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 Sal's Jutsu

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Sal Rhicter


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Kekkei Genkai : Boil Release, Melting Palm Taijutsu

PostSubject: Sal's Jutsu   November 16th 2010, 1:27 am

(Kinda Pissed that i JUST typed this and it got deleted ASAP when I accidentally hit backspace when I wasn't clicking on the text)

Boil Release- By mixing fire jutsu and water jutsu sal as the ability to create a boil release technique that was in his clan. The mist produced can melt pretty much anything at full strength but not Sal can only melt through certain substances given the genin circumstances. He can control how widespread, concentrated and potent the mist is with precise chakra control. He can also tone down the melting aspect of the flames and let the foe bathe in the mist causing them to see mirages, making Sal a pretty skilled genjutsu user as well. This takes the form of fog.

Wind Jutsu- Sal also has a bit of wind prowess capable of spreading his vapor and manipulating where it goes. But it is still only at novice levels.

Melting Technique A- Often this would be used to melt the foe's footing with Sal pressing his hands on the ground after signing and destroy a defensive barrier or surface or energy substance that may attack him. The amount of spread of the haze can be subjective to the amount of chakra poured it. At it's max power he can flood an entire meteor sized crater and melt the surface.

Melting Technique B- These involve manipulating the concentration of the vapor, condensing it into small balls that explode with great potency with concussive power these explosions can also feed into the foes pores and not melt but affect the foes senses and nerves. The more concentrated the sphere the larger the explosion, at max power Sal can level an entire town to nothing.

Melting Technique C- These involve the manipulating of Sal's seals on his hands and feet implanted to him by experimentation, the deadliest concentration of vapor comes from Sal's own fluids and limbs. The seals are planted on the back of his neck palms and feet and allow them to become Vapor at a single hand sign, he can stretch (similar to captain chaser) for a certain degree these are the deadliest of melting power and can cause a lot of corrosive damage and allow Sal to turn intangible at will

Free Streak- Sal turns his whole body into a streamline of mist and flies towards the foe at blinding speed aiming to colide with them and cause corrosive damage and melt them completely

Shadoo Repulse- Basically, Sal concentrates a massive amount of the vapor and lets it loose in front of him melting away projectiles possibly nearing him and heavily damaging the foe near him

Dome of Silence- Creating a dome of the vapor Sal constructs it around the foe and compressed it eliminating them complete, or he can make them breathe it in forcing them to see his illusions

Delayed Destruction- Sal can delay the melting affects of the vapor and the illusions of the vapor to confuse the foe the longer it is delayed the more potent it becomes. By delaying it he can store it for later keeping it delayed for a longer period of time but eventually it will unleash on it's own if concentrated for too long

Super Vacuum Wave- Sal would unleash a large vacuum wave from his body sucking in the foe bringing them possibly closer this stretches for about a mile, he can also push his mist farther using the opposite of this technique. It is only amplified when he uses his tapir contract

Genjutsu Trigger- With one hand sign Sal can trigger the nerve affects of his vapor making it happen in the opponent

Melting/Mirage Palm Technique- By focusing orbs of the vapor on his hands, feet or body whatever point that the body comes in contact with Sal may begin to melt, or the vapor can feed into their pores attacking the nerves making them hallucinate. The style of fighting can either be very agressive or use the opponents weight against them. Either way the illusions experienced depend on the amount of potency the strike had before infecting the foe

Tapir Contract- Sal has made a contract with the king of the Tapir's Baku able to increase parts of his lungs and mouth to increase all of his power. Using this drains his chakra rapidly he can also summon the Tapir to his aid for a short time.

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Sal's Jutsu
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