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 General Revil: Weapons

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PostSubject: General Revil: Weapons   November 1st 2010, 5:43 pm

Revil's Weapons

2 x 50 Caliber, ZX-1 Desert Storm

A standard fire arm of all E.A.S.T. Empire soldiers. The pistol uses a Micro Fusion Reactor to build up bolt's of Radion energy that have the capability to blast through anything to a hardness of Nano-Steal

3 x Ceremonial Sabres.

4 Ceremonial Sabers he carries at all time in cube form. one on his waist and two around the back of his neck.


The Holocaust is a sword that draws power from Revil's Photogess energies. The hilt of this sword can launch out becoming a projectile on a wire or a long whip that is coated in Photogess. There are 5 holes on the dull edge of the blade that shoot out pulses of Photogess that help the blade swing faster and can also act as a minor sheild.

E.A.S.T. Military. Personal Computer.

A device built into his left arm that acts as a virtual computer that can be summoned forth at any time.

Arial Combat Flight Pack
The Arial Combat Flight pack is a custom design made By General Revil that allows him to attain flight while adding fire power and defense at the same time. This particular model is a highly close range model. It utilizes Revil's Spatial awareness to the fullest.

2 x 20 MM Radion Energy Cannon: Mounted atop the rear of the wings extends to either side of the head. Automatically tracks and targets using spatial awareness
2 x 50 Caliber Machine Guns: Mounted atop shoulders
2 x Anti Armour Beam Long Blades: Mounted near the waist section of the pack.

Optional Hand Armaments

Long Range Sheild: Mounts; Beam Boomerang, stored on center of shield. 50 caliber gatling gun, mounted on nose of shield.

Close Range Sheild: Mounts; 2 x Anti Armour Vibro Daggger Blades, stored under shield.

Photogess Launcher

The Photogess Launcher is a 2 foot tall and 6 foot long energy channeling cannon. The cannon draws power from Revil's photogess ability and renders him unable to move. The Photogess Launcher features two pulse thrusters that allow it to target and aim.

Photogess Launcher takes 1 post to charge. On the next post it may fire.
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General Revil: Weapons
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