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 Nenriki's Weaponry

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Nenriki Chiken
Spirit of the Depths
Spirit of the Depths

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Kekkei Genkai : Elemental Chakra/ Tatto Use/ Object Surge

PostSubject: Nenriki''s Weaponry   May 19th 2009, 1:20 am

(Not all arrow types are up yet. Will put 'em up ASAP)

Ancient Bow, Artemis-
Bow possesed by the spirit of one of my ansectors, the huntress, Artemis. She sometimes comes out in her human form to aid me with this and that.
Visual Aid, Bow-
Visual Aid, True Form-

Handcrafted Bow, Slyvia-
A bow I crafted with my owm two hands. Doesn't have to blue stick out. Nu-uh, no way. xD
Visual Aid, Bow-
*~Arrow Types~*

Phantom Arrow- These arrows make absolutely NO noise, and carry no chakra signature, making them hard to sense.

Wildfire Arrow- These arrows tend to change into the form of a phoenix when shot, but always revert to normal form when hitting the target. Normal form in this case would be the entire arrow on fire....They are surronded by Nenrikis chakra. fire style.

Leaflet Arrow- These arrows are surronded by Nenriki's elemental chakra, earth style. Once they land in the ground or somewhere near plants, the chakra is absorved into whatever. Plant, tree, flower. And whatever the chakra is absobed into will be under Nenrikis control.

Windy Arrow- These arrows are surronded by Nenrikis elemental chakra, wind style. These arrows dilate all wind around them, like the wing of a plane. The wind goes above or under, and the arrow will continue along its merry way.

Reverse Conducter Arrow- These arrows are surronded by elemental chakra, lightning style. Intstead of conducting electricity, it is made of a special material that rejects lightning and kills the particals within the lightning. (If the arrow makes contact with lightning)

Erosion Arrow- These arrows are surroned by Nenrikis chakra. The theory of erosion has been applied to the arrows via chakra, and they cut straight through any stone or earth.

Grenade Arrow- These arrows are explosives, which are triggered by pulling a string. The trick is to hold onto the string when you launch the arrow.

Purge Arrow- When these arrows come into contact with anything, they exploded in a burst of light, repelling all shadows in a 100 meter radius for about 8 minutes.
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Nenriki's Weaponry
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