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 Zepp's New Poisonous Wonders

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PostSubject: Zepp's New Poisonous Wonders   May 25th 2009, 4:51 pm

His eye appearance is a fusion of purple and a brownish red. This allows him complete control of his poisonous acid and his fire manipulation. Zepp’s poison comes in three forms…Solid, Liquid, and Gas(only from the fusion of fire) Zepp can control the poison most of the time by his eyes similar to telekinesis, he will control the poison with motions of his hands. The poison can animate mostly any object but usually tentacles or strings. His flame Can be fused with his poison creating a deadly fume, that can diffuse through the air getting stronger by each second. By inhaling the fume would burn and decay the opponents vital organs and such. His poison can burn through anything it’s that strong, yet a brighter side the stronger the mineral or material such as diamond would take longer than any other object, each object has a different decaying rate another example such as glass or something like bone would be quite fast. His poison makes his opponents consume more chakra just to stay alive most of the time making Zepp the victor. Now for why Zepp’s poison is now black instead of purple. From a A-ranked mission to the Star Village, there were chakra stones that were a home to negative deadly energy no human hands could touch without death, since Zepp had poisonous acid control this made the job easier of picking teh chakra stone from the ground, from it's large size hold mega amounts of negative energy and chakra it mutated and tainted my poison and turning it completely black, now with that chakra stone hold mega amounts it permanetly boosted Zepp's chakra on his poison and himself forever as he lives. Now with this large amount of chakra within Zepp body and poison makes his poison deadlier and harder to get rid of.

Poison Control:
Black Reborn: By focusing his poison chakra which would grow through his body inside and outside would transform his body into thousands of Bees/Wasp that would fly away into another location. If any of these Wasp/Bees explode would release a gallon of black acid. These bees/wasp will hold 6 different types of poison in there stringer which would have different side effects depending on the person and what type of poison.
Sludge Bomb: By focusing poison chakra in my mouth would create a sludgy orb outside my mouth. By expelling it would explode releasing my dark acid faster and possibly stop incoming attacks from the opponent:
Black Tentacles: By concentrating my control over my poison throughout the puddles around the field or around me and my body would create acidy black tentacles that can like my poison burn anything with a swing. If incoming attacks are present the tentacles can block or possibly absorb the attack.
Black Marionette: By concentrating my control over my poison throughout the puddles around the field or around me and my body would create acidy black volley’s of string that can attach to anything and devour the chakra and slowly decay the object within seconds.
Dark Poisonous Cross: By Focusing chakra into my palms, my acid would swirl around my palm into a “X” shape, by then releasing my chakra through this “X” mark, a wave of poisonous energy in the shape o f the “X” would appear. It would have the same affects of my poison but when it hits an object it slowly decays. Yet for a beam the energy would fly right through the beam like nothing and completely stop it.
Acid Sphere: By concentrating on nearby puddles and poison. They would surround my body in a orb shape protecting me from the thousand layers that are surrounding me. Possible pikes can be produced from stopping incoming attacks of psychical combat.

Fire/Lava Manipulation:

Cooling Magma: By focusing my chakra on my lava it can cool into magma boulders and that can be flung at my opponent, with it’s heat from my lava still present would be devastating it the opponent is hit since the boulder would shatter and sprout the lava at my opponent burning there flesh.
Lava Eruptions: By creating balls of flame within my palms, and plunging them into the ground would create a pool of lava from the extreme heat fusing with rock that would decay into magma, this magma would then push through the rock surface and sprout like geysers at my opponent.
Black Ashes: As my lava would be present would turn the sky black and pollute the air with it’s blackness, from inhaling these Black ashes would give my opponent trouble of breathing, and possibly burn the organ. People can escape this move but it would be rather difficult.
Eclipse: By concentrating on the ashes falling from the sky from the uses of my lava jutsu I can block the most of the suns ray’s with turning the ashes into soot/smoke.
Lava Creation: By focusing my chakra through lava being created would grant me the ability to mold the lava into objects, walls, and tentacles.
Sacred Flame: By lifting my index finger towards my lips and exhaling my breath would summon a royal blue flame. This flame would appear as a jet of flame burning incoming attacks or to involve a collision of beams and such.
Black Flame: By emitting chakra through my palms, I can concentrate the chakra into a condensed orb of a black flame.
Magma Golems: By channeling chakra outside my body into lava nearby, I can mold the lava into rocky like golems that can drain chakra from my opponent if they attach onto my opponent’s body, or they absorb their attack.


1: Jutsu- Shadow control (will have more info later when im brains on.)
2: Jutsu- Dark energy
3: Jutsu- ???

Last edited by Zepp on May 27th 2009, 9:15 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : had to add another lava jutsu)
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Zepp's New Poisonous Wonders
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