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 Meo and Maruze... The blade of Multiplication.

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The Dividing Enigma :: Anbu of the Dusk
The Dividing Enigma :: Anbu of the Dusk

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PostSubject: Meo and Maruze... The blade of Multiplication.   August 29th 2010, 7:17 pm

After being brought from the dead by Waru as a soul, Maruze's original Demon Weapon, was set free as part of their contract. Once that happened, Maruze's soul belonged to Waru. Once Maruze died, Meo tried to pass on his Sword Magic on to Sting, a seldom seen Weapon. Though he was quickly captured by Kuja, making Meo become captured as well and held captive. A long time afterward, Maruze escaped from the clutches of his demonic Dark Weapon, Waru, and started to look for a body. Once he obtained a body, he bought a sword and then Meo's soul made its way back to him, so he went to Shinigami and had her changed into a Weapon, which turned her back alive again.

In direct contrast to Maruze's soul, Meo's soul is that of Multiplication.

Multiplication Soul
The Multiplication Soul allows Meo to raise the power of herself and her Soul resonance rate exponentially, as well as raise the effects of Soul Abilities exponentially as well. She can multiply the power of what she hits if she chooses, or cause whatever hit to be multiplied by 2, 3, 4, etc. etc. Unlike the Division Soul, once something is Multiplied, it does not lose power by half but gains power by double, or whatever the number is Meo wishes. It has an array of other abilities as well.

Self Resonance:

Hyper Multiplication: Able to deliver thousands of hits to one object in less than a second once it makes contact, also being able to multiply the power and effects of the hit as well.


Inverse Impact: Releases a powerful force at the foe. If this force is to hit them, the moment it does, it will exponentially increase in power and destructive capabilities at an extreme speed (For example, it will first multiply by itself x2, then x4, then x16, then x256, etc. etc.)

If P then Q: A coordinates attack. Allows Meo to change the coordinates of Maruze and herself instantaneously as if he had been there the entire time. Thus leading to it meaning "If they are here, then they become over there." So, in an example, if Meo's blades are around Maruze, she may use If P then Q to instantaneously allow them to warp to different locations without any repercussions of barriers or anything of the sort so long as they are still connected to any plane on the current dimension. Therefore, so long as they are within this dimension, they can warp themselves to entirely different planets in general. While this ability is in use, no other Soul Abilities/Wavelength abilities can be used (Does not apply to Jutsu, however.)

Equal to 0: Meo's wavelength multiplies anything and everything by 0, thus causing it to be erased instantaneously as if it never existed. However, the larger or more powerful something is, the more time it takes to recover for this ability. Thus, the weaker the attack, the sooner Meo can use it again, but the stronger the attack, the longer it takes.


Multiplication Resonance: Soul Resonance that goes up exponentially and continuously until it hits extreme pressures. This causes Maruze's powers to be multiplied HEAVILY and automatically instead of him having to initiate multiplication.

Infinity Resonance: An advanced and upgraded version of the Multiplication Resonance that is able to raise the power of multiplication and anything Maruze does infinitely. However, because of how extreme this resonance is, if he is in it too long, he will totally deplete himself.
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Meo and Maruze... The blade of Multiplication.
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