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 Damian's Pact

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Damian Sai
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PostSubject: Damian's Pact   March 5th 2011, 10:13 pm

Pact Between: Damian has formed a pact with a mysterious metal serpent known as Judas

Pact Beast: Judas is from what Damian has heard in the past was a mysterious creature made entirely of metal that he had no internal body organs, just a hollow shell of emptiness.

Pact-Price: Ever since the joining of Damian and Judas, Damian has lost his voice which seems to be replaced with a large bear trap which resides over his neck which is how Judas communicates since he uses Damian in a way like a body host.

Pact-Power(s): From Damian and Judas' battle it was seen that not only does he have control over metals and able to reconstruct his body from nearby metal popping the question his he has the ability to magnetize metals also, but also able to create steam also hinting that he also has knowledge of fire and water techniques. However, Judas does not trust Damian to freely use his power so instead as of right now Damian is unable to know anything about Judas' powers. Nonetheless their bond might grow which will grant Damian to use the powers that Judas knows. The other powers that Judas knows is currently unknown at the moment.

Side-Notes: Even though Judas rest his metal presence over Damian's neck he is able to shape-shift his body into any shape or form but more formidably as a serpent which may change it's size also.
Known moves that can be possibly if Judas allows Damian to use is: Corrosive Jetting Steam Technique, Metal Release: Metal Cannon Ball, however Reproductive Release: Fragmentated Budding is untouchable at the moment.

Known Powers:

:Possibly Sand: (since it was seen the jaws where sucking sand from the desert)
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Damian's Pact
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