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 Yuudai's Abilities

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hisoka yuudai


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PostSubject: Yuudai's Abilities   May 24th 2009, 1:07 pm

Purification Field- Its Colorless and extends very far, automatically comes out when one of my battles starts...it stops all outside forces from entering including but not limited to internal/external spirits, forces that are against me, and random people coming in to watch the fight...the field also acts as an erasure mechanism toward all darkness based things, meaning that if something has even the tiniest bit of darkness inside of it, the thing would be instantly erased, although this doesn't work to much of an effect until I boost my powers through other means

Purification Chakra Strings- Colorless chakra strings that can only be detected by people who can see chakra...they can bind, pull and drain chakra that isn't apart of the normal chakra elements and you can't feel them when they're attaching they also extend forever

My Floating- I float a few inches off of the ground...I cand be pulled under that floating limit by any extraneous forces

Car form- my keyblade's car form flies at speeds up to mach 1 and can turn on a dime

Drill form- drills at mach one, th spinning doesn't affect me at all

Giant form- as tall as the sear's tower, can still swing it around speedily

Whip Form- extends a long distance and cuts whatever it touches

Me- I am very acrobatic and can dodge most things easily im also pretty speedy, without hasteja i can move at speeds up to the speed of light, and i'm also pretty strong, can lift up to 1000000 tons with ease.....I am also the Advocate of Space ((like how kham has earth, Zeik has hell, and ZK has sky)) which means that I can breathe in outer space, control and manipulate everything that has to do with space, such as dark matter, stars, planets, supernova's, and meteors. I can also leave the universe at will. Which allows me to use my ultimate technique.

Universal Collapse- I leave the universe and then have it collapse upon itself, destroying every lifefrom inside of it. First, all of the stars in the universe explode which would destroy all the planets in existence, then because of the lack of matter inside the universe, the dark matter attempts to bind to itself which causes the universe to contract into a small ball [ about the size of a baseball, then I hold it in my hand and crush it myself.

There's a space in between universes that the one chosen by space can move through to regulate the universes, where only that person can go...that person being me.

Geass- Disrupt, change and manipulate chakra flows, both eyes, always active, needs eye contact to work on others

Supernova Skin- makes my skin burn with the white hot intensity of 1000 supernovas, allows me to combine this with various jutsu ]

Meteor- calls down meteors to rain on my opponent

Blackholes- I can open and close blackholes when i choose and make the as big or as small as I want and put them wherever

Supernova- A large expanse of light covers the battlefield and then starts to compress, the explosion happens where the light finishes compressing

Orbit Manipulation- enough said...won't use this too much

Shining Fist: puts supernova skin on my arm and reinforces it with vibranium armor and punches with power enough to burn through anything...except vibranium

Supernova Shot: a ball of supernova fire that shoots from my hands or feet

Kido: can use all 99 kido

Firaja- Allows Complete control of fire when used and changes my chakra type to fire

Hasteja- boosts my speed past the highest speed of anyone i'm fighting at the time

Blizzaja Allows complete control of ice when used

Wateraja-Allows complete control over the water element and changes my chakra type to water

Thundaja-Allows complete control of the thunder element and changes my chakra type to thunder

Aeroja- Allows complete control over the wind element and changes my chakra type to wind

Hasteja- Allows me to use speed greater than any ninja i am in battle with and any speed inbetween, as long as this jutsu is active.

Seikuken- A move implemented by my mind that allows me complete bodily control over myself and the nullification of taijutsu attacks in the radius (200 ft. radius)

Ryusui Seikuken- Seikuken that instead of putting up a field around oneself, puts the field only around my skin and allows better taijutsu defense including the nullification, and reversal of taijutsu attacks

Twilight Energy- I have control over twilight energy itself I can make it do close to anything i can even shoot it as a concussive force

Earthbending: I can bend the earth to my will...creating and moving large land masses and controling the earth down to its molecules

Natural Energy: an alternative energy source that I can tap into, allows for more strength and speed than normal and better taijutsu, makes my moves even more powerful and allows me to feel someone's presence

Twilight State - This is my ultimate form, I use all of my powers effortlessly and my abilities increase 1000000 fold in this state i can also control twilight energy.

Demon Forms- they enhance my abilities with each level and let me tap into demon energy.

Demon Form Level 1 -

Demon Form Level 2 -

Demon Form Final -

Cosmic State - Allows me use of the Power Cosmic

Void: the void...not darkness but endless space that I can perfectly control, jutsus consists of Void Collapse which is the void compressing then destroying whatever is inside it...Void release which is me releasing whatever is in the void...and Void encompassing which is me covering myself, the battle field and the opponent(if i choose) in the void. i have other void jutsu that i make up on the spot such as my void charged particle cannon

The void is an entity that lives inside of me it protects me when I am about to die...it also can come out as a thick waterlike substance that can heal physical wounds but i'll still have the strain and the pain from the cuts and stuff but i'll still look normal

this is my void form it grants me all the power of space and grants me the power of the void where i can put it into my moves and and shoot it in its pure form, I can also use all of my regular ninja powers in this form as well and they are 1000x more powerful

this fruit gives me many abilities, and actually there are too many to list, so I've provided a link to them


I am an alchemist and as such I can transmute matter, such as changing rocks into gold and the like

because I am equipped with a philosopher's stone I can create matter from nothing such as making random things just appear or using an ant to make a sword

the philosopher's stone also keeps me alive and regenerates me instantly from death...although repeated deaths will cause the stone to stop working

I also get special powers, they'll be named after the seven sins

Gluttony: My body opens up and shoots a large beam, the beam takes you into a strange realm where there is only nothing and no escape

Envy: I can make my body and any part of it exactly like anyone else

Pride:I can create a shadow that extends infinately. I can destroy or manipulate anything that my extending shadow comes into contact with and gain the traits of whomever I kill

Wrath: My right eye gives me the foresight to see all the outcomes of any possible situation

Sloth: I gain speed that is so fast that I cannot fully control it without tapping into some of my other power

Greed: I can re-arrange the twilight energy in my body to create a shield around it that is as hard as vibranium

Lust: I can turn my fingers into blades that can slice through anything

Another ability and the ultimate ability is the opening of the door of truth....I will refrain from saying what will happens if it opens
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Yuudai's Abilities
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