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 Hikari's Jutsu

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PostSubject: Hikari''s Jutsu   May 21st 2009, 7:24 pm

Kekkei Genkai: Kurogan

Her eyes lose all their light, and go black. When using the Kurogan, her actions become much swifter and quicker. With her Kurogan, she can control her opponent's actions to a certain extent. (She hasn't fully mastered it yet) Things she is capable of doing, include rendering the foe unable to use jutsu, unable to move, etc. The Kurogan also gives her additional control and power over the element of darkness.

Darkness attacks:

-Dark Orb: Creates an orb of dark power in her hands. Is powerful upon impact, but takes a few seconds to develop fully.
-Dark Energy: Releases some of the dark power from her palms and fingertips, targetting the opponent. Not as powerful as the dark orb, but is much faster, and usually more effective.
-Dark Shield: Makes a shield of dark energy. Basic defense, will completely block simple jutsu, will give some resistance to extremely stong attacks.
-Dark Attack: A dark chakra surrounds her hands and feet as she fights (hand-to-hand combat). This makes her attacks much stronger, and much faster.

Fire Jutsu:
-Fire Bullets: A simple fire jutsu. Fires, bullet like balls of fire at teh opponent for moderate damage.
-Fire Ring: A large ring of fire appears around the opponent, growing several feet in the air. Is used as a diversion. attack, or trap. When surrounding herself,it can be used as a shield against wind and lightning/electric attacks. Vulnerable to water.
-Fire Clone: A clone made of fire. Erupts into huge flames when destroyed, sometimes harming the person that destroyed it.

Mood Clones:
Uses more chakra than other clones. Each clone is born from one of her emotions, making an angry clone, sad clone, hyper clone, etc. Unlike other types of clone, these ones aren't destroyed when hit. If they are killed for whatever reason, however, Hikari will lose that emotion forever. When a clone of a certain mood is released, Hikari cannot feel that particular mood/emotioin until she summons the clone back.

Weapon Summoning:
(Is listed under weapon list)
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Hikari's Jutsu
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