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 Remkaze's Jutsu

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PostSubject: Remkaze's Jutsu   April 30th 2009, 11:39 am

have lightning and earth chakra natures

Jinuko: My kekkei gankai, the ability to minipulate and create metal using only my mind and chakra, and without the use of magnetic fields I can minipulate any kind of metal in anyway.

Shadow Clone Jutsu:self-explainitory

Earth Style Jutsu:

Earthy Barrier: I make a wall of earthy to protect me. it can be a single wall or a circle around me.

Earthy Blast: I shoot a bunch of earthy at my opponent,

Earthy Gyser: earthy shoots up out of the ground in a gyser form, usually under the opponents feet.

Earth Needles: causes needles to shoot out of the earth, or earth formations to turn into needles which shoot towards someone.

Earth Style: Head Hunter Jutsu: Total Earth: Makes hands of either earth, mud or earthy, that grab the opponents legs if possible, and pulls them into the ground, and encases them in earth while underground, as so they have a hard time escaping.

(earthy jutsu listed here can be sperated out as total mud jutsu or total earth jutsu)

Lightning Style Jutsu:

Electric Shock: I shoot a focused amount of electricity at the opponent that will shocj and burn them if they are hit. moderate speed.

Lightning Spread: I can conduct electric current though whatever medium I choose, even the ground. Amount of current depends on the conducability of the object, person, or thing. (most metal and all people are highly conductive. while something like rubber is not so much.going back to elementary science)

Chidori: Super-charged lightning around my hand, able to cut through almost anything. I can make 2, one on each hand.

Lightning Style: Ground To Sky Bolt Technique: I pool lightning chakra into the ground and then release it where it homes in on the nearest chakra signature.
Secret Jutsu:

Lightning Style: Lightning Dragon Jutsu: Lightning takes the form of a dragon and shoots at them, trying to throw them back and burn/electrocute them badly.

Metal Creation Jutsu: I can make metal come out of the earth around me. It take a period of time to do this depending on how much metal is being made.

Magnetic Field: I create a field of magnatisum where I can completely control all metal. The closer the metal is to me, the more control I have over it. example: If the metal is far off in the distance, its a fat chance of me even moving it without overdoing the chakra. if the metal is right next to me, I could have so much control that I could tear even the strongest of metals to shreds with very little effort.)

Secret Jutsu: Metal Manipulation: Iron Sand: After creating some metal beads as small as sand grains, I pour my chakra through them and am able to manipulate them like normal sand, only my iron sand is harder and much more durable in defense and offense.

Iron Sand Tsunami: A huge wave of the iron sand shoots up into the sky 50 ft or more and then comes crashing down on opponents, covering a large area with the iron sand.

Iron Sand Shower: Makes a cloud of iron sand hover in the sky to ran iron sand down on oppoenents.

Iron Sand Coffin: Covers opponents in the iron sand and renders them immoble.

Iron Sand Burial: Crushes the opponent caught in the Iron Sand Coffin.

Iron Sand Cocoon: Covers me in a dense sphere of iron sand, 3ft thich in all spots, can be totally harded for extra defense.

Iron Sand Storm: Creates huge network of iron sand spires, like in the picture. Then shoots down from every angle, piercing the ground below in almost every spot, thus making it very hard to dodge.

Iron Sand Missiles: Shoots multipule streams of iron sand, that continueously shoot at the opponent, as I direct them. They move at extreme speeds, usually at the speed of a bullet. When they hit, they slice apart the opponent.

Iron Sand Formation: Solid Figures: Creates different shapes out of iron sand that are huge, and can be tossed at the opponents. Can create up to three at a time.

Black Mist: makes metal pieces float in midair creating a mist or fog like construction that is almost impossible to see through.
Note On Earthy: Earthy is a mixture of mud and earth together, and since I could not find a better name I called it earthy. if it hits you, it will stick slightly because of the mud, but also has harder inpact then mud because of the earth chunks mixed in.

Lightning Combination: Multipule Lightning Bolts Barrage: I create six lightning rods with metal in a circle, and a 7th one in its center. I call down lightning into the rods wand then push half of all the lightning charge into the center rod. I then shoot a concentrated lightning bolt out of the center rod, and six smaller bolts out of the other rods. The shoot at the opponents from different angles.

Iron Sand Shield: My iron sand will protect me to some lengths with out my focusing of chakra, of its own accord, it is instantainious but wont react unless Im in real danger of being hit. Can also focus chakra and make happen. Forms around my body in whatever way it can to deflect or absorb the most damage.

Core Chidori: A chidori with a shard of metal in the middle, It allows me to throw the chidori at opponents, because the metal will keep contucting the lightning.

Note On Magnetic Field and Jinuko: do not confuse the two. I do not need magnatisum to control metal. The Magnetic field is more for controling alot of metal at once with less effort than the Jinuko. The Jinuko has better control over metal but on a limited amount of it, usually focusing on one, or a few metalic items.

Note on Spelling: Im the worst speller I know so if any big fancy words or little words are spelled wrong, Im sorry. You can tell me and I wont be offended.

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PostSubject: Re: Remkaze's Jutsu   June 25th 2009, 11:14 am

New Stuff:

Sky Iron Sand: From the replication of Kama's sky iron, I have made a mass of Sky Iron Sand, which is just like the original iron sand, but with a few modifications: It is totally resistant to the elements, if is frozen, or set to flame, it doesnt change temperature, only the most extreme of the elements can affect it, but they still hardly affect it, depending on the strength/type. It is just about unbreakable due to the fact that so few things can hurt it. For now I use a summoning jutsu to call it. as a note, it can be formed into any one of my normal iron sand jutsu as well, ex: Sky Iron Sand Missiles

Replication: The ability to create metals from the earth that are the same as other metals. It takes me alot of time now, depending on the strength of the metal (It could take me like a LONG time to create adamantium) I can generate steel from the earth in a minute or less, and it goes up from there. With time, I can also possibly create new metals, but further training is needed. FYI: This jutsu is an extension of the Metal Creation Jutsu, posted above.

Geass: I acquired a geass from L.L. in the twilight. My Geass is always activated, and enables me to both communicate with technology telepathically, and also completely control technology telepathically. Basically, I have Technopathy. With this I can also form new technology out of raw materials, metal, electricity, etc.
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PostSubject: Re: Remkaze's Jutsu   January 1st 2010, 12:39 am

Obtained from Mission with Rook:

Technarchy: Using my Shikai state of Saiken (my zampakuto) I was able to absorb and now manipulate this alien technology. It is yellow and black in color and is literally living technology. It has the ability to take over objects and convert them into itself, or more technarch. It can do this with most substances, the closer towards solid the easier. It also has the ability to change itself into any shape or size, and almost any type of object/energy (not someone elses special energies, obviously). It can travel through wires as electricity through the outlets in a house and so on. As I have obsorbed this technology, I have all these powers myself. I usually take my usually form, however, just normal human, but I can change my body to Technarch at will, or it can do it itself, if I'm in danger.

Mega Punch: Combining earth chakra with the pulse technology of the suit that possess (weapons list)
I can punch with enough power to level a city block. This only can be used when I have my suit on.

Pulse Chidori: Combining the chidori and the pulse technology from the suit, I can create chidori which would have the power to hit something and then using the pulse, spread lightning out from that hit out in a 20 ft radius from the hit point, along with a pulse. Can only use with Suit on.
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PostSubject: Re: Remkaze's Jutsu   

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Remkaze's Jutsu
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