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 Now Chroma has Jutsu, too!

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Monochrome Girl Dipped in Insanity :: Anbu of the Dusk
Monochrome Girl Dipped in Insanity :: Anbu of the Dusk

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PostSubject: Now Chroma has Jutsu, too!   February 27th 2011, 9:06 am

The most well-known power of the Khrona family. Though its power can only be passed down through genetics, it is not a Kekkei Genkai and just their general power, however the Khrona family has made derivative Jutsu that uses the power of Anatomia. Now, what is Anatomia? Anatomia would be total and utter control over all aspects of the physical body as well as the enhancement and decrement of any other bodily aspect. The usefulness and control differs, for example, Khrona is able to control all aspects at all times, while Chroma is not that advanced and therefore can only utilize it on some parts of her body at one time. The bodily aspects involve anything physical, from the cells and molecules to the DNA. For most people, the control would be slight and would probably physically harm them in some way, but with Chroma, the Anatomia allows her to do most anything to her body as much as she needs to without feeling too much pain or any other repercussions because of her lineage. If Chroma is to physically touch someone, she has potential to make them succumb to her Anatomia and be hers to control as long as she is touching them, given the right circumstances.

Alteration: The basic foundation of the Anatomia KG, Chroma is able to alter her own physical structure or the physical structure of what she touches or psychically touches to her will. Alterations may be as simple as morphing to actually changing genetic, cellular, molecular and/or atomic structure. Chroma is new to using it, so her prowess with it is not that great, but she is better at psychically using Alteration than physically.

Absorption: The basic foundation of Anatomia KG, Chroma is able to absorb anything with cells, molecules, etc into herself temporarily (as she has not learned to make it permanent yet), giving her the ability to use the powers and abilities of what has been absorbed as long as it is within her body and adapted to her. However, Chroma can only absorb one thing at a time, though it can be anything, and once absorbed, can adapt to it.

Adaptation: The basic foundation of Anatomia KG, Chroma has the potential to adapt her body to literally anything that touches her, she has merged with or that she has absorbed, but because of her newness to the ability, she has not learned to adapt that fast nor that well. When she does manage to adapt to something however, this allows her full immunity to the effects of what she adapts to. Her adaptation powers work hand in hand with the Absorption and Merging to allow her to take in what she wishes into herself and utilize it to her own will. Chroma is more adept at adapting her mind than her body, however.

Merging: The basic foundation of Anatomia KG, Chroma has potential to merge her own body to literally anything she touches in any fashion she wishes, using what she has merged with as more limbs or attachments or enhancements to her body, or to bind things together or something of that sort. Though, she is very new to this power and cannot merge with too many complex things, but only simple things at the moment. The Merging basically allows her to partially fuse her body with something and control it to her will as if it were part of her body without having to physically change the structure of it or herself too much. Chroma is more adept at merging her mind with things than her body, however.

Fragmentation: The basic foundation of Anatomia KG, Chroma is able to separate cells, DNA, molecules, atoms or anything else of that sort from what she wishes. This is used to allow her to remove things from her body that she does not wish to be there, such as something she Merges with and doesn't want anymore. Also, she can use this to physically or psychically separate the cells, DNA, etc. of other things, thus allowing her to break them down and destroy them to her own will. Since Chroma is so new to the ability, however, it is very hard for her to use Fragmentation on anything outside of her own body without a lot of work put into it. Alternatively, Chroma is able to create new Chromas by breaking off tiny parts of herself and mixing them with other things, allowing those DNA cells to adapt to whatever they touch and give the new Chromas that ability. She cannot make too many for it strains her too much, though.

Reality Release
Being skilled in both Genjutsu and Jikukan Ninjutsu (Space-Time Ninjutsu), Chroma has the ability to utilize her psychic power as well as her mastery to merge the two together to make Reality Jutsus via Reality Release, which can work as a normal Genjutsu with adverse effects, or actually to change reality itself to Chroma's will. Chroma is rather adept at these because of her mental adaptability and her lineage, so she is learning fast. However, she may know how to use them, but her control is very lacking at this point.

Reality Warping: The foundation of the Reality Jutsu, allowing Chroma to literally alter, create, merge or destroy reality when she wishes. A very powerful ability, it is the general ability that stems most of the rest of the Reality Jutsu. It usually works directly with her psychic powers or Soul Wavelength, however, so it only goes to a certain radius, most times, however she can increase or decrease the range of it to her own will, as well. However Chroma is new to using them, making it hard for her to use it in large surpluses or too many times, or even that quickly for that matter.

Reality Merge: One of the basic abilities of the Reality Warping, in which using very powerful omniscient psychic abilities, Chroma may literally pull other realities from other alternate realms and merge them within this one. Not only this, but she can merge her own or anyone else's realities with this one, as well. She must be stationary to use this ability, however, and because she is not that good at it, it costs her a lot of power to use it.

Body Flicker: One of the basic abilities of Reality Warping, in which Chroma uses her reality warping abilities to flicker in and out of reality very fast or very slow depending on the situation, so that she can literally move in and out of this plane of reality and any other she pleases at any speed or any rate she needs to at the moment. The slower she uses this technique, however, the more chakra is expended. Chroma isn't good at holding this ability, so she uses it to flicker very fast instead of very slowly, since that also costs the least amount of chakra to do, as well.

Reality Eye: An ability Chroma picked up fighting her father, it combines Malojos' magic and her own Reality Warping, allowing Chroma to see reality in its natural, truest form. When the Reality Eye is active, Chroma is able to see what reality looks like without it being changed as well as not being affected by any changes in reality as long as the Reality Eye was active. This means that any illusions, genjutsu, reality warping, reality changing, altering of perception or the like is nullified when trying to use it against Chroma. It takes a bit of energy to activate, but not to sustain.

Black Blood Style
A fighting style invented by her father, Khrona, but is utilized much more effectively by Chroma. It is the use of solely the Black Blood. Nothing more to be said about it. It is an offensive-defensive fighting style that is very versatile and allows her to do a lot with her Black Blood. It is one of her most powerful fighting styles.

Black Blood Clone: Using just a drop of her Black Blood, Chroma may enhance it using Anatomia to create an exact replica of herself, chakra signature, wavelength and all, though it is made purely of nothing but Black Blood.

Bloody Bomb: With a drop of her Black Blood, Chroma may make incredibly large and powerful explosions by detonating these drops. The more blood accumulated in one area, the larger and more powerful the explosion. When one Black Blood droplet explodes, if another blood droplet is within, it will cause a chain reaction and explode automatically without Chroma having to Activate it, however she may stop the explosion from happening if she wishes.

Bloody Fist: Chroma wraps her arms in huge amount of Black Blood, causing them to grow 10 times their original size and increase a heavily in strength and durability.

Bloody Needle: Black Blood which has been previously spilled turns into needles which extend towards the enemy intending to pierce them. It can be used as a counterattack directly from Chroma's body or as a projectile or stationary attack.

Dragon Wing/Materia Wing Style
A fighting style created by her father and passed down to Chroma only to use her wings as means of fighting and defending. An offensive-defensive sort of style, the Dragon Wing Style has more power and defense than people give credit for. It is one of Chroma's most powerful fighting styles. She has further adapted this fighting style to fit her Materia Wings, thus calling it the Materia Wing Style, but she still follows the basic principles of the Dragon Wing Style.

Last edited by Chroma on February 28th 2011, 6:33 pm; edited 2 times in total
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Phantom Level Member

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PostSubject: Re: Now Chroma has Jutsu, too!   March 15th 2011, 4:57 pm

Did Kham or anyone look over this after it was edited?
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The Phantom
Shinseigami, the Cosmic Overgod :: God of Gods, Balance and Reality
Shinseigami, the Cosmic Overgod :: God of Gods, Balance and Reality

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PostSubject: Re: Now Chroma has Jutsu, too!   March 15th 2011, 5:53 pm

Yep. Kham said he did, to my knowledge.
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PostSubject: Re: Now Chroma has Jutsu, too!   

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Now Chroma has Jutsu, too!
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