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 Angel tatics

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PostSubject: Angel tatics   December 24th 2010, 2:41 pm

He can fight at long and close range and his speed is very fast for most people to see.

Chakra Natures:Light

Kekkei Genkai:His Angel power's let him fight people both on land and sky.He has many powers that involve fighting,Defending, and Healing.He can also heal himself thanks to his Angel powers.

Light Manipulation:The ability to use light

Light Release:Majestic Light:A healing light that heals pain and posions

Light Release:Majestic blinding:Uses a light that blind's his oppenent's for a few secound

Light Release:Majestic Trance:Once looking into his wing's the oppenent will feel stuned by thier beauty as in a trance he wont know where the real one is

Light Release:Majestic Binding:Summons Sword's of revailing light to try and bind his oppenent

Light Release:Majestic Speed:The light flashes on him making him go faster and look like a blinding light

Light Release:Majestic Barrier:Summons a Light Barrier around him

Sword skills

Empty Sky:Only used with sword one moves quickly past the oppenent and try to cut multiple places

Godspeed:Draws the sword quickly and cuts the oppenent multiple places a once

Angel Power

Angel Healing:Can heal people or himself with his hands

Angel Wing's:He can summon his wing's to come to him at any time

Angel Strength:He is stronger then he looks

Angel Eye Form 1:A special eye that see's throught Genjustu's and Smoke and finds his oppenent and locks on as it scans for weakness and injurys

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Shiro Kazuma


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PostSubject: Re: Angel tatics   January 2nd 2011, 2:24 am

The skills are fine but need some more details. They are all too short and too vague. And you need to elaborate more on your Kekkei Genkai, for instance, give it a title and try to come up with a better description. This is the one trait that is supposed to define your skills from everyone else. Also need you to post a Mastery Rep sheet too if you dont mind. Please read the rubric on how to do so. THANKS!!! XD
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Angel tatics
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