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 Ryo's jutsu

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Ryoichi Tamisata


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PostSubject: Ryo's jutsu   May 20th 2009, 9:06 pm

serenity chakra*by mixing together all of the chakra given to me by the angels i create a white light chakra that has the ability to create destruction or heal with the power of the pure light given to me by the six wing through the healing light this light shreads through most darkness and spreads the pure light where light doesn't exist the purity of this specific chakra is unmatched by which when it comes into contact with other chakras' it purifies them into pure light chakra which is then added to the serenity chakra when it solidifies it takes the form of many small crystals known as serenity crystals also now all the time my two wings are out

serenity beam*i begin to flow uneffable amounts of chakra in to both my hands i proceed to put the together and release the extreme flow of chakra into the air as a stream of serenity chakra demolishing all in its path

serenity wave* i begin to flow serenity chakra in to one of my hands i then release the serenity chakra as a crescent wave that has the ability to cut through even the most dense materials like adamant crystal ect.

serenity rasengan*i begin to spin serenity chakra into a small orb in the palm of my hand than begins to grow in size and power exponentially the longer this jutsu is performed turning into an attack that is naturally powerful but grows in power th farther the target is

serene field*i put a shield of serenity chakra around my body that blocks all minor attacks and most stronger ones this jutsu is performed normally with one hand when done with two the barrier is two times stronger then normally

healing of serenity*using serenity chakra im am able to restore any living thing to a correct homeostasis and heal any cuts scratches burns to the body or spirit giving me the ability to heal any thing completely

serenity rain*i launch a beam stronger than any other into the sky that splits into many other beams and rain upon earth making this attack adequately hard to dodge*

serenity blast*by creating a large build of serenity chakra into my hands and forming it into an extremely destructive ball *(think aura sphere)

foresight/intuition: a sense given to me by rousis the ability of intuition comes when ever i need to this ability allows me to sense whats about to happen next giving me the time to react to it before the time it happens kinda like foresight
as i am doing this if there is nothing in my hands i take a stance just like the one Luxord usually poses

dash:by channeling chakra into my feet i extremely quickly move forward or in any other direction only a slight amount of yards though

spirit effect: by being an angel,a spiritual being, I'm able to transport between my spiritual form and my living form this process takes completely no chakra while i am a spirit but it takes chakra to switch

anti-human effect: also by being an angel i can make up for anything my body needs with serenity chakra except chakra

serenity crystal shield" a very thick heavy strong shield that floats in front of me when i form it to block enemy attacks it is heat resistant and is able to withstand more than 100,000 joules of force due to its thickness

serene protection form "after the splatter of my serenity crystal shield the shards begin to float around my body in a stand by mode awaiting an attack and with out moving my body they form a small shield just big enough to block the attack the shield size vary depending on the size of the attack it sorta like gaara's sand

serene missile:i create chakra overloaded spears of serenity crystal that float behind me until i use them by commanding them with my hands

crystal saws:another technique developed using the manipulation of the serenity crystal to form building sized circular blades which i also control with my hands

feather storm: in my four winged state i fly above the opponent and begin to release many feathers from my wings as they fall they begin to form into arrows of an extreme and immense power strong enough to crush boulders from chakra pressure alone they then begin to fly at the enemy almost endlessly and at an extreme speed

archery style reference

archer style:a style based sole on my abilities to work my bow senshu
my arrows become pure salem chakra and move throughout the air at an extreme speed
they can not be broken nor stopped with ease they also consist of only chakra*
as well as all my other abilities i am able to launch arrows more than one at a time giving me the ability to launch many arrows at a time my skill has given the ability to launch more than 15 arrows a second

anti matter arrow:an arrow that is charged with an surplus amount of both runno and Salem that goes through any and all matter

piercing arrow :an arrow that is charged with Salem in a way that is meant for breaking through shields and barriers

radical arrow:i launch an arrow 40 times as big and powerful as a normal arrow

arrow rain:*by launching arrows at an extreme past and multiplying them upon release i am able to make arrows basically rain upon the enemy*

arrow resurrection:*after the arrow rain or at random i make arrows rise from the ground duplicated in quantity or more if i choose and power i make them attack the enemy twice by controlling the with my arms

extreme arrow:i launch an arrow that seems as a beam of light as it moves across the air at an almost unable to dodge speed*
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Ryo's jutsu
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