Tymonland, The Veritas (Dusk)
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 Hebi's Pact with Medusa Gorgon

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PostSubject: Hebi's Pact with Medusa Gorgon   January 30th 2011, 10:05 am

Hebi has formed a pact with the youngest of the Gorgon Sisters Medusa.

Pact beast: The snake hair Gorgon Medusa who was caused with the ability to turn anyone who looks at her to stone forever.

Pact-price: Hebi;s pact price is the "Ironic Eye Pact". This pact has completely stolen Hebi's sight leaving hims to simply rely on hearing, nose, and snake tongue which lets him feel body heat. Although though his Pact abilities give him sight for a moment this is only during the heat of battle meaning Hebi is only allowed to see ones her intends to kill never the ones he cares for unless risking their lives.

Pact-power(s): Medusa has gifted Hebi with a large amount of her abilities which Hebi himself his still learning how to use. The first ability is Medusa's primary ability which is the power of petrification which for an instant restores Hebi's lost vision so he can turn anyone in his gaze into stone. This ability unlike Medusa however is more controlled as Hebi is able to return those turned to stone back to normal 2 times before they are stone forever. Another ability granted from Medusa is the control over unique group of snakes which are able to release deadly venom which can cause slower and more painful petrification causing a person to slowly reduce movements until they could not really move unless risking shattering stone parts of their body. These snakes can also combine with Hebi giving him a closer form to a male Medusa to better his fighting abilities. The final ability Hebi is granted from Medusa is a powerful poison within his body which can cause a slow painful death as the poison cause the person to liquify from the inside out. Although this poison is very unique because it comes from the blood on right side of Hebi's body while the only cure for this poison is the blood from the left side of Hebi's body.


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Hebi's Pact with Medusa Gorgon
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