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 Justu List

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Kekkei Genkai : The kuken eye

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PostSubject: Justu List   July 28th 2010, 11:51 am

Kekkei Genkai- Well to get things off azuma kekkei genkai is the kuken eye, which is a very simple technique but also hard to get you head around. See the kuken eye gives azuma the power to teleport anywhere he wont almost anywhere about 2 to 3 feet, also, the eye give him another ability and that's the power to phase threw things and or have things phase threw him etc...the kuken eye was also known for a lost ability and that's the power to use lighting and other element base moves, but its not something important tho...

Teleporting Drop- A rather cool move if you think about it, see with this azuma would teleport behind the enemy grabbing them, he would then teleport them high into the sky, and then he would do a primary lotus like spin smashing the enemy into the ground head first.

Phase space- A move in which azuma would become completely impervious to damage, letting any attack fly right threw this can only be done, and or rather kept on for a short time maybe for about 10 sec, azuma can only use this move one time, in any given day.

Rai chidori- A lighting base attack, in which azuma gathers up a small amount of lighting energy in his right hand, he would then rush the enemy, and or teleport ether or he would hit the enemy in the chest, with the chidori. But not to kill them with a blow threw the chest but causing a large but small amount of lighting to flow threw there body killing them from, the inside out.

Lighting purge- Another lighting base move that azuma uses, see he takes his lift hand, and cut's it with a blade as his blood drops to the ground. A summoning seal appears azuma would then hit the seal causing a massive amount of lighting, to strike form the sky and hit the enemy.

Lighting fang- Another lighting type move this moves is done when azuma is at maybe about half of his max power, and what happens now it his body becomes engulfed in lighting energy then azuma would throw a lighting spear at the enemy. The spear would then multiply into 6 spears that have a fang like shape.

Lighting trinity- Well the attack is really a summoning, and what is summoned is a lighting dragon that is very big and etc..this dragon is so tough that it can rip the stone.

Lighting palm- Azuma would place both his hands onto the ground, then he would send a lighting wave threw the ground and right at his enemy, shocking them form underground.

Flash strikes- Azuma would charge lighting energy in both his hand, and then he would rush the person he's fighting hitting them with a swift quick combo, once the combo ends there body will be kinda paralyzed.

Thunder blitzes- Azuma would fire off lighting round at the enemy hitting them with small lighting balls.

Lighting hounds- A summoning justu and which azuma would throw a ball of lighting at the enemy, he would then clap his hand say the name of three dog's, and once that's done that ball of lighting takes on the form of three dog's.

Killer lighting- Azuma would charge lighting into his hand and the create a filed of lighting around him the filed, would then expand if anything is caught in the filed it will be electrocuted,. the shock is different for each person.

Lighting animal- This technique creates a substantial amount of black lightning, which takes the form of a panther or any type of animal azuma wont's it to be, it lock on to the enemy and attacks them.

The Inner eye- this is a move that azuma picked up on when he was training by him self, see this move allows azuam to pace, memorizes an opponent allowing him to dodge before the opponent finish the attack, this move only works on weak people not super strong people.

Snake strike- This move is used as a combo with the inner eye, see after azuma get's done dodging the enemy attacks her would strike them with a number of blows, this attack is not something to be taken as a joke.

Popping migration- A move that uses azuma's teleporting powers, and in which it allows him to teleport anything he touches somewhere else, like maybe into a tree its never very far away due to azuma's level. But this move can only be done about maybe a good 3 to 4 time at any given day meh.......

Bombing run- A very stupid move but I thought I'd use it anyway, azuma would did a bunch of holes in the ground he would then drop a paper bomb into tit and cover it up, and so once the person walks onto it it goes boom.

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Justu List
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