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 Damian's Techniques

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Damian Sai
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Kekkei Genkai : Glacial Bronze Flare, Earth Manipulation, Fire/Magma Manipulation, Metal Recreation

PostSubject: Damian's Techniques   January 17th 2011, 1:43 pm

(I thought I had this but apparently not</3)

Fire Manipulation:
- Fire Style; Fire Ball Jutsu- By emitting a flow of chakra into his hands, Damian can manipulate surrounding heat waves, or body heat into a form of a fireball.
- Ember: A basic fire attack, by using a small amount of heat in the surrounding area, and a small amount of chakra Damian is able to -with the snap of his finger- create fire, depending on how much heat is taken in changes the outcome on how much fire is produced in the end.
- Inferno Wave: From concentrating enough chakra through the entirety of Damian’s two arms motioning them into a swinging motion would thus cause Damian’s control of the fire into a wave that can be used for shielding purposes or absorbing other fire in the area.
- Solar Energy: This makes the sun scorch higher than usual, and makes Damian’s fire technique's powerful more than usual.

Earth Manipulation:
- Stealth Rock: By focusing enough chakra by rooting it’s energy through the ground like veins, rock spires would erupt in random locations, and holding a sharp point to damage the foe.
- Rock Tomb: By focusing enough chakra in the palm section of Damian’s hands, it makes it possible to make rock walls appear around the opponent, to try and trap. However, this can also be used as a shielding technique against heavy attacks.
- Rock Blast: By focusing enough chakra in the palm section and of the soles of Damian’s legs and feet, he is able to stomp any onto any hard surface of rock which would cause a rocky boulder to erupt and be able to float around him like a shield. However, if used for offensive ability, then he is able to control the boulders from the chakra flow within his arms to thrust them at his opponent.
-Soil Consumption: By focusing and also using nearby soil, or small rocks such as pebbles or basically anything that’s earth material related from the earth, Damian has the ability to summon such a tidal wave of used material.
-Rock Pillar: Sending a shaky pulse into the ground, it can produce pillar's of rock, this technique is similar to the “Stealth Rock”
-Rock Wrecker: By pushing Damian’s body into preforming a sprint his body would produce a brownish glow as well create a after glowing trail. As momentum and force would build up, Damian would be able to turn the sprint into a corkscrew spin thrusting his powerful body into his foe, and any surface.

Magma Manipulation: (This power is in the early works as Damian trains to helm it correctly)
-Lava Plume: By creating balls of flame within Damian’s palms, and plunging them into the ground would create a pool of lava from the extreme heat fusing with rock that would decay into magma, this magma would then push through the rock surface and sprout like geysers at his opponent(s).

Glacial Brown Flare:
As Damian trained Rose’s executioner’s team long ago when the Depths was still thriving, it was when the two were training, attempting to hone Damian’s powers. Earlier it was sought during a short meeting between Rose and Unknown that there was something different and special with Damian. They were righting during the training session Rose forced this hidden ability unbeknownst to Damian prior to the battle. This special burning brown tinted flame is different than the normal flame as such it has capabilities of ‘freezing’ whatever it touches like a negative flame to the normal fire that burns whatever it comes in contact with. Like fire, this ability shares the same abilities listed above in the ‘Fire Manipulation’ section but the fire is brown and is able to ‘freeze’ things
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Damian's Techniques
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