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 ZK: What's Left/ What's New

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PostSubject: ZK: What's Left/ What's New   December 26th 2010, 7:19 pm

"'χ'... A most ancient letter. Some say 'kye,' but the meaning is the same. Death... A letter that spells endings."
—Master Xehanort

The χ-blade or Xi-blade

This blade is the ultimate keyblade, wielded by one able to call forth Kingdom Hearts, as ZK can since they are now one. It possesses the abilities of all keyblades, i.e. locking and unlocking things, but this keyblade also holds the power of the keyblades of darkness, lending it the ability to unlock hearts and bring out true potential.

7 Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald

With any one of them, he can use chaos control and other chaos energy based techniques. Combining the power of all of them, he can multiply his power by the millions, but only for a short period of time.

Christmas Gift from Santa last year: A lightsaber

With the lightsaber in my hand, I can use the various powers of The Force at will.

Various Shen Gong Wu

ZK's Mafia Rings

Lightning Flame

Cloud Flame

ZK taps into the power of the rings by using his lust for destruction.

ZK's Spirit Weapon

ZK uses a bow as his spirit weapon, channeling the power of the Spirit of Thunder through it in battle. It looks like a normal compound bow without a string normally, but it changes form when used as a medium.

And finally, two Avatars entrusted to him from Aeon:

Innis, The Mirage of Deceit

and Tarvos, The Avenger
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ZK: What's Left/ What's New
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