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 Jutsu List

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Blacc Cade


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PostSubject: Jutsu List   December 30th 2010, 10:55 pm

Metal Jutsu- Iron Sand Manipulation: Blacc Carrys a pouch full of iron fillings which he manipulates and creates weapons out of.

Metal Jutsu- Iron Coffin: Blacc uses the ore in the ground around him, or his iron fillings to grab an opponant, stopping their movement and effectively immobilizing them. Pretty much the same as gaaras

Metal Jutsu- Iron Funeral: After implementing Iron Coffin Technique, Blacc manipulates the ore to send a wave of it crashing down upon the unlucky opponant, smothering them underneath the pressure of tons of sand.

Metal Jutsu- Iron Requiem: A devastating attack, driving an opponant deep underground, then crushing them as the earth tightens around them. (note, could only ever be used by Blacc if the area around contains alot of iron ore, such as a red desert)

Metal Jutsu- Ore Detection:Blacc can detect the quantity of metal ores within the earth around him

Metal Jutsu- Magnetic Force: This technique allows Blacc to create strong magnetic forces within metals.

Metal Jutsu- Weapon Maker: Blacc manipulates his iron filings, creating various weapons.

Metal Jutsu- Armour Creation: Blacc creates a solid wall barrier, or pieces of armour from his iron filings

Metal/Wind Jutsu- Iron Death Hurricane: He pelts his enemy with iron filings, the sheer force that they are propelled at and the ammount of them ripping the flesh straight from opponants bones.
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Jutsu List
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