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 Perura's abilties

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PostSubject: Perura's abilties   February 20th 2011, 3:02 pm

Perura is the offspring of two very similar weapons. Her mother being a Halberd and her father being a Lance. Perura however, developed to be nothing like her parents since both of them were melee weapons and needed to be held to be used efficiently by their meisters, she developed to be a combination of a Laser and a Gatling Gun, two things that don't really need to be wielded to be used proficiently. Which means that she can usually turn her arm into the barrels for a Gatling Gun and fire either bullets or Lasers from it. She has also honed her abilities enough to be able to turn large chunks of her hair into individual barrels of the Gatling Gun and they too can fire either bullets or lasers.

Perura's bullets aren't normal bullets, and neither are her lasers, they are made of her soul wavelength. Don't be fooled by this, they are still able to pierce and injure the opponent as if they were being fired from a gun that someone was holding and pulling the trigger for. Her lasers aren't strong enough to pierce the opponent's body, but it is strong enough to incinerate the opponent if a huge concentration is fired. Usually it only pushes the opponent back, but still harms them, like being punched. Perura can also use her laser like a scope, so that she can track the movements of her enemy and use that tracking to fire her Gatling Gun's bullets efficiently at the foe and not waste energy.

Cold Soul
The Cold Wavelength is actually very interesting you see, the cold wavelength seems to freeze things once they are in contact with the cold wavelength. Perura hasn't mastered it enough to freeze people's bodies or anything like that, it usually only freezes energy based attacks, other wavelengths, or other attacks in general. Seeing as Perura is only just learning about her own wavelength, it doesn't usually work all the time, but there is a 6 out of about 8 chance that it freezes any energy based attacks that it comes into contact with. It also has a solidification factor to it that Perura can use to solidify her lasers or Gatling Gun bullets to make them have a bigger impact when they hit something. More will be learned about it later by Perura.

Laser Barrage: Turning her arms, or hair, into the barrels of her Gatling Gun, she fires laser after laser at her opponent aiming to pelt them with laser after laser, she can solidify the lasers with her Cold Soul, to increase the damage of the hits.

Lock-on... Fire: Using her laser as a laser pointer to lock-on to her opponents location, Perura adjusts her Gatling Gun's trajectory accordingly and rapidly fires bullets at her opponent. This isn't unavoidable, but it's very hard to do for people that move slower than Perura can see.

( That all... )
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Perura's abilties
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