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 Hatsuko's Weapon Bag

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Hatsuko Yuki


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PostSubject: Hatsuko's Weapon Bag   March 3rd 2011, 6:00 am

A list of Hatsuko's Weapons:

Bladed Fans
Hatsuko carries a pair of bladed fans that he can use for close range combat, as well as long range by throwing them like shuriken. When thrown, they spin like a shuriken and do damage like shuriken as well. He usually has at least one in hand to fan himself and when they aren't in hand they are kept in close proximity to his hands being placed on either of his hips so he can grab them quickly.
{ Picture will come when I find a good one. }

Hatsuko carries twin daggers in his boots, and a third dagger in the garter that he wears on his left leg (that's of little importance). Being skilled at throwing weapons, Hatsuko can easily remove the daggers from their positions quickly and toss them with precise aim, he only has those three so once he's thrown them then that's it.
{ Picture will come when I find a good one }

Bladed Heels
Hatsuko's boots have a stiletto heel to them and inside the heels is a blade that he uses for close quarters combat. Hatsuko usually only kicks and when his leg and foot reach a certain angle, the blade shoots out adding more of a deadly force to the kick if he should want to impale the enemy. The blade is also detachable and can be fired at the foe, if Hatsuko throws a kick hard enough. Since he has very precise aim, it's deadly.

On top of the senbon that Hatsuko can create with water, he seems to carry an endless supply of real senbon hidden very well throughout his person. He basically pulls them from everywhere, but mainly from his hair and boots.

and other regular ninja tools, like kunai and what not. Those aren't his most important so I didn't bother explaining them.
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Hatsuko's Weapon Bag
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