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 A visit to the hospital...

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PostSubject: A visit to the hospital...   August 7th 2010, 5:15 pm

It had been a long walk from that dark pit to this hospital... Malojos was unfamiliar with this entire place. She was dead... She knows she died by the hands of Misery, Khrona's weapon... So how did she come back to life?

As she entered the hospital doors, her third eye opened, allowing her to see anything and everything. She just happened to choose to see events from the past. She viewed the process of Khrona thinking about her, then also him imagining her in his sleep... It seems as though his power had skyrocketed since her death. Kh. If only that curse were still on him...

"... So he accidentally thought me up? Ha. Infidel. I'll have to kill him to make sure he doesn't kill me again.. I just don't know how..."

She passed through the hallways, spectating some doctors and nurses and shit, and decided that this would be a perfect place to hide out for a while.

"... Heh. I know. I'll be a nurse here... The Red Nurse."

Malojos' 3 eyes gleamed momentarily, a wave of unknown substance pulsating throughout the entire hospital in a heartbeat. Her third eye closed for the moment, and Malojos opened up a slit shaped like an eye. A portal. She stepped through and immediately came out on the other side clad in all black with some splotches of red all over.

She was now indeed the Red Nurse. Because of the pulse sent before, Malojos had complete and total control over the minds of all of the doctors and nurses and stuff, therefore, no one would know anything.

"... Now... We wait..."
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PostSubject: Re: A visit to the hospital...   August 7th 2010, 7:56 pm

By a sheer stroke of uncanny, Taomin happened to be inside of the hospital at the time of Malojos' mind control wave thing. She was visiting to see if anyone had any sort of spare soul she could feed to her Living Shadow. And so, once she was subject to the Mind Control, Tao felt a little strange... Her power seemed to increase drastically... She could feel it. The demon inside of her got stronger as well... Everything about her rose beyond their normal limits. Even her Living Shadow was so much stronger than before.

A demonic smile curled across her face and on her head, a tattoo of an eye that was red, just like the rest of the markings on her body, appeared and started to glow the same red color that her markings did all of the time. There were some perks to this mind control, it seemed.. And Tao liked them.

".. Heh. I think that the Red Nurse needs some patients... Well. Let's send them in."

In a blur of black and red, Tao was gone.
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A visit to the hospital...
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