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 Pumpkinhead's Abilities...

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Dimension's Destroyer

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Kekkei Genkai : Nature Energies, (Shattered) Dimensional Energy, Nightmare Energy, Pitch Black Energy

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PostSubject: Pumpkinhead's Abilities...   May 16th 2009, 7:15 am

Plant Abilities:

Halloween Destroyer: 1) Pumpkinhead shoots whatever color flame he has (its effect included) through his mouth and eyes to a seemingly endless distance with such power that it burns and rips through anything weaker than it with ease. Anything matching its power or more powerful than it makes the fire explode. It can only go in the direction Pumpkinhead's head is facing. 2) Pumpkinhead focuses a pumpkin around fire then fires from his mouth/hands a yellowish orange beam that traps whatever's in the beam's path, making the chance of escape slim, then fires the energy flame pumpkin, which explodes in a great way.

Pumpkinrod: Pumpkinhead shoves long metal needles through his head that attract electricity and feed his flame instead of exploding his pumpkin head. He can also put his new spiked head on one of his swords or use it as a spikeball weapon thing...

Pumpkin Seeds: 1) Shoots pumpkin seeds of dimensional and nature energy from the mouth like bullets. 2) Plants pumpkin seeds of dimensional and nature energy to grow into perfect Pumpkinhead clones with all of his power and abilities.. But they require time to grow. 3) Spits tiny pumpkin seeds into the foe and has a dimensional pumpkin grow inside the foe.

Life Essence: creates a ball made out of the stolen life of plants and animals. This ball will suck the life from all living things to become larger and more powerful exponentially.

Magical Leaf: Shoots out razor sharp, energy draining/converting/breaking down energy that has odd properties. It has not only the ability to infect other things with its energy, but also warp about through the dimensions, pass through solid objects as if it were nothingness and slice clean through energies as if they were solid. They can be fired in an innumerable amount and also merge into one gigantic razor blade... energy... thing.

Death Flare: 1) A combination of Life Essence and Nature Bomb. Creates tiny, compressed life stealing seeds that will explode with a minimum of 30 feet, sucking out all forms of life from anything caught within their blast to absorb into themselves.

Death Hammer: Surrounds arms in poisonous, life draining spikes and allows arm to grow to any proportion and strike with insane amounts of force.

Jack O' Lantern: Pumpkinhead's head becomes extremely large and disconnects from his body, blowing fire of different colors randomly. His head becomes huge and the dimensional iron forms into a giant metal pumpkin head. The head acts on its own will and can spew large amounts of fire in one breath. It can also excrete an intense explosion of flames from all around itself.

Nature Bomb: Creates tiny seeds that make explosions of at the very minimun, a 30 foot radius.

Lantern Assist: Pumpkinhead's flame assists him by doing one of these powerups according to color: Red = Giant Power fists; Blue = Pumpkinhead gets cold feet (Literally. Freezes on contact); Green = Pumpkinhead can create illusions of himself; Purple = Pumpkinhead has poison spikes come out of his hands; Black = Pumpkinhead can make multiple exploding black flames attack a foe. Color can't be changed once activated until it is deactivated and then reactivated again with a different color.

Break: Makes an explosion/releases a beam/creates a plant that will break down whatever it touches at an insanely swift rate and convert and absorb it into energy for itself. By being in its presence, it has already begun to break down things. It constantly breaks down everything.

Pumpkin Patch: 1)Pumpkinhead's head multiplies into countless copies of itself. They all can use Pumpkinhead's fire, but may only use one color at a time. Not to mention, Pumpkinhead may switch his real fire with a copy fire at will, making him hard to catch unless all pumpkins are destroyed. The maximum pumpkins Pumpkinhead can create are 333, including himself. 2) Pumpkinhead creates an endless amount of floating pumpkins that rain down from above and explode on contact. They also can lock onto the foe, if Pumpkinhead wishes. The instant they explode, another appears to take its place, making them seem like an endless barrage. 3) The entire field is engulfed in pumpkins. The pumpkins may explode like land mines, spit an unending amount of fire or trap foes with their roots.

Pumpkin Fist: Pumpkinhead's fist is surrounded in a large, pumpkin shaped energy that explodes on contact.

Pumpkin Guillotine: A large Pumpkin face guillotine appears out of nowhere and tries to take off the head or other bodyparts of a foe. It immobilizes the foe first with an endless amount of roots and vines with paralyzing currents surging through them. It is quite a deadly ability.

Vine Whip: One to One million vines shoot out of Pumpkinhead surging with a paralyzing current with sharpened blades as their tips. You can see where this is going, so, yeah. Paralysis and getting cut up.

Rose Thorns: Pumpkinhead's arm changes into a black rose that looks like it's a type of cannon or gun. It shoots out thorn bullets nonstop tipped with either poison, leeching energy or electrifying currents. It shoots out like a machinegun.

Synthesis: Absorbs energy from the sun, the plants, or nature itself to either heal Pumpkinhead or restore his energy/chakra/wtfever.

Heavy Drain: Roots/Vines/Pumpkinhead grabs a foe and drains them of a lot, if not all of their chakra/energy/power to restore it to himself.

Soul Drain: Similar to Heavy Drain, only instead of sucking out their energy, they suck out the foe's literal life force.

Pumpkin Leeches: Miniature pumpkins are shot out and latch to the foe, both paralyzing them and absorbing their energy.

Sporadic Spread: From Pumpkinhead comes a huge amount of spores. Some are deadly and upon being touched, will instantly kill you. Some are neurologically toxic. Some are physically paralyzing. Some are poisonous to the touch. Some will put you to sleep or even worse, a comma. Some are all of the above simultaneously.

Weed Growth: 1) Allows any plant to grow extremely fast. 2) The grass grows to an incredible height, wrapping around the foe and eating them whole.

Plant Shock: All of the plants in the area attack a foe. Enough said.

Plant Life: Gives all of the plants in the area life so that they have their own free will (but still controlled by Pumpkinhead, in some way...) To attack how they will.

Ingrain: One or several roots sprout from Pumpkinhead and drain the energy from the ground. Pumpkinhead cannot move while this is being done, but he basically has an unlimited amount of power until he takes the roots from the ground.

Pumpkin Bombs: 1) Leaves pumpkins around the area that explode at will. He may also throw them to create huge fiery explosions, as well... 2) Spews a great amount of seeds that make grand explosions like those of normal sized bombs. Very powerful, especially since they all come in the multitudes.

Leaf Rain: Leaves as sharp as steel rain down from the sky and cut up whatever is in their way.

Pumpkin Flare: 1) A huge explosion from a large pumpkin. This explosion wipes out any and all plant-life in the area, Pumpkinhead's or not, then regrows the barren field in nothing but Pumpkins. 2) A huge shockwave from the ground that makes all of the plants in the area to grow uncontrollably, which Pumpkinhead can then maneuver to his will to wrap, drain ot attack whatever he wants them to.

Nature's Demise: An ability received from a scroll on a mission for the Bingo Books. 1) Destroys all plant-life or plant-like life in the area instantly, mostly in a huge explosion of nothing but shattering dimensional energy. Hope he doesn't do this in a forest... 2) Makes plants grow from every square inch of the ground as far as the eye can see, all of which are very dangerous due to poisonous pollen and venomous traits, not to mention superfast regrowth. 3) An immense pumpkin head eclipses the sun, then comes smashing down on the area, roots and leaves coming from it demolishing the area, smashing stuff with roots and cutting shit up with leaves sharper and harder than steel. The pumpkin will then explode and release a miniature supernova.

Devi Lotus Breaker: A wonderful ability that creates the 'Chakra Lotus Flowers.' The Lotus Flowers are the symbol of all known chakras and energies that exist, and thus, with every color is a certain type of chakra/energy that they may absorb within themselves. With each color means a different type of chakra/energy and upon being within the presence of these lotus flowers, whatever color is active will eat away at that specific chakra/energy source. Also, these Lotuses shoot out beams that instantly and completely drain all of the essence of that specific chakra/energy. If Pumpkinhead is to equip one of these Lotuses to himself, he becomes immune to the effects of whatever chakra/energy source they drain.

Red - Fire, Heat
Blue - Liquid, Ice, Cold
Green - Plants/Nature/Earth, Wind
Yellow - Electricity
Black - Space, Darkness/Shadow, Dimension (which technically counts as space, but...)
Purple - Toxin, Contamination, Metal
White - Light, Holy
Gray - Force, Time
Clear - Blank slate. Open for any sort of new chakra/energy to be absorbed. Takes on a color after it has been absorbed and adapted.

Last edited by Pumpkinhead on May 18th 2010, 6:59 pm; edited 6 times in total
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Dimension's Destroyer

Posts : 105
Village of Residence : Etc...
Join date : 2009-05-15
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Kekkei Genkai : Nature Energies, (Shattered) Dimensional Energy, Nightmare Energy, Pitch Black Energy

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PostSubject: Re: Pumpkinhead's Abilities...   May 16th 2009, 7:31 am

Dimensional Abilities:

Dimensia Ripper:
Pumpkinhead's sword becomes powerful dimensional energy and begins to cut
through the fabric of various dimensions. With this, Pumpkinhead can suck
people into the dimensions he cuts into.

Dimension Eater:
Pumpkinhead's sword eats the dimensional energy in the air, destroying it completely so long as he makes slashes with his swords.

Dimensional Discord:
Pumpkinhead shatters random parts of the dimension around the area, making everything in that area into nothingness or destroyed completely. It will reform on its own, but it is filled with things in the area (For example, if a tree is closer to the space Pumpkinhead has just destroyed, that tree will be sucked in and converted into that space and be used as part of the space.

Dimensional Dome: A
dome of complete shattered dimension that only lasts until something fills it surrounds Pumpkinhead, allowing him to be in another dimension. Pumpkinhead cannot be seen while in this dome,
but he also cannot move or attack. Whatever comes in contact with it instantly fills the space of the dome, but only however big whatever is sucked in is.

Vacuum: Pumpkinead shatters the dimensional energy in a place and it creates an insanely powerful vacuum trail. It can stem into many different directions before it
stops. It can sucks in whatever Pumpkinhead wants.

Dimensia Crumble: A
laaaarge part of the sky shatters and becomes black with nothingness, then
large spikes extend from it, jab down and retract at high speeds and
from all places... Think giant Sonic the Hedgehog quills, only
retractable back into the sky. Whatever they touch is absorbed into it to fill the absent space, and thus, until it is filled, it will erase whatever it touches from existence.

Dimen Hand: A giant
hand of a shattered dimension reaches out and tries to destroy foe. Anything that tries to get
in its way is destroyed/absorbed into it. Though, it only lasts for a
short period of time.

Dimensia: Shatters the entire dimensional area around something, leaving it trapped in nothingness.

Dimensia Erase: Pumpkinhead's hands become
claws of Shattered Dimensional Energy that claw through anything and collapse
their dimensional structure once contact is made.

Zero Dimensia: (With Sword, after
using Dimensional Sword) The sword suddenly powers up to x10 times more
powerful and faster than the Pumpkin Carver and is able to rip through
dimensional structures and shatter them with no effort at all. He is able to make huge rips with one
slash. (Without Sword) Pumpkinhead begins destroying/Collapsing the
dimensional area around something within a set area, and once done, the
place destroyed is literally nothing, and whatever was inside of it is
trapped in another dimension.

Dimensia Shatter: Pumpkinhead changes himself into shattered dimensional energy and will float around trying to find something to fill his space once again so that he may return to normal. If he finds something (like a foe, for example) They will die and Pumpkinhead will gain some of their abilities (just a few.) If he finds nothing to fill his space, however, he will be stuck like that forever and will eternally be Dimensional Space... until something fills that space.

Infinity Dimensia: Makes huge shattering explosions that shatter the dimensional energy around the area. He can create as many explosions as he sees fit, saying that there can be however many shattered dimensions as he wants.

Dimensia Bomber: From Pumpkinhead's hand comes a huge beam of Shattered Dimensional Energy. Whatever touches it is absorbed into it to fill its space, but since Pumpkinhead is feeding energy into it, it will not be filled. Pumpkinhead can also make it explode at any given time with a GREAT explosion.

Dimension Destroyer: A powerful attack that allows Pumpkinhead to destroy the dimensional energy around the area... Not shatter it, but destroy it, meaning it will not come back unless Dimensional Energy and Dimensional Energy alone fills it. Whatever gets too close will be sucked in and disintegrated instantly.

Dimensia Beam: Huge rays of shattered dimensional energy blast down from the sky and explode on contact.

Dimensia Flux: Creates a large sphere of Shattered Dimensional Energy that melts/drips down fast amounts of dimensional streams that stab at the opponent, or ensnare and destroy them.

Dimension's Reform: An ability taught to him by Tigen, since he does basically nothing but destroy dimensional energy. This ability takes a HELL of a lot of energy out of him, but it restores ALL of the dimensional energy he has destroyed in the area so that nothing goes wrong and the dimensional structure of the entire planet does not collapse completely and kill everyone. It's quite useful and life-saving.

Shattering Fate: An ability learned from a scroll that was on a mission to get a Bingo Book. Shatters any and all dimensional structures in the entire area within any given radius of Pumpkinhead. It can also be used to shatter the entire space (not structures, but the space around them) as far as Pumpkinhead's eye can see.

Dimensional Trapping: Lines any sort of structure within the dimension Pumpkinhead is in with a sort of 'trap' that activates either on Pumpkinhead's command or when someone else touches it, thus causing anything that touches the 'trapped' structure to have their dimensional structure shattered, as well as the dimensional structure of whatever was 'trapped.' Pumpkinhead can 'trap' an indefinite amount of things, but he just has to touch them, first.

Shattered Wall: Creates an invisible wall of weakened dimensions. Upon ANYTHING passing this wall, it will have its dimensional structure and spacial structure shattered and obliterated, thus erasing it from existence.

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Dimension's Destroyer

Posts : 105
Village of Residence : Etc...
Join date : 2009-05-15
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Kekkei Genkai : Nature Energies, (Shattered) Dimensional Energy, Nightmare Energy, Pitch Black Energy

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PostSubject: Re: Pumpkinhead's Abilities...   May 16th 2009, 5:32 pm

Weapon Abilities:

Pumpkin Carver: Signature move of the Pumpkin Carver. It glows with an energy unknown to all, making it just about indestructible and able to slice through any sort of matter, energy or object in its path, but it only lasts for about 3 seconds at max, and it cannot be used consecutively.

Omega Cleave: Splits space in half. Cuts just about any sort of space, cosmic, etc energy with this special ability. Cannot be used consecutively, but it does work on a wide-range scale, making a massive ripping explosion of cut space... and stuff.

Pitch Black Rupture: The signature ability of the Pitch Black Sword in which he will be able to destroy the spacial structure and/or dimensional structure of whatever the blade touches, erasing it from existence instantly.

Nature Blade: Fuses nature energy within his sword to allow it to gain energy from the sun, from water and from the nutrients of plants, as well as be able to convert solid substances into nutrients for the blade and Pumpkinhead. Also can use Nature Abilities at will and control plants when touching them.

Shattered Dimensional Sword: A sword that is made of shattered dimensions and increases the power of Pumpkinhead's abilities. Naturally, it can absorb things into itself as long as Pumpkinhead wills it to, but absorbing things does not heal him or his abilities, it merely drains his power faster. Though, if he does not choose to absorb things into it, he won't and can just use it to increase his own dimensional power. Naturally, being made out of a shattered dimension, it shatters the dimensional structure of what it touches and the space around it just by being present.

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Dimension's Destroyer

Posts : 105
Village of Residence : Etc...
Join date : 2009-05-15
Cool Points (LOL) : 1
Kekkei Genkai : Nature Energies, (Shattered) Dimensional Energy, Nightmare Energy, Pitch Black Energy

Character sheet
Character Race: Scarecrow (Dimensional Entity)
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PostSubject: Re: Pumpkinhead's Abilities...   June 7th 2009, 8:48 am

(FINALLY decided to update...)

Nightmare Arm: Arm becomes nightmare energy and grows to great proportions or grabs the foe and drains them of their energy.

Nightmare Slash: Slashes at great speeds, releasing huge shockwaves of Nightmare Energy that cut and corrode substances.

Dream Eater: Many nightmare wisps fly about the area at a high speed, devouring light/holy energies and spreading nightmare energy throughout the area. They also eat the dreams and nightmares of foes for energy, and also may induce horrific nightmares while the foe is awake, making them go delusional.

Nightmare Noise: Releases a high pitch, high frequency screech that rumbles the area. Numerous nightmare energy bats consume the area and makes the entire area surrounding in Nightmare Energy as well as slice up enemies with their wings. They also drain chakra/energy upon being touched.

Nightmarish Infection: Lets Nightmare Energy infect inanimate objects and make them come to life, leaving them under Pumpkinhead's control as well as giving them several Nightmare Energy abilities.

Nightmare Shadow: Nightmare Energy hides in the shadows, devouring shadows completely and replacing them with nightmare energy. It will slice across the surfaces of things and attack people directly by moving across the surface of their body and... well... attacking.

Nightmare Pulse: A huge wave of Nightmare Energy that will devour and absorb most energies that it comes in contact with to grow larger and stronger, making it more devastating.

Nightmare World: Engulfs the entire field in Nightmare Energy, changing it into an alternate, opposite dimension of what it used to be. All attacks that are NOT Nightmare Energy are weakened severely until they turn to nothingness at an exponential rate.

Nightmare Scarecrow Forme: Unlike Tigen, Pumpkinhead only has 1 Nightmare Scarecrow Forme. In this forme, his Nightmare Flame sits deep within the cavities of his chest, shrouded by an endless amount of roots and nightmare energy, making it seem like an endless black hole in his chest. It's very hard to get to. In this forme, he can summon any sort of nightmare at his will, make the nightmares of his foe real, and also all energy based attacks, especially Darkness/Shadows and Light/Holy do little damage to him. His body may extend to any length and he can instantly materialize and rematerialize at will. He may also connect with the roots of other plants and drain their energy, make them come to life, make pumpkin soldiers grow or make them come alive imbued with Nightmare Energy. He also is extremely dense, even making a light step will make an incredible earthquake if need be, however even with this density, he is extremely fast. Spikes can extend from his body at any given moment at any given length. In this forme, he has a set moveset and cannot use any other attacks than these:

Rotting Pumpkin: His head secretes deadly and corrosive wax that will disintegrate what it touches almost instantly.

Infinite Nightmares: Makes 1,000 or more nightmares spurt from himself of huge proportions to attack and devour whatever he wants them to. If they are to touch the enemy, the enemy will instantly go to sleep and they will have their energy/chakra/dreams/nightmares all eaten.

Black Nightmare: 1,000 Nightmare Scarecrow forme Pumpkinheads appear and proceed in ripping the foe to shreds and devouring their insides.

Skeletal Claw: From Pumpkinhead's body comes several or one large skull shaped claw that will rip through most substances and steals souls from people. If it is hit, it regenerates until Pumpkinhead stops feeding it Nightmare Energy.

Dark Desire: Shatters the dimensional energy of the entire area, however he shatters it specifically so that Nightmare Energy can take it over. The nightmare energy will then devour all other energies that are used other than Nightmare Energy and proceed in trying to drag the foe into the Nightmare Energy and seal up.

Death Impalement: Indestructible roots and vines that are hard enough to rip through bone like a cloud surge through the entire area or from Pumpkinhead's body. They will also rip through most attacks.

Nightmare Inferno: Whatever flame Pumpkinhead's flame flashes the color of, it will instantly engulf the field in it using its same abilities. The flame burns endlessly, rekindling if it is somehow put out, since it runs on the will of Pumpkinhead's flame (example: Red flame will engulf the entire area and it will have extreme heat, as well as power Pumpkinhead up.)

Nutrient Drain: Roots of Pumpkinhead or any plant latch to the opponent and literally break their material makeup into nothingness so that they can drain the energy.

Hell's Doom: Paralyzes the foe by wrecking their nerves and chakra/energy with a touch from the finger, then roots and vines from all around encase the foe in a horrifically large and thick, almost forest sized tree with thorns and spikes stabbing at the foe... Then Pumpkinhead's Nightmare Flame ignites the tree, burning it as well as the foe, however it burns with Nightmare Energy, not fire. Lastly, the Nightmare Flame that has engulfed the tree makes a face, disintegrating the tree and anything inside of it, leaving literal nothingness where it used to stand.

Nightmare Reaper: Releases all of the Nightmare Energy from his body and that Nightmare Energy sucks in all of the lingering Nightmare Energy in the area, then the Nightmare Energy will forme into an immense pumpkin headed Reaper with a Nightmare Energy scythe. The reaper will take one huge swipe of its large scythe that moves faster than the speed of light, then after that, if a soul is not reaped, the vacuum from the force and speed will cause a collapse within the space of the area and open up the Realm of Damned Souls and... well... The vacuum will suck in everything in the area... Except Pumpkinhead, of course.

That's what he looks like.

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Dimension's Destroyer

Posts : 105
Village of Residence : Etc...
Join date : 2009-05-15
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Kekkei Genkai : Nature Energies, (Shattered) Dimensional Energy, Nightmare Energy, Pitch Black Energy

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PostSubject: Re: Pumpkinhead's Abilities...   June 7th 2009, 9:35 am

Quick Note: Pitch Black Energy is condensed Spacial, Black Hole, and Dimensional energy. Its sole purpose is to eliminate all states of matter it comes in contact with once activated as well as eliminate light and stop the transfer of energy as well as destroy anything that is at zero-point. It is literally unaffected by any light or holy energies as well as dark or shadow energies. It has the special ability to break up other energies that come in contact with it as well as weaken energies that are stronger or larger than the initial attack. For some odd reason, Pitch Black Energy is attracted infinitely to... candy... as well as concentrations of light. It has a set obligation to devour light in its entirety. Due to Pumpkinhead's strength lapse, however, he can't use Pitch Black Energy repeatedly, or else he will be utterly drained and has to pace himself thoroughly.

Pitch Black Energy Abilities:

Pitch Black Fist: an extremely fast punch that can break down matter.

Pitch Black Hole: Opens a hole made of Pitch Black Energy that devours all oncoming attacks completely.

Pitch Black Cutter: Many thin, flat wave-like lines shoot from Pumpkinhead's body in a 360 degree area that will rip through whatever they touch. They moves at about 10 lines per second and they continue for whatever distance Pumpkinhead wants.

Ecliptic Meteor: A large ball of Pitch Black Energy is formed in the air that blocks out the sun, then it is thrown down to the ground at a high speed, exploding and erasing everything within the explosion.

Pitch Black Sky: Shrouds the sky in Pitch Black Energy that will either try to suck everything in with an incredible force or seep downward like a liquid and erase whatever it touches.

Dark Funnel: (After Pitch Black Sky) A huge funnel 5 times that of a normal tornado spirals downward toward the land, warping the space and dimensional energy around it endlessly, making both an alternate dimension when things get near it and also erases whatever gets close to it.

Pitch Black Rain: (After Pitch Black Sky) Small orbs float downward and stay stationary in the skies, however when the foe leaves the ground to fly or even jump high, they attack and will break up the material makeup of the foe at extreme speeds.

Black Body: His body becomes Pitch Black Energy and allows him to erase whatever he touches by destroying their material makeup. He may change his size to any proportion as well.

Annihilation: A super attack that starts with a piercing beam of Pitch Black energy from his finger or palm. Very thin. Whatever it touches, it instantly creates an explosion that does not stop until Pumpkinhead stops it. To top it off, it creates Pitch Black hands that grab and pull things in from all around, making it bigger a beam that pierces through the other side of the planet, disintegrating whatever it touches along the way.

Pitch Black Destroyer: When touched or gotten close to, he explodes Pitch Black Energy from his body at a great speed, leaving little to no time to escape, breaking up and destroying whatever it touches.

Pitch Black Hellmageddon: 1) Creats a miasma of Pitch Black Energy through the entire area that infects the air.. However if the foe manages to survive this, the energy that was just spread condenses and compresses, shrouding the area in Pitch Black Energy and therefore leaving them in a space and dimension all of Pumpkinhead's own. It will destroy whatever is in it that Pumpkinhead tells it to. 2) Pumpkinhead makes an astronomical explosion of Pitch black Energy from the area that will disintegrate everything in its way and in the area. The explosion is so intense, it can be seen from other planets and the resulting blast extends vertically to other planets. 3) Pumpkinhead smashes the ground and it shatters, turning into Pitch Black Energy. He does the same for the atmosphere, making them trapped in the Pitch Black Dimension, in which... well... The natural Pitch Black Energies instantly devour the foe, however once this is done, Pumpkinhead loses all of his Pitch Black Energy abilities, however he can still use his sword.

Pitch Black Form: In Pumpkinhead's Pitch Black Form, oddly enough, he cannot use any sort of Pitch Black Energy whatsoever. He can, however, destroy whatever he touches instantly, since in this form he become Pitch Black Energy. He can still use the Pitch Black Sword, however. Since he becomes Pitch Black Energy, he does have an odd attraction to candy and condensed light... in fact, it's an attraction he cannot control. But, whatever. His body can bend and stretch to his will and he can basically destroy or absorb just about any sort of energy, as well as destroy space around him and dimensions. He also flies... and stuff. This form is only triggered when the Pitch Black Flame is active.

That's what he looks like.
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PostSubject: Re: Pumpkinhead's Abilities...   

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Pumpkinhead's Abilities...
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