Tymonland, The Veritas (Dusk)
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 He Rises From Ruins; Dawn

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Shinseigami, the Cosmic Overgod :: God of Gods, Balance and Reality
Shinseigami, the Cosmic Overgod :: God of Gods, Balance and Reality

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PostSubject: He Rises From Ruins; Dawn   December 21st 2015, 10:05 am

As the body of T. slept within the Dusk City as the seed of the Crystal Tree of Life that would soon sprout up into the Dawn when it was prepared, reality started to quake viciously, threatening to break off around Vescrutia. With this outcome in sequence, it could mean the destruction of an entire timeline and the reproduction of a completely new one. Either way, with his slumber here and his radiant energy from God, the Crystal Tree of Life would grow regardless and sprout into the Veritas. That future was inevitable. But how that happened depended on how the tree grew. Fortunately, there were those from this time period that were already aware of what to do about this. When the Crystal Star Seed called, they should have come to its aid.

One could only wonder of what the sleeping T. was dreaming about... before he awakened.
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The Phantom
Shinseigami, the Cosmic Overgod :: God of Gods, Balance and Reality
Shinseigami, the Cosmic Overgod :: God of Gods, Balance and Reality

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PostSubject: Re: He Rises From Ruins; Dawn   December 21st 2015, 10:37 am

After dealing with Cleff back at the lab and uploading the data of both the Tensei and Khrona into him, he should have realized eventually that he was Khrona's 'Mind' and seek him out through the broken shards as Tabrith, whilst piecing together Khrona's mind himself through the both of them. Khrona, already being in tune with Tigen, who was 'The Phantom' when Tigen was fused with Khrona, would already be infused with the data of 'Khrona Tensei' and therefore be what Cleff as Khrona's Lost Memories is translating all the time he is acquiring all the lost knowledge of all dimensions and realms in his solitude. By the time he completed that task, he should have found himself back to Khrona with all of the data of the Tensei as well as the awakening of T. and therefore nurture the tree during his time as 'The Phantom' when he and Tigen fuse.

*This Is During The Time Of The Abandonment Of The Dusk.

When the Crystal Tree that harbors the Dawn sprouts, the Veritas is born, and with it, so will the Tensei as a family, their DNA and their heritage restored. This also brings new 'Scarecrows' for the 'Lanterns' to inhabit, allowing for Tigen's entire family to be restored to greater glory with their entire homeworld, which is all dimensions as one, coming together. It would take a great deal of time for everyone to realize this effect, but it would appear when Tigen did, along with Friday, some time in the Future after the Crystal Tree has sprouted. Until then, the energy continued to fester, and Khrona, as The Phantom, watched over it carefully and in secret from everyone else in all of Vescrutia. No one should have known about any of this except the Phantom, who was watching over it all right now whilst the abandoned Dusk was in a stir.

"... Sorry guys..." he said, looking down at the glowing sprout of the Crystal Star Seed, "... It has to be this way..." He seemed sad, but he already knew what it meant for the future. That was why Khrona left the Dusk in the first place and became the Phantom. When that spirit hit him and he felt the need to go... Even if he didn't know what it was at first, he knew that it was what he had to do. To find out that it was actually that Tigen all this time was a lot, but... Somehow, that's how Khrona knew it would all be okay in the future. Even if Khrona fucked up a lot, Tigen always came through. "..." The smirking face on the Phantom's mask was no longer smiling, which was unusual. "Guess it's about time for Cleff to have that 'Major Malfunction' from trying to process all that data, huh...? Trying to process... 'The Insanity.'" The Phantom knew what happened on that day. The day of the rebellion in the Chaotic Palace...
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PostSubject: Re: He Rises From Ruins; Dawn   December 21st 2015, 11:13 am

-Red Alert-

Activate :: Code-O

This access code should have Set and Marked both Access Points from the points of the 'Code-O,' as well as the single time period where the 'Code-O' was created, connected each of those to this string of reality. The 'Code-O' was an access code that served as an 'Origin Point' and could connect to any point where the access code had been successfully acknowledged. At that moment, the data transfer straight from the Veritas of the Future and the Dusk of the Past through Cleff as the full embodiment of 'The Insanity' in order to pass on to Khrona Tensei to be purified by T. would be transferred directly and all data would be simulated as followed by order of the Program. Vescrutia would be locked inside of the Metal Pumpkinhead, which would simulate what The Insanity looked like for them in a parallel world where The Insanity and the Metal Pumpkinhead ruled, whilst he who ruled the Metal Pumpkinhead, the Headless Horseman, would send the Four Horsemen down upon them for however long through the simulation whilst events played out as they may for the Veritas as they would and as they had before the Reality had ever landed on Vescrutia in the first place. This claimed the planet in Logic, but still needed to be enacted through conquest via the actual protocol. Thus, The Insanity would take the liberty of generating the simulation of its conquest over Vescrutia via the Four Horsemen and the Headless Horseman, whose Head this was all going on it, would simply continue to watch over it trapped within the Tensei's 'Grimoire.' The sound of the Code-O rang throughout Vescrutia but one time, ringing in everyone's ear silently and triggering the effects of the 'Code Phrase.' [/color]

"In This Town We Call Home..."

"... Everyone Hail To The Pumpkin Song."

-The End-

Old Cleff!

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PostSubject: Re: He Rises From Ruins; Dawn   

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He Rises From Ruins; Dawn
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