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 Chavis Jutsu :: Anevay

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Anevay Chavis


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PostSubject: Chavis Jutsu :: Anevay   December 23rd 2010, 9:47 pm

Please note:: The Twins will have much the same techniques to start off with, since they've spent so much time together. As they learn more from Vescrutia, they'll become more and more different in terms of techniques.

Dreamscape Summons: As long as the twins have energy to spare, they can summon the beings of Dreamscape that they've associated with before... Usually the ones who owe the twins favors.

Aerial Assault: Simple techniques of aerial combat, with weapons and without.

___Uses Fear as an element, bringing it to corporeal form, or just as an energy source, in the place of chakra. Dreamscape energies may suffice.__

Total Submerge:: Uses gas toxins, surrounding the victim in a haze in which it is near impossible to emerge, because of it's area and density. One would have to stumble around in this haze, all the while being effected by it. Of course, even if the victim does escape, using some sort of jutsu that allows them to see through to the edge of the haze, they will be affected by the gas they inhaled or that which had sunken into their pores, depending on the toxin and the amount of time spend within the haze. Usually, it is a paralyzing or fear-inducing gas, though it can also be tear, defoliants, and vesicants.

Dream Slave: A victim of previous feedings can be summoned to fight regardless of whether they desire to or not, until that person’s energy source is three fourths depleted, at which point the technique loses it’s hold.

Universal Hell Soul: Provides a huge boost to the energies of the creatures of Dreamscape when evoked. Provides increased speed, strength and stamina for both the user and any other of their species/others of Dreamscape.

Ghost Inferno: Taunts the victim with the ‘ghosts’ of their pasts, presented in a grand, hellish illusion. Swirling flames portray horrible scenes of a loved one’s suffering... So real, it’s almost impossible to tell whether it’s truly happening or not, unless one is of Dreamscape, or, has an eye to pierce through illusion.

Fear Vision: Not really an attack, more like a different way to see things. The user can read the levels of fear in an opponent. Good for picking out meals.

Frightful Rhapsody: A song of sorts which uses frequencies of all sorts to induce first a wariness, then a deep, instinctual fear. (OMNOMNOM)

Unified Vision: Allows the twins to share a common interest. Useful for the trade of information over distance... Or when you get too lazy to actually talk.

Fear Spectrum: A comical meter appears above the head of the target, reading ‘Icky, Startled, Frightened, Scared, Terrified, DELICIOUS~!’

Melting Double Hell Scream: Releases sound waves that when heard by any person, the inhumanly high octaves can either break, damage, or in the case that two users preform it in sync, melt the ear drums.

Mortality Barrage: A toxin that works best when infecting open wounds. It attacks the human metabolism, impairing senses of sight, touch, smell, hearing, and tasting for various periods of time.

Tail Claw: The end of the user’s tail forms into a three-clawed hand of sorts, the center of the tail glowing a varied color. The color will represent which sort of ethereal blast can be shot- like from a cannon- from their tail.
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Shuichi Urashura


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PostSubject: Re: Chavis Jutsu :: Anevay   December 24th 2010, 9:52 am

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Chavis Jutsu :: Anevay
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