around his body that inserts psychically protected cells and such into their bodies that allows him to do literally anything he wishes to anyone and anything's cells, DNA, etc. etc. in ANY shape or form so long as the foe is within that certain aura, such is the Khrona Disease. Once they exit the aura, they will be still infected with the Khrona disease, for the aura is just for infection. It also spreads and can contaminate the air. Khrona disease technically is controlled by Khrona and will multiply, leech or combine itself with its target. If they are tried to be removed while the target has been infected, then whatever is combined to the foe will be destroyed.

Deoxy Invalidity: By viewing the genetic structure/DNA of his opponents, Khrona may scan and generate his own counter DNA throughout his body temporarily that will cause him to be unaffected by the Kekkei Genkai of whomever is to use it on him. It only works for one person at a time, however anything involving their KG will have literally no effect (positive or negative) on Khrona whatsoever until he stops using it, changes his target or until the battle is over.

Deoxynthesis: By the power of Anatomia, Khrona strengthens his DNA and forces it into his opponent via a blast or physical contact. Once it has touched the opponent, Khrona's strengthened DNA merges with theirs. However, because his DNA will force itself to be the DOMINANT DNA, it will take over and control the DNA of the one infected, allowing Khrona to not only control every aspect of their body as well as nullify the use of their Kekkei Genkai, but also some of their other hereditary powers. Those who try to fight against Khrona's strengthened DNA once it has already been synthesized with theirs shall have all infected DNA destroyed on the spot in a kamikaze sort of act by the strengthened DNA, which should probably permanently destroy their use of KG or other hereditary abilities.

Degeneration Cannon: One of Khrona's most powerful Degeneration abilities, which Khrona concentrates the power of Anatomia as well as psychic power into a gigantic beam that covers a massive radius. This beam instantaneously changes whatever organism there is into its simplest form, A.K.A. a single-celled organism, immediately locking away all forms of regeneration and powers and shit (if they can still use any) to ensure that they cannot revert back to normal. For anything that is a non-living thing, however, the Degeneration Cannon will degenerate all of its energy into its simplest form, taking away all of its attributes and making it into nothingness. It will forcefully make everything absorb and merge with it and adapt to it so that it can degenerate them instantly.

Ultimate Plague: With the power of his own psychic power and Anatomia, Khrona will rapidly create cells of his that take the form of ALL known forms of disease, viruses, etc and fire them in one fell blast of explosiveness. He can concentrate this attack to be a beam or just release a massive wave of it across the entire area. If the foe is to touch this attack, they will be infected with all forms of disease, plague, viruses, etc.

Vital Assessment: Khrona uses his psychic powers (and/or his wavelength) in combination with his Anatomia to locate and pinpoint any and all vital points/weaknesses on the bodies or in the minds of his enemies, then locks onto them when his enemies are close and hits all of those vital points simultaneously with either a mental blast, a wavelength blast, a physical attack, etc. or a combination of any of them. In addition to that, Khrona then becomes able to force all of his attacks to go for those spots all the time afterward.

Entropic Balance: Khrona balances every tiny aspect of one thing that is within his psychic aura, his soul wavelength or within physical contact and causes it to collapse and stop existing, for the very balance of their existence would be nonexistence.

Entropic Chaos: Khrona distorts and destroys every tiny aspect of one thing that is within his psychic aura, his soul wavelength or within physical contact and causes it to obliterate itself via uncontrollable and undeniable chaos throughout their very being.

Reality Release
Being skilled in both Genjutsu and Jikukan Ninjutsu (Space-Time Ninjutsu), Khrona has the ability to utilize his psychic power as well as his mastery to merge the two together to make Reality Jutsus via Reality Release, which can work as a normal Genjutsu with adverse effects, or actually to change reality itself to Khrona's will. Khrona is so adept at these that it doesn't usually cost him a lot to use such techniques and he can perform them rather fast, whether it be on himself, the area, or other things. He has been known to create alternate realities throughout the entire area.

Reality Warping: The foundation of the Reality Jutsu Khrona has created, allowing him to literally alter, create, merge or destroy reality at his own will and whim at any given time. A very powerful ability, it is the general ability that stems most of the rest of the Reality Jutsu Khrona has. It usually works directly with his psychic powers or Soul Wavelength, however, so it only goes to a certain radius, most times, however he can increase or decrease the range of it to his own will, as well.

Reality Merge: One of the basic abilities of the Reality Warping, in which using very powerful omniscient psychic abilities, Khrona may literally pull other realities from other alternate realms and merge them within this one. Not only this, but he can merge his own or anyone else's realities with this one, as well. He must be stationary to use this ability, however.

Body Flicker: One of the basic abilities of Reality Warping, in which Khrona uses his reality warping abilities to flicker in and out of reality very fast or very slow depending on the situation, so that he can literally move in and out of this plane of reality and any other he pleases at any speed or any rate he needs to at the moment. The slower he uses this technique, however, the more chakra is expended. Luckily, Khrona has a HUGE surplus of Chakra to sustain a vast majority of his moves.

Mind over Matter: Using a combined form of jutsu and a majority of his psychic prowess, Khrona releases a powerful force from himself that will destroy all matter and antimatter within the force's hit range. The more power put into it, the further it goes.

Reality Replay: A special kind of jutsu that allows Khrona to literally replay one moment in reality around him over from a set point as if it had never happened to before the action actually happened. Alternatively, Khrona can replay that specific piece of reality over and over and over again at any speed as many times as he wants without the foe being able to get out of it because they must follow the rules of letting it happen to them over and over again. Any damage given to the foe whilst caught in the Reality Replay stacks up, however. Also, Khrona must be stationary to use this ability.

Isolation Chamber (Isolated Reality): A very powerful jutsu that allows Khrona to create an isolated reality solely controlled by him in the shape of a cube about 100x100x100. It is a literal contained version of his own reality isolated from all others, however can be seen from the outside. It is small and only consists of that cube, so there is no entering or exiting any other way. If, somehow, the Isolation Chamber is broken, however, Khrona's reality will merge with the reality of Vescrutia, allowing him to control some events in a limited fashion until the battle is over.

Khrona Flowers: Khrona produces special flowers connected to him via psychic link throughout the field. These flowers are also known as Reality Flowers, for they have the ability to omit a gas constantly that puts those within it (they don't have to smell it, they just have to be within it) in either a Genjutsu or warps reality. Naturally, the gas mimics air and has no smell nor any coloration, so it's not possible to realize the effects by normal means. As for offensive-defensive mechanisms, when attacked, they destroy the very essence of what has destroyed them in a kamikaze sort of attack. Also, Khrona can instantaneously destroy the flowers AND the gas they produce at any given time, which would utterly obliterate all forms of reality and existence of whatever was within them. When using the Khrona Flowers, Khrona cannot use any other Reality Jutsu if he has more than 30 of them out. Once the number decreases less than or equal to 30, Khrona may use his Reality Jutsu as he pleases.

The Gospel: A very highly powerful Reality Warping Technique mastered by Khrona. It requires complete and absolute focus and mental preciseness to work. An invisible wave is released by Khrona of about a 13 foot radius around Khrona. It causes reality to constantly change to what he is thinking of at that time, regardless of what it may be. It is a constant drain on his energy to use this ability, but whatever he thinks instantly happens when within the Gospel.

Passion Fruits Grape: A very powerful jutsu and one of Khrona's most potent Reality Jutsu. Khrona releases a force that will forcefully remove all of the kinetic energy within something OR literally stop all energy flow/transfer within that specific area, making whatever is within literally unable to move. Alternatively, Khrona may create an implosion that eliminates space, time, matter and energy from whatever it takes in. However, this can only be used if Khrona is stationary.

Dark Sun; Reality Eater: Khrona manifests a shitload of his Reality Warping abilities into a gigantic, meteor-sized clod in the sky that eclipses the sun and absorbs all light and light wavelength/frequencies into itself to constantly increase its power. It starts off small, but grows larger after time. It is the ultimate Reality warper because it releases special rays similar to UV rays, however instead of producing light it consumes reality with these UV rays to make itself larger. It has the basic ability to break down and absorb anything that has been put into existence or that is 'real' and use its reality to make itself grow larger. However, it requires a massive amount of power to use and Khrona must be stationary to use it. Also, it will implode on Khrona's command or if it is destroyed/goes to maximum size, for it can only reach a maximum size of about a 3 mile radius.

Revenge Cannon: Khrona warps reality violently around him... So violently, in fact, that it seems to be perfectly fine. He creates a barrier out of a simulated reality, and this simulated reality will do nothing but absorb the power of attacks while making it look like Khrona has taken the damage from them, when he truly has not. When taking in all of those attacks, whatever damage Khrona's simulated reality has taken, Khrona fires it back double the power, size, strength, speed, etc. of every individual attack fired at him's capabilities. (For example, Khrona gets 'punched' then gets 'hit' with a Global Fist. The Revenge Cannon would not only double the original power and stats of the punch, but also the Global Fist and then combine their respective powers together to form the attack.) The Revenge Cannon is also not limited to pure energy, and can be used as a force, energy or physical strike.

Soul... Stuff
Lost Souls: Khrona uses the power of his own soul, the souls of those he and his weapons have eaten, and all lingering souls to create a massive looping circle of souls. Whatever is within the circle that has a soul, a conscience/mind or a heart will have those things frozen in the Soul Sphere. Slowly, power will be sucked out of whomever is within, as well as their souls, minds and hearts will also be sucked out.

Soul Cannon: Fires a massive cannon powered by Khrona's own soul, souls that have been collected by Khrona and his weapons, and his weapons/family's souls. The more souls this cannon gets, the more its power rises exponentially. Once it gets 100 souls, it is at normal power. After it gets 200 more souls, it is double power. After it gets 400 more souls, it is quadruple power. After getting 800 more souls, it is at 16 times its original power. And so on, and so on, and so on. Its main functions are to suck out the life force/souls/energy from everything it comes in contact with, weaken the presence of energy, and serve as a magnet to lost souls to gain that much more power.


Eternal Conviction: A harmless force is omitted throughout the entire area and beyond. It continuously expands. Using the power of Khrona's Judgemaster abilities, this force is actually a constant contract. Those who utter Khrona's name whilst within this binding contract will have one of two things done to them; One: Their body will begin to fall under Khrona's control by constantly changing their cells, DNA and mentality, thus making anything that comes from them that tries to harm Khrona nullified or returned to them or Two: Anything that has been bound to the contract that tries to harm Khrona will be debilitated in all ways, stripping them of all power, consciousness, will and mentality.

Executive Decision: Any and all of Khrona's attacks will have his total authority over them at all times via Judgemaster power and other powers of his. Meaning, even if someone tries to take over his powers, absorb them, convert them into themselves, etc. etc. etc., Khrona will still have jurisdiction over the ability and if it works, making sure that it stays the same in all aspects, no matter what happens to it or who tries to control it at any time.

Judge/Judgemaster abilities
Due to Khrona removing the Judgemaster from himself, he cannot use these abilities unless he is to fuse with the Judgemaster again, and thus, cannot use them as he is right now, however he still has the power to merge with the Judgemaster at will if he pleases.

Law: States a singular law that is forbidden from being done, lest those who break it face the Judge's wrath. (Only one at a time. If another is used, the first will be nullified.)

Yellow Card: If a Law of the Judge is Broken, the user may seal the ability with this Yellow Card for the ENTIRE battle. Doesn't always hit, but it it just means it is eligible to be used whenever.

Red Card: If a Law is broken twice or more, the user may seal ALL abilities, powers, etc. etc. etc. of the foe completely until the battle ends (which, if a Red Card appears, usually means that it is). Doesn't always hit, but it just means it is eligible to be used whenever. This card CAN also send you directly to Kham's prison. Cough.

Warp: Allows user to warp instantaneously.

Judge Sword: Swings about the Judge Sword, which has the ability to lower the power of what it touches, drain health and magic/chakra/soulenergy/etc. and be used as a continuous weapon, and also do the unfathomable, such as defy laws, such as the laws of physics.

Palaistra: Releases powerful wave of energy that will diminish everything around the Judge.

Benefits: Use any of the Judge Benefits on yourself (Only 1 at a time. If another is used, the first one is nullified.)

Nullification Card: A card that will nullify whatever comes in contact with it, INCLUDING the Anti-Judge ability. However, it only works if you actually HAVE the card, meaning not all Judges have it. (Requires Nullification Card. Can only be obtained from Judgemaster or Heretic.)

Abate: Overrules the laws of Judges, also able to nullify and destroy them, as well as cause Stop to Judges.

Judgemaster Sword: The ultimate Judge Sword which transcends in all abilities of a normal Judge Sword, able to fire Ultima blasts from itself as well as do the things that Judge Sword can.

Bind: If you have broken the law of the Judge, then this will instantaneously inflict you with all Status Ailments, so that you are stopped and able to succumb to the Judgemaster's will.

Yellow Clip: Nullifies the Yellow Card.

Red Clip: Nullifies the Red Card.

All Mighty: Eliminates all laws, regardless of what they may be. Also allows Judgemaster to create laws that don't exist in the Judge Law list.

Ultima: One of the most powerful magical spells known. Conjures up a shitload of magic and fires off a massive, pure beam of no elemental attributes that causes an explosion of epic proportions unknown to that of a normal explosion. Larger than several nukes combined. Has sheer power that can overpower most other magics just by existing.

Omega: The opposite, negative energy of Ultima, being the same power as Ultima. Conjures up a shitload of magic in its negative form, firing off a pure negative beam of no elemental attribute that will drain all power from anything caught in it, making everything depleted of power. Larger than several nukes combined. Has sheer power to overpower and drain most other magics just by existing.

Alpha: The 'father' of Ultima and Omega attacks. This seems to be the ONLY known ability that is stronger than Ultima and Omega, for it has double of all of Ultima's abilities and Omega's abilities and stuff and is also non-elemental. It has such sheer explosive power that even Ultima and Omega combined cannot compare to it. It could quite possibly destroy the planet at full power. It is the literal CREATOR of MAGIC ITSELF, able to birth magic from just existing and being used. Indeed, the ultimate magic.

(Just for reference) Khrona's Moogle, Kupo, is a Heritor. This means in addition to his own special Moogle powers, he has all of the powers of every other class. Even though he is a moogle, he is very deadly. He can also be consider the very best teacher there is for you to seek when it comes to the FF world in every aspect.

Kupo's powers

Moogle Jolt: Releases powerful bolts of very odd electricity that can inflict any status ailment.

Moogle Curema: A cure more potent and powerful than Curaja. It heals a MASSIVE amount of health, cures all wounds, and gets rid of all status ailments (even Doom), while also granting any (or all) status enhancements as well.

Moogle Regenja: Casts the most powerful Regen that regenerates health at a massive rate. Also inflicts Hasteja.

Moogle Wallja: Casts the most powerful Wall that will cause Protect and Shell. It also inflicts Reflectja; which is a Reflect that will reflect all non-physical attacks sextuple of their original capabilities.

Moogle Beam: A gigantic beam that surpasses Ultima in size and power (nothing more to be said about its power.) Not only this, but it can bypass any and all defenses, barriers and absorptions.

Auto-Shell: Constantly has Shell protecting him.

Auto-Protect: Constantly has Protect protecting him.

All other powers of all other Classes.

Inheritance: The ability to learn any and all other FF moves (and any moves from anyone that agrees to teach them) at a lower cost (half of whatever it says however many battles to learn.)

Wermut: A massive, explosive tidal wave passed down by a scholar, Wermut. This massive tidal wave will not only inflict severe damage on everyone in the area, but also cause everything hit to be Slow.

Nesiaam: A large, consumptive explosion of gas passed down by the insane dragon, Nesiaam. This terrible explosion of gas will not only inflict severe damage on everyone in the area, but also cause everything hit to be Addled.

Lennart: An astronomical blast of magic almost matching the power of Ultima passed down by the hunter, Lennart. This gigantic blast of magic will shoot everything within the radius within a straight line with power almost equal to that of Ultima. It will destroy everything in its gigantic path.

Hilo: A large, consumptive explosion of energy passed down by the Prophet dragoon, Hilo. This massive explosion of energy will not only take down whatever is in its way, but also Confuse anyone caught in the blast.

Elpe: A powerful, sacrificial ability passed down by the sacrifice girl, Elpe. This ability causes you to sacrifice your own life (or consciousness) to restore the health, chakra/etc.etc., status and anything else of ALL of your allies.

Viola: A powerful, draining ability passed down from the deceased moogle, Viola. This ability causes one to drain the health/chakra/energy/etc. of anyone within range of it into self to restore the user's.

Ljda: A powerful, charming ability passed down by the greatest charmer, Ljda. This ability will allow the user to Charm anyone and anything that is hit with this physical attack. Once you are hit with it, you are instantly Charmed into doing whatever the user asks you to do.

Adelaide: A powerful, regenerative ability learned only after mastering the other 7 Heritor abilities. This ability will cause your very essence to bless any and all allies with a powerful Regen to restore their health and wounds at an incredible pace.

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The Phantom
Shinseigami, the Cosmic Overgod :: God of Gods, Balance and Reality
Shinseigami, the Cosmic Overgod :: God of Gods, Balance and Reality

Posts : 2261
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PostSubject: Re: Khrona's Abilities...   January 16th 2010, 7:33 am

Khrona's Devastation (Raptor) Abilities:

Power Crush: Focus energy into an attack that will harm the foe and suck out their attack power, thus absorbing half of it into the user, raising their attack power by that much.

Soul Crush: Focus energy into an attack that will harm the foe and suck out their magic/chakra/soulenergy's power and absorb half of it into the user, raising their magic/chakra/soulenergy's power by that much.

Speed Crush: Focus energy into an attack that will harm the foe and suck out their speed power and absorb half of it into the user, raising their speed by that much.

Mind Crush: Focus energy into an attack that will harm the foe and suck out their defensive power as well as their brainpower and absorb half of it into the user, raising their defensive and brainpower by that much.

Cyclone: Releases energy in the form of a devastating cyclone, ripping up everything in its way.

Heavy Smash: Focus energy into an attack that will knock the opponent back a LONG way, and also Stun/Disable them as well, if contact is made.

Whirlwind: Spins around extremely fast, releasing energy in the form of powerful wind blades to attack in all directions.

Maintenance: Ensures that NOTHING can be stolen from the user, not even Abilities. Also ensures that their items and abilities cannot be destroyed through protection from magic.

Counter: Instantly attacks right after being attacked from close range by the foe.

Reflex: Any normal physical attack (such as a punch, kick, weapon strike or something that is nameless) will instantly be dodged by your reflexes.

Monkey Grip: Gives the user the ability to hold 2 handed weapons or EXTREMELY large weapons with one hand with ease.

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The Phantom
Shinseigami, the Cosmic Overgod :: God of Gods, Balance and Reality
Shinseigami, the Cosmic Overgod :: God of Gods, Balance and Reality

Posts : 2261
Age : 23
Village of Residence : Village Hidden In The Dusk
Join date : 2009-04-20
Cool Points (LOL) : 22
Kekkei Genkai : Anatomia, Reality Release

Character sheet
Character Race: Mutant Superhuman-Beastkin/Black Blood Hybrid
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PostSubject: Re: Khrona's Abilities...   January 16th 2010, 7:34 am

Khrona's Puppetry (Puppetmaster) Abilities:

Puppets: Touches something with special magic and allows it to be changed into a doll. The doll will then be under the control of the Puppetmaster for eternity. The Puppets may use any of their abilities they knew before they were puppets.

Release: Changes puppets back to normal.

Puppets Collected:

King Bomb.
Gimme Cat.
Jumbo Cactuar.
Carve Spider.
Ring Leader.
Feather Circle.

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PostSubject: Re: Khrona's Abilities...   January 16th 2010, 7:36 am

Khrona's Summons:


The Wings

Alexander, the holy machine. Its power even exceeds that of Bahamut by a longshot. Alexander may not only use all Holy/Light elemental attribute attacks, but also control all machines/technological things and house-like structures with its holy and mechanical power. It has IMMENSE angelic wings that can cover an entire city and protect it from all harm. It has only one ability, which is his holy Judgment. Alexander will release giant beams of light from EVERY SINGLE ONE of his wing's feathers, resulting in ultimate destruction of everything it sees fit with these ultimately devastating holy blasts. These blasts have enough power to eliminate Bahamut with ease, passing through his Mega Flare as if it is nothing.


The King of the Dragons, the all powerful Bahamut, who is also an Aeon. He has only one attack and one attack is all he needs, the Mega Flare. It is a burst of pure powerful and concentrated energy in a beam from the mouth of this behemoth, incinerating everything that gets in its way and making grand explosions where it may lay waste to everything. Such is the power of the Dragon King.


The massive Fire demon come straight from hell, who is also an Aeon. He naturally can use all of the Fire element attributed abilities as well as his own signature attack, Flames of Hell, or Hellfire. Flames of Hell will open up a portal from hell and spew out the flames, or rather, spew out the demonic flames from the mouth or hands of Ifrit. He has another ability called Meteor Flame, in which he creates a giant, meteor sized ball of hellfire and launches it for an attack. He has another powerful attack, Flaming Crush, in which he rampages while on fire.

The all powerful mistress of Ice. She naturally can use all of the Ice element attributed abilities as well as her own signature attack, Diamond Dust. Diamond Dust will literally freeze everything in the path of this icy storm and on Shiva's command, it will all shatter completely. She has another ability called Heavenly Strike, which indeed is a strike backed up by the power of Holy element and Ice element mixed together in a physical attack. She may also use the powerful Sleepga, which basically makes everything go to sleep unless immune to it.


Ramuh, the god of the skies, thus the controller of lightning. He can naturally use all of the Electrical element attributed abilities as well as his own signature attack, Judgment Bolt. Using Judgment Bolt, he will fire an IMMENSE lightningbolt that's power and size transcends that of any other lightning bolt. The electrical power is so devastating that it will decimate all it touches. He has another ability, which is Thunderstorm. He will make lightning rain down nonstop, continuously. He has another ability, which is the Rolling Thunder. He will release a giant ball of electricity to electrocute the foe intensely.


Odin, one of the most powerful Eidolons there is, who is also an Aeon. He rides his flying, 6 legged demon horse, Sleipnir, and will attack with his Zantetsuken, an ability that decimates EVERYTHING within the range of its death cloud of an explosion. It levels everything within its explosion, dealing damage that is non-elemental, unlike most of the Eidolons. He will strike with his sword of death as well, if not using his Zantetsuken ability.

Scion of darkness and Totema of humans, protecting those who live in the underworld, in opposition to Lahabrea the Abyssal Celebrant and scion of light. In the course of her rule, she submitted to avarice, and the darkness took her heart, transforming her until she was both evil and corrupt. Then in her cowardice did she bind a Goddess of the Demesne of Ice, and using her as a living shield, she challenged the gods. Defeated before their might, she fell screaming into the depths of hell, there to be imprisoned for eternity. She represents Pisces. She is the Totema/Scion counterpart of the Eidolon, Shiva, and can create ice just as she can, using the signature ability of Frostwave, which will make a wave of sheer ice freeze and shatter everything. She may also use another signature attack, Flash-Freeze, which just freezes the space and time of everyone and evetrything (to potentially be shattered), as well as use the most powerful Ice spell, Blizzaja. Since she is also a Totema, unlike other Scions, she has more abilities that are signature ot her, such as the Breath Of God, in which she spews POWERFUL holy magic from herself or another ability, Spellbind, in which she uses an arm of darkness to seal all magic/chakra/etc.etc. as well as Slow the target it touches. Finally, she may also use the illusionist ability, Star Cross, and lastly contort the entire field into a dimensional rift and shatter it with her spear, before it reverts to normal, doing great damage to everything.
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PostSubject: Re: Khrona's Abilities...   

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Khrona's Abilities...
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