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 Jesse's Equipment

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Inuzuka Jesse


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PostSubject: Jesse's Equipment   January 9th 2011, 2:44 am

Hashi and Nekki's Soul Weapon Forms

Hashi and Keikei

Hashi and Keikei were presented to Jesse as an infant, he spent more time with them than he with his siblings, learning their traits and personalities. They're more human to him than anyone he has ever met and he can communicate with them and other animals thanks to secret teachings of his clan. They are only puppies now but he hopes to be around when they grow even bigger and stronger. They are considered to be Jesse's main weapons and are capable of using some of the earth jutsu Jesse uses, and are reasonably strong and fast. Hashi and Keikei are capable of destroying and lifting large boulders with their limbs and teeth, should they use the human transformation technique, or body merge, they only get stronger. They fight in perfect synch with Jesse given some exceptions since they're only pups.

Stimulant Pills

Inuzuka clan members use these stimulant pills to increase their senses and that of their dogs. Through Jesse's research he has crafted his own stimulant pills that create a wide variety of affects when given to his companions

Pill A- When given to his dogs they grow in size, meaning they age to their adult forms for a short period of time increasing their strength and power to that which they would have when they are adults. When taken in perspective, this could be devastating. But since they are pups at heart, this only lasts for 3 minutes

Pill B- Causes Hashi and Keikei's bodies to flicker rendering them intangible for three minutes giving them the ability to phase through solids and strike still. Anything they should collide with while intangible would decay from the inside out
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PostSubject: Re: Jesse's Equipment   January 9th 2011, 6:57 am

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Jesse's Equipment
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