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 Pumpkinhead's Weapons

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PostSubject: Pumpkinhead''s Weapons   May 16th 2009, 8:34 am

Just for the record, Tigen has Pumpkin Carver and Pumpkinhead has Pumpkin Carver, however Pumpkinhead has the original, more powerful and faster blade... Just so you know.

Pumpkinhead has the incredibly large butcher knife known as Pumpkin Carver. This Pumpkin Carver has speed to make 20 different slashes out of one slash that are invisible to the naked eye and too fast to be comprehended, however Pumpkinhead's Pumpkin Carver and Pumpkinheads speed make this a falsehood. Instead of 20 cuts with every one slash, there are 100 and their power makes them large cuts instead of small ones like Tigen's Pumpkin Carver does. Other than that, basically the same.

Pumpkinhead also has another weapon... A legendary weapon passed down to him from The Lantern (not the Weapon, the Person), who was a heroic Scarecrow Demon from their dimension. His signature weapn, the giant Magic Meat Cleaver (called Cleaver for short) could do a variety of things, but that was also because of his demonic powers mixed with it. It had the ability to transform when it was with The Lantern and rip through realities, dimensions and space. As of right now, it cannot transform, but it can rip through space and dimensions (oddly enough, not realities anymore.) This Meat Cleaver was how The Lantern got from one realm to another, since he was both from a Demon World and the dimension of Dimensia. This Meat Cleaver also has enough power to split a building clean in two, as well as increase its size to great lengths.

Pumpkinhead has retrieved a powerful and lost heirloom of his families that jumps through dimensions until it finds an owner. It is the Pitch Black Sword. This powerful sword is made of condensed spacial and dimensional energy into one sword. When Pumpkinhead touches it, he gains Pitch Black energy throughout his body, making him able to use the Pitch Black flame mode and Pitch Black energies at his will. Pitch Black Energy has the ability to break up just about any other energies it touches as well as block out all light in its entirety. It also has slight gravitational properties, nullifying gravity for Pumpkinhead whenever he uses the sword. The sword itself has the ability to rip through space and dimensions as a whole or separately. It also gives Pumpkinhead the ability to warp through dimensions as well, just like his brother Tigen, but he cannot warp distances more than 10 feet. If Pumpkinhead uses the Pitch Black Rupture, the signature ability of the Pitch Black Sword, he will be able to destroy the spacial structure of whatever the blade touches, erasing it from existence.
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Pumpkinhead's Weapons
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