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 A Task Unhandled

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Iba'ryu Kashi


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PostSubject: A Task Unhandled   November 23rd 2010, 5:13 pm

a woman appearing to be in her late 20s wearing a long draping robe made to look like butterfly wings, a pipe is seen in her pocket and a tattoo of an eye with a swirling pupil is tattooed into her forehead. she carries me into the hospital and sets me onto the table before wheeling me into a operating room

She lays her hands on my chest before extracting the red caterpillar from my skin and then repairing the cellular damage i had caused on myself

Granny Chou: "idiot" she says to the caterpillar "You had to have known that you have to have some sort of sheathe if you're going to be inside of his skin like that, i can make one for him, but you fools can't be galavanting around here playing with your bodies and expecting nothing to happen"

she lays her hands on my body again and moves them along the lengths of my body before wiping the sweat from her brow

Granny Chou: "This is exactly why i refused to come to this realm, the work is never done"

she finishes by moving her hands from my chest to my wrists and pressing on my palm.

Granny chou: "There, as long as you follow the sheathes when you fuse with his body, you should be fine"

I wince a little before opening my eyes and look at her "thank you"

she waves her hand at me before walking to the door "Be ready tomorrow, your training starts then" as she dissapears in a puff of smoke

"Thank you"

Granny Chou
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A Task Unhandled
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