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 Shiro's Arsenal (REVISED)

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Shiro Kazuma


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PostSubject: Shiro's Arsenal (REVISED)   December 15th 2010, 10:23 am

Kekkei Genkai- Elemental Control: Shiro’s gift is common and yet uncommon at the same time. His Elemental Control is self-explanatory. He’s basically an elementalist. This gives him the ability to conjure and control the elements at will. The reason this gift is rare is because of the mixture of each chakra he can use within him. Basically, his chakra is constantly changing and his elemental chakra pools are a lot larger than most ninja. Like I said, pretty self explanatory...

Elemental Control- Element Snatch: At his current level, his mastery over his Elemental Control is quite advanced. This being said, he has also gained the ability to gain control over the elements of an opponent. This is one of the aspects of his Elemental Control that was gained at his current rank. This process requires a direct use of one chakra pool depending on the element. Down side is during this process, Shiro is left to the use of that element alone being he is focused on one chakra pool.

Elemental Control- Elemental Clone: Another ability Shiro gained is his Elemental Clone. Shiro is able to conjure 1-2 clones with the control over one certain element, i.e. Fire Shiro would be able to use Fire Jutsu and etc. Only two clones can be conjured at one time, and they can either be the same element or both different elements. When the clones are using different elements, this requires more chakra than having both using the same element.

Physical Abilities:

Shiro's speed is not to be messed with. Most people use techniques to increase in speed, but Shiro's is completely natural. But of course, his speed was brought to this level with the help and teachings of his teacher and friend formally known as ZK. Along with his speed, his taijutsu skills are of top notch. But of course he favors his sword abilities along with his blade of choice, a Reverse Blade. One of his abilities which goes perfect with his speed is known as Shinsoku, or "Godspeed", which allows him to quickly overpower and dispatch opponents with his sword before they have time to react. Being a former Sannin, his abilities are not to be taken too lightly.

Sword Techniques:

Dragon Howl- By swinging a blade at a high speed, the motion creates a sonic boom that can on contact impair an opponent’s hearing and focus.

Kuzu-Ryusen (Nine Headed Dragon Strike)- This is an attack that deals nine strikes simultaneously at an incredible speed that cannot be read by regular sight. These nine strikes are dealt to the nine most fundamental channels of chakra leaving the opponent virtually defenseless and dodging virtually impossible. This basically leaves an opponent immobile and unable to use jutsu for a short period of time.

Elemental Abilities (Jutsu):

Now here are a few of his common jutsu that I'll use. If a new technique is thought of, it will be added. But I do not limit my techniques to those I've posted. If an idea comes through my head, I will try it on the spot. So be warned. But of course don't worry, any on the spot techs will be posted in detail of course.

Dragon’s Breath (Fire)- Taking in a deep breath, Shiro blows out basically in a flame thrower effect creating a massive ball of flames ranging a good 20-30 radius. Along with the main fiery ball, Shiro can also produce smaller fireballs shooting from the main ball towards an opponent basically from any direction of the main one.

Diamond Dust (Ice) – Basically using any moisture or condensation in the air, Shiro decreases the temperature dramatically turning each droplet into a crystal of ice. With a single snap, the crystals turn into a massive array of small projectiles raining down on an opponent. These crystals can impale when struck. Because of the rapid decreased of temperature to create the crystals, a strong Fire jutsu or flame will be needed to melt.

Dragon Dive (Fire)- Taking a jump to an extreme height in the air, Shiro goes into a bomb dive head first, igniting his whole body in flames basically turning himself into a blazing missile. Upon impact, either with the ground or with an opponent, the impact creates a gigantic explosion.

Earth Rave (Earth/Water) - Shiro strikes the ground with the force to tremble the ground. This strike then chains the earth to rise up and mix with the moisture within the area and turn into a tidal wave of mud ready to crush and bury anything in its path.

Energy Rain (Lightning) - Filling both of his hands with a compressed electric energy, Shiro can emit the stored energy in beams of pure lightning that will explode on contact into a ball of electricity. If an opponent is struck, they also have an increased chance of being paralyzed from the intensity of the lightning.

Running Fire (Fire) - Using pure Fire chakra, Shiro generates jets of fire that race towards an opponent and surrounds them in a flaming whirlwind. The flames can be made stronger with the effect of Wind jutsu and element attacks including his own.

Mausoleum Earth Dumpling (Earth) - Shiro strikes the ground overturning the earth into a large, dumpling shaped chunk of Earth the size of a mausoleum. Either using a mass amount of chakra or brute strength, the Shiro can lift the large rock and hurl it at anyone he pleases.

Mud Slide (Earth) - Shiro transforms the ground into a powerful flowing mudslide instantly simply plowing through whatever stood in front of it or sweeping away anyone standing on the ground in which is transformed.

Earth Dome Prison (Earth) - Shiro can create a dome of rock surrounding an opponent. Then placing his hands against the dome is able to suck the chakra from who ever is trapped inside bringing it to himself. Also using his own chakra, Shiro is able to repair any damage done from within by the opponent(s) trapped. This is not everlasting for it does have limits. Being a dome made of rock, Shiro can also create spires the shoot from the sides like small arrows.

Gaia's Fury (Earth) – Shiro creates vines that rise from the ground grabbing hold of an opponent taking away mobility. This gives Shiro the ability to thrashing the person trapped with power blows. He then ends it by surrounding his hand in a green aura and strikes the ground, in turn making a giant fist of rock uppercut the shit out of someone sending them into the air.

Flames of Hell (Fire) - Shiro creates two massive flames that take the forms of Ifrit. These flames act both on a will of their own and at Shiro’s will. The Ifrits’ have a time limit as any other clone. Shiro also has the ability to use the Ifrits as moving bombs. They normally will grapple an opponent and explode into a fiery ball at Shiro’s command.

Hadouken (Lightning) - This is simply a powerful and quick moving blast of pure lightning Shiro can emit from either one hand or two. The blast can be in the shape of a ball or emitted in a single beam with a radius of a good 6 ft.

Buster Wolf (Fire) - Shiro can use this attack at will and uses it very often. Using a blue flame, he engulfs his hand in it and punches. The punch he sends is increased in both power and speed, for this attack uses both the momentum and a massive amount of strength mixed with the intense speed and a compressed Fire chakra to deliver a bone shattering blow.

Gun Flame (Fire) - Shiro strikes the ground, and then fiery burst combusts from the ground shooting off like fireworks basically. The bursts contain flaming rocks that when the burst emits from the ground, the flame delivers an impact like a shotgun.

Volcanic Viper (Fire)- Getting low to the ground, Shiro bursts forward covered in flames, picking up speed and plowing through whatever is sent his way. (i.e. arrows, kunai, etc.) Then within inches of his target, he springs off the ground in a spiraling uppercut. (Uhhmmm.. This is Sol Badguy's move for any Guilty Gear Fans out there. XD)

Volcanic Press (Fire/ Lava)- Shiro creates a fissure allowing molten rock to rise from the ground. It emits in a fountain effect shaping into a pair of hands and closing around a target, encasing it within. Using his own hands, Shiro clasps his own hands, the lava hands mimicking his own and pressing against the opponent inside.

Wolves of Gaia (Earth) - A summoning jutsu that summons a pack of wolves rising from the ground. This jutsu can only be used on the earth being that the wolves as made from the soil. They are both quick and speed and each posses a great defense as their bodies are as tough as adamant.

Frozen Burial (Ice) - Using any source of water, the water surrounds an opponent in a sphere, then Shiro drops the temperature almost instantly freezing the opponent inside. The ice is very fragile, therefore any forceful way i.e. trying to bust them out with a sword, will shatter the sphere along with whoever is inside.

Ice Block (Ice) - This is a defensive jutsu that basically encases Shiro in a block of ice. The ice's endurance and structure is made to be as hard as a diamond, making it a perfect defense even against some fire jutsu. (It will take a pretty hot flame to get through basically.) Because this is for defense only, Shiro is left unable to attack an opponent for the time being. When the jutsu is dismissed, the block bursts into a good thousand needles of ice with the same properties allowing them to pierce even through steel.

Shining Bullet (Fire/Lightning) - Shiro is covered in a bright white light as if his body turned into light itself, then he shoots forward in a spiral at intense speeds running down whatever stood in his path.

Bushido (Fire) - The Bushido is a flame chakra that is sent through the ground and targets the chakra signature of any opponents within range. Once the chakra reached the opponents on the ground, it releases in a powerful explosion. (For better picture, this is similar to Auron’s first overdrive for anyone who played FFX)

((More will be added on the regular of course.))

Last edited by Shiro Kazuma on January 11th 2011, 10:31 am; edited 1 time in total
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Shiro Kazuma


Posts : 1083
Age : 27
Village of Residence : Kingdom of Chaos
Join date : 2009-05-12
Cool Points (LOL) : 9
Kekkei Genkai : Elemental Control

Character sheet
Character Race:
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PostSubject: Re: Shiro's Arsenal (REVISED)   January 11th 2011, 10:30 am


Dragon Install - There is three steps to this transformation jutsu.

First Flame- This is the first increment of the Dragon's installation. The appearance that signifies this is the ravaging red aura surround Shiro's entire body, his eyes shining a fierce red. A drastic boost is given to Shiro's Fire techniques and element use, as well as a slight build in his chakra generation.

Second Flame- The second increment of the installation. This increment takes place when Shiro's chakra begins to pour out of his very body, giving him a red glow of sorts, the very aura feeding into this glow. Shiro activates second flame when the stored chakra from the rapid generation begins to overflow. Shiro's speed is increased passed his normal ability. This increment also gives Shiro a boost in his Lightning element.

Final Flame- This is the final increment of the installation. The glowing chakra around Shiro's body draws to his back in the form of two wings. His eyes gain the pierced look of the fabled Dragon. Both his Lightning and Fire elements take dominance in this transformation. An increase of speed and physical strength is also gained, with a full spirit of a dragon now aiding Shiro.

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Shiro's Arsenal (REVISED)
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