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 Powers of the Majestic Artist

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Kekkei Genkai : Soudai Jutsu: Majestic Art

PostSubject: Powers of the Majestic Artist   October 25th 2010, 2:48 am

Gin is an expert long-range fighter, but a moderate close-combat combatant. He can hold his own, but prefers distance. He has 40/20 vision, he can even see a gray spot on a black outfit 300 feet away.

Chakra Natures: Hide is both an earth and fire nature.

Kekkei Genkai: Soudai jutsu: Majestic Art- The Majestic Art is a powerful and unique kekkei genkai that allows the user to turn an inanimate material that has carbon atoms into clay. He can then mold that clay in his hands and create various different beings. In addition to this, this blood line limit allows Hide to give life to his clay creations. Since these creations are made with his kekkei genkai, they cannot be controlled by anyone other than himself.

Crimson Eyes: Unknown for the time being.

Earth Manipulation- The ability to manipulate earth and the particles in the earth.

Fire Manipulation- The ability to manipulate fire.

Earth Release: Hiding Mole Tech- Allows Gin to soften the area around him, physical or meta-physical, and travel through it with great speed.

Earth Release: Mud Wall- A powerful defensive technique in which Hide spouts a large amount of mud out of his mouth, creating an extremely thick wall that is harder than reinforced steel.

Earth Release: The Beast- Earth particles from near by conjugate on the users body, making it double in weight and durability. This can be stacked up with layers.

When Hide detonates his clay, he actually doesn't have to say anything. He can either make a fire release sign or earth release, or he can something simple like "Go!" or "Die!". They just need some type of signal from Hide, no matter what signal, to explode. The amount of chakra can depend on how big or damaging the explosions are. They are lethal by themselves, and have different levels:

Level 1 (C-1): Explosions used to make smoke clouds for cloaking, releasing gases, distractions, etc.

Level 2 (C-2): Explosions that Gin mainly uses. They can blow holes in steel, so they can be very dangerous.

Level 3 (C-3): Stronger than level 2 by a noticable amount. Take more chakra than two, but not so much. A few of these can reduce a small mountain to rubble.

Level 4 (C-4): An extremely powerful explosion, on par with that C4 explosion. Strong enough to literally vaporize a wide variety of materials and things. 3 in a single fight can drain Gin rather quickly, for his current rank that is.

Level: N/A (C-5): A series of miniature explosions at specific frequencies that can induce illusions and affect the senses if they happen to be heard.

Fire Release: Booster- From either himself or a clay creation, a burst of fire escapes from the user or user's object, propelling them or it at great speeds.

Fire Release: Blitz Burst- After an explosion occurs, the pieces of the explosion also explode, instantly expanding and increasing the explosions radius and power.

Fire Release: Pseudo Mix- A unique, powerful, and potentially lethal ability. It's chakra cost isn't that much, and it can be added to many explosions. This technique causes Hideyoshi's bombs to affect anything that they cannot normally damage, like those damn fire absorbers or nullifiers. Also, this keeps his explosions from being converted into other energy or tampered with in general by others. A very important ability for the likes of Vescrutia (like seriously. Don't get made cause of this, because if you think about it, how many people AREN'T going to go "I absorb the explosion" or some gay ass anti-epic shit like that? >:< )

Clay Clone- Hide can create clones of himself out of the clay that he uses. The clones can explode just as any other creation.

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Posts : 75
Village of Residence : Twilight Village
Join date : 2010-10-25
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Kekkei Genkai : Soudai Jutsu: Majestic Art

PostSubject: Re: Powers of the Majestic Artist   November 30th 2010, 5:11 am

(Newly Acquired)

Brittle Release: A style that Hide created due to his kekkei genkai, which allows him to manipulate carbon atoms of inanimate carbon structures. With the Brittle release, instead of turning carbon things into clay, he can make them brittle and break into sand.

Brittle Release: Vola- Macro form- Hide turns his bodily structure into sand, allowing him to break apart and reform, managing through even some fatal attacks. While in this form, his chakra is constantly being drained, for the form takes chakra to substain.
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Powers of the Majestic Artist
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