Tymonland, The Veritas (Dusk)
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 Hitotoke Bikou's Power

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PostSubject: Hitotoke Bikou's Power   February 25th 2011, 1:46 pm

Hitotoke Bikou was born to a family of human weapons who preferred NOT to fight, as anyone who partnered with them would have their body completely destroyed from the inside out by the weapons wavelength, except for death gods and members of the clan. When he discovered his own weapon form, a double-edged axe, he left his home to train with his weapon form in hopes he could become a DeathScythe and maybe even find a way where the other members of the clan could find partners without destroying their partner's bodies.
Excessive Soul Wavelength
The members of his clan and himself when in weapon form, release as much of their soul wavelength unconsciously, causing people who partner up with them to have their bodies ravaged and torn from the inside if they stay with them for too long in weapon form and the process is sped up if they perform a soul resonance. However, because so much of their soul is being outputted in their weapon form, they are amazingly powerful and deadly.

His weapon form
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PostSubject: Re: Hitotoke Bikou's Power   February 28th 2011, 12:46 pm

Until further notice. Khrona, I need your word.
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Hitotoke Bikou's Power
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