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 Aranea's... Stuff.

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Kekkei Genkai : Silken Web of Dreams

PostSubject: Aranea's... Stuff.   August 22nd 2010, 12:41 pm

Yeah, so, the Silken Web of Dreams. Basically, threads of Aranea's consciousness link the minds of others either together, or to her. This connection is total and complete if tied to Aranea herself, laying bare memories of any sort. Comes in handy when trying to find that ooooone thing that'll scare the shit outta someone~!

In order to show someone their nightmare once Aranea has established a mind-connection (Which is really easy, see! All they had to do is break a piece 'silk' [Which is actually just Aranea's energy and whatnot] in the web that Aranea weaves) all she has to do is send a 'spider' (Also made out of Aranea's energy~!) along the mind-connection, and it starts to weave a web around them, showing them pleasant memories, and holding them enthralled by their senses... It would be like they were re-living that memory~! After they're securely ensnared and unable to move (Because of the 'silk' that the spider weaves around them, in a sort of cocoon), Aranea rolls out the big guns. Tons of spiders would swarm around their prey, biting to inject a paralyzing venom, and in those last moments, the victim's worst fear would be played before them... Mm, fear is oh so delicious~!

Don't get me wrong, it's pretty cool stuff, but that's not all. Aranea can conjure and control ACTUAL spiders too, y'know. Big ones, little ones, itty-bitty colourless and damn near invisible ones, yadda yadda yadda. Moooost of them are poisonous, but not all~

And then her SpyderBlade... Oooh, that's epic stuff, right there. But I'll describe that in her weaponslist or whatever.

Now, Aranea's eyesight is pretty bad, what with all that dying, then coming back crap. Fortunately, she makes up for it with being able to sense the electromagnetic pulses in the air, vibrations on the ground and movement of air currents. So, basically, just because she can't see you, doesn't mean she can't feel you.

Aaaaaaaand, I think that's pretty much. Hope I didn't miss anything... If I didn't, all just come back to it later, or whatever.
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Aranea's... Stuff.
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